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today we will see how you can use travel puzzles if your travel agency whether you’re single travel agency or a branch or maybe a consortium of travel agencies doesn’t matter you can always upload your services package them and then resell them through travel puzzles application or astral travel puzzles comm portal you upload your services you put in your price rules room rate rules surcharges discounts you can add multiple hotels to package or multiple destinations you can create trips just as you like it’s not only for hotel packages but also for events and for excursions as a travel agency you can check a button and then resell to other travel agencies as well as to consumers you can also put in requests for certain services or you can quote for these requests which can be put in by agencies as well as travelers the pricing is reasonable check it out on nigo stock de now let’s see how it works today we will deal with a little special offer five days in the Alps you will see how you can end the service as a travel agency first you log in then you go to destinations and you upload your description if you uploaded your description once that’s enough you can really use it but the description is displayed in the confirmation as well as in the booking details so we would recommend to describe your destination a little bit you assign a region a sub region and placed your destination so that it can be found easily and it can be placed with your with your offer you can add multiple pictures and text multiple languages after putting in your destination you can put in your price routes price routes are optional but if you want to add a conservation fee or a certain fee for certain particular forms of payments you would do it here if you would want to put in a surcharge for holidays for example or a discount for early booking you can define it here once you click on active the rule is active and can be added to any package you just create that one time and you can reuse it for all your packages if you put in payment fees from table then you don’t have to fill in the details here you just put them once in in the table and settings we will see that soon payment payment fees here is where you put them in the table you can assign certain particular fees to particular countries or forms of payment the fees can be fixed or they can be a percentage you can select the currency as well when you make it standard then this is a fee that is usually used if you don’t assign a particular fee to a price rule and price you to your package so now we have the booking of the cancellation of words this is just the wording which is displayed for the customer you will confirm that here edit and booking process uploading your services we are doing a hotel package so first of all you are adding your hotel or if you edit your hotel already of course you can you reuse it for your package let’s see how we do that select a hotel type the user can filter by Hotel type and he can put his preferences for certain Hotel types for his inspiration page this is why you put it in here put in your description or multiple languages click on add or create and you have your new hotel now in this example we are adding two hotels and the customer can choose between them he has to book one hotel but he can only book one hotel so we will put this in the rules of the package don’t forget to assign hotel facilities and room types because a customer can also um theater by hotel facilities and room amenities now we are adding a room you can either add generic rooms and reuse them for all your hotels like just a standard double room standard single room while you can really describe the hotels and add the room amenities for this particular hotel but this particular hotel room add multiple pictures you can also copy and save so that you can save some work if you have to put in a similar room then you can create your package when creating a package first you select your hotel you don’t need to search for our place but at limits you our hotel list now you see the two hotels we have added for bases garden we select our rooms add another hotel now we are searching for bases garden again and we will add the other hotel and the routes now we can add additional services additional services are uploaded and service upload additional services easily and you can rename them here so honestly you could just have other services and then give them a particular name here and you can give these names and different languages as well so that when the customer looks at it in another language she will have a name you can add as many services as you like in the pricing part you can then select whether these services are optional or whether they are included now we’re adding in the other language the services will be displayed and you can also put in an availability for the services services can then be booked in the booking process also for particular dates so if the customer has was booking a trip for a week but wants to rent a car only for two days he can then pick the two days he wants to rent the car walk from little calendar and looking process okay fine now we’re changing the service type to other services okay that’s where I create a little problem later now we are assigning a price rule we created the price room called earlybird which is no leap at discount now we are adding the rule name and also in German we can add as many price rules as we want we can see them if you add price rules which contradict each other the system will tell you so now we are with the package a package code then you will you find the package type the package type decides where and the booking engine the package is displayed whether it’s a package or a hotel only or a tour a tour is the package with multiple destinations the travel type is something you can the user can also filter for now we give it a name which is displayed in the search results again when we do that in multiple languages and very important afterwards we’re putting in the valid from valid until period this is a period in which the trip takes place so this is very important this is your season okay and by checking the check-in dates and length of stay and night of the system automatically calculates the departure dates for check-in dates with special days then you can add a surcharge special days for example if you say if arrival is on a Friday or Saturday its my expensive then you just check Friday and so today and then in special costs you put in your surcharge and you can say this is per person or if you want this per service then you just check the box per service and it’s added only once okay now the check-in dates this lanxin statement we have four nights five days if you check best offer or special offer it will be displayed on the front page now we’re putting in the total availability how many rooms do we have or do we want to really sell it through a travel process I would put in the availability per adult children and infants and the prices for I don’t know children under infants and this is the price per person and the price per room is calculated based on the occupancy of the room so if you’re double room has an occupancy of a minimum of one and a maximum of two are you booked only one person it’s this price per person if you want to have a room price which is the price for two persons you must must put in an occupancy of a minimum two and maximum two then we will have the price per person for the room okay now we are putting in all the availability surprises and you see the check boxes here you can say whether this additional service is optional and whether it the price is a fixed price or calculated by night so in the ski pass this is a fixed price so we don’t multiply it by four because we have four nines but it is already a price for the four days and it is optional the birthday of breakfast is included in the price so this is not an option and you see now that you don’t see the name welcome drink this because we changed the service type but once we save it will be there you might remember I said this will create a little problem later but it’s not really a problem once we save it the name will be smooth now we have the package rules and as I said we have two hotels the customer must book one hotel and he is allowed to book only one hotel which means that he is choosing from the two hotels he can choose either the one or the other Hood now we are putting in our preparer description for the package and then we can format it as we like so you can use this for formatting but keep it simple that looks best put on the same for long and short description while the short description is shown in the search result and the long descriptions always shown and the booking details so you want to make sure you know that you have all the the details and maybe you want to put in something interesting as well contact data would now don’t forget to check active go and create so now let’s have a look how it looks like when we’re booking it it’s a package so we go to the package tab you’re looking for bestest god that’s our destination check and date this is a package for five years eve putting in great search we could also search for the hotel name if you want see better scan region or place directly now we have the two hotels you see with icons boom their hotel facilities now the package description go to the package details now you see the pictures we edit okay room description okay you see we didn’t add our room pictures for without Union therefore you don’t see them which means you should really add pictures to the hotel rooms now in summary tab you can see the short description of the package and description of the destination as well as a rule then we have the description of the hotels we selected water cheering this is why we see only that then we have the rules and we’ll the room amenities we have met with the shorter script or the long description of that discarding and the map yes and going back to dates on crisis now we select our room that’s what we want now we can select additional services must give us we can click on calculate it’s optional and then as this is a package only available for this state it is only one date shown if we were on a package that’s available for multiple dates then we would see plus minus five days of our search date now we add the customer data you see I’m locked in as agency therefore the agency data was put in and if I’m traveling I can copy my last name to all travelers in this case it’s only one traveler so we have different forms of payment in this case we have payment on site for zero feet we click on booking and now actually a PDF is open if you don’t forget to disable your pop-up blocker so you can print out immediately at the same time the confirmation is sent to the customer and to the supplier as well thank you for your attention and if you want to know more then please contact us at Niko Niko stop to eat

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