TRAVEL TIPS: How to Protect Your Backpack While Traveling

Hey guys, so today I’m going to be sharing
an incredibly useful travel tip that’s geared specifically towards all of you backpackers
out there. Those of you who use a backpack when you travel
know that luggage conveyor belts can be one of your bags worst enemies. Why, you might ask? Well, if you’re checking your backpack on
to the plane and you hand it over to the baggage check, they simply toss it on the conveyor
belt and it makes it’s way to your plane. Right? Wrong. What most people don’t think about before
they toss their backpack on to the luggage conveyor belt is that your pack has a whole
lot of straps hanging from it. These straps make it really difficult for your pack to
get to where it needs to be. Many times, the straps on your backpack get stuck in the conveyor
belt and all of a sudden another free piece of luggage comes along and blasts right through
it, resulting in your pack showing up in your destination with missing straps, buckles,
and sometimes even tearing giant holes in your pack! Let’s face it, the last thing you want is
to show up in your destination and have your pack torn wide open due to it getting stuck
in on a belt. Fortunately, I have the perfect solution for
you guys. All you need to do is pick yourself up one of these… duffle bags… — So let’s take a closer look at my trusty duffle
bag, made by REI. On the left, you can see what the duffle bag looks like when it’s completely
packed inside of itself. On the right you’ll notice the duffle is out of its pouch and
lying flat. So, lets go ahead and check out some of the
features. First we’ve got the traditional shoulder strap and hand strap. We also have
a luggge tag window. I usually stick my business card in there in case my luggage ever gets
lost. What really sets this duffle bag apart from most common duffle bags on the market
is that it actually folds up into itself resulting in a small zippered pouch like you see here. so here’s my 50 liter rei flash backpack. This duffle comes in several sizes ranging
from small to XXL and each size holds an approximate amount of liters so you should definitely
check out the specs of your backpack to see how many liters it carries before purchasing
your duffle. All you need to do to protect your beloved
backpack is toss it into your duffle, zip it up and lock the zippers. When you arrive
at your destination all you’ll need to do is snatch up your duffle, take your backpack
out of it and fold your duffle back up into the pouch. It’s as simple as that. No more worries about
having your bag show up missing some of its most critical straps or buckles. — Just a quick side note for you guys. We purchased
our duffle bags from REI back in 2009 and after doing some brief research, it appears
that REI doesn’t produce this model any longer. In saying that, REI actually offers a better
version of our duffle now a days. While the new version of the REI duffle doesn’t fold
up into itself, it does fold up into a pouch which ends up being the same size as ours. What I love most about the new duffles is
that they come in some crazy color combinations which will make it a heck of a lot easier
to spot your bag when it comes off the plane. In my opinion, the wackier the colors the
better. If you’re interested in saving your backpack
from the evil conveyor belts next time you hit the road, be sure to check out the link
for the REI duffle bag located in the video description below. So, there you go! This is how we keep our
backpacks safe from getting damaged when we check them at the airport. Have you ever had your backpack get stuck
in the conveyor belts? If so, we’d love to hear your story! As always, thanks for watching. If you found
this video to be helpful, please do me a favor and subscribe to my channel, give the video
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