TRAVEL TIPS: How to Pack a TSA Approved Toiletries Carry On Bag

– [Voiceover] Hey friends,
today I’m gonna show you how to pack a TSA-approved
carry on toiletries bag. This is pretty much what I
brought with me to Half Moon Bay when I filmed my morning
routine for a weekend getaway. It was only the weekend so
I only brought a carry on instead of a big old luggage, and I used this plastic
container and I got it on Amazon. All your liquids need
to be 3.4 ounces or less and you need to place
it in a one quart bag or a clear container like I have. It’s cool to buy those,
you know, expensive travel containers already
made, like the Kai Kit, but it gets pricey so here’s
how to save some money. You can buy these travel
containers that are empty. You can get it at Target or Amazon, and then place some stickers to label it. S is for shampoo, C is for conditioner, and then I go ahead and I
grab my full-size shampoo and I place it in my travel container, and I do the same thing
with my conditioner, my facial soap, all of that stuff. (bright guitar music) Then I made sure to really
close it and seal it good so that it doesn’t spill while,
like, we’re in the plane, and then I grab some
tape and I put that tape right on top of the label, just because that sticker isn’t waterproof so I went ahead and placed that, and it’ll make it waterproof so that it doesn’t smudge or smear. That way I know what is in the container. And I do the same thing for jars. I just go ahead and grab a
clean, like, butter knife and I just go ahead and
place my makeup remover inside the jar, and then I close it. So here’s what I packed. I packed cotton swabs. (bright guitar music) Then I pack in my shampoo, my conditioner, perfumed lotion, more lotion, I’m obsessed
with lavender lately, some makeup remover, baby wipes, which will remove makeup and also clean my hands
if I wanna freshen up. I’m gonna also bring some
tampons ’cause you never know when you’re gonna get your period. And some SPF for my face. I also bring sunscreen
’cause it’s summertime. I bring toothpaste, toothbrush,
and a tongue scraper, and I put the toothbrush
and tongue scraper in a separate bag ’cause
I don’t like to mix it, and then I put some mouthwash in there ’cause you gotta keep your breath fresh, and some facial moisturizer. My Lush Gorgeous wasn’t 3.4
ounces so I had the full size. Some Midol, or generic ones, some facial cleanser,
some acne spot treatment, some floss, deodorant, of course, you
gotta keep your armpits fresh, anti-bacterial hand gel, travel perfume, nail polish remover pads, just in case I wanna remove my makeup or it gets all crazy smudged, and some eye mask just because I love, like, putting it underneath
my eye when I travel, some Febreze ’cause you
know it gets a little funky sometimes when you travel, so you kind of just want to freshen the air with that, and some Colgate WISPs, and a bar of soap because I
think that it’s easier to travel with a bar of soap than body wash. I close it all up, and I go
ahead and put it in my carry on, and it’s good to go. Thanks for watching! (bright guitar music)


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