Traveling for Business Vs. Vacation

hey guys ECR G here back with another
episode today I’m gonna be talking about traveling for business versus traveling
for a vacation a lot of people think that traveling for business is the same
thing as traveling for vacation or it’s very very similar and it can be in some
instances depending on what the situation is but a lot of the times it
is very different and what really sparked this episode was I was having a
conversation with a friend of mine and I was telling him why I like traveling
Delta rather than American and I’m you know where I live on the east coast you
can pretty much fly either you know it’s the actual like flying and
like logistics of flying don’t really make a difference but where Delta really
comes in handy and really why I really like Delta a lot better is because that
starts with the app their app is absolutely phenomenal and I haven’t
flown JetBlue or United but I have flown a lot of American and I’ve flown a lot
of Delta and Delta by far has the best app user experience imaginable first of
all they alert you when you’re supposed to check-in so you check in you click
the alert it automatically checks you in as soon as you log into the app it
checks you in it shows you your boarding pass right there your seat assignment
etc and then of course if you have status you can change your seat right
then and there or anything like that also what I’ve noticed too is I’m not
bumbling and fumbling for my boarding passes whatever boarding pass I need
right then and there Delta automatically shows it to me you
know it’s the first thing on the app whereas American it has all your
boarding passes in there even if you’ve completed the travel which makes it very
very frustrating to know okay where am I going next when you travel all the time
you put these systems in place to where you’re not having to think okay I’m
going to this place I’m going to that place you want the app to tell you you
want to be able to just pull it up and tell you same thing with the Hilton app
when you have a bunch of these trips books back to back to back you want to
you don’t want have to think where you’re going next you
pull it out you just want to know the time okay I got to be at the airport at
this time and of course you you know because you booked the trips where
you’re going but it’s not necessarily that important I’m a lot of times I
check my Delta app to see where I’m going so I just open up the app and you
know it tells you and then if you have multiple if you got lay overs in the
middle as soon as you land that boarding pass expires and Delta moves it away I
mean I’m sure you can access it but it moves it away so then where I’m going
next it automatically shows on the app and pulls it up so these type of things
even though it’s very little and for people that don’t travel a lot that
seems like a small issue right but these things add up in that time in that
mental energy in that stress because you know traveling for business all the work
it can be stressful and you want to make it as smooth as possible and I feel like
Delta does a really really good job with that
for business on-time ratings matter you know if you’re trying to get to a
meeting at you know 10 a.m. and you’re getting on a flight you know at 7:30
a.m. to get there by 10:00 a.m. you want to you want to travel with somebody who
is going to be on time and is not going to be late because you want to get to
that meeting with enough time you want to be able to get there early you want
building you don’t want to show up there late because you are booking the flight
that way you expect to be there by a certain time so on-time efficiency
matters Delta is usually up there Americans usually not once again this is
not a episode debating which is better Delta versus American this is actually
about traveling for business versus vacation but these on-time things matter
wherever you’re traveling for vacation they may not matter so much I mean why
would it matter spending an extra you know how are in Paradise or something
like that when you’re traveling for business you’ve got meetings you’ve got
deadlines you need to be on time with achieving so those things matter and
also when we have a bunch of you know a lot of turnover in business you know
traveling one place one day traveling another place the next day
you may have you know delays and lay overs you want things to be as smooth as
possible when traveling for business whereas on vacation it may not matter if
you are getting back an hour later you know it may not matter that much of the
scheme of things if you’re getting to your destination and an hour later
because you know you’re on vacation you’re just you’re just chilling most of
the time whereas we’re trying for business you’ve got an itinerary that
you want to keep – and you know that those things matter when you’re
traveling for business another another way that you know traveling for business
and timing for vacation is different it’s just just in the simple fact that
you’re paying a lot more for flights usually when you’re traveling for
business one because you could be using a travel agency and they are putting an
upcharge on on that just because you’re going through them but they make it easy
to expense to do your expense reports they make it easy
they for a lot of different reasons not going to really go into that but when
you’re traveling for business for business you may be booking flights out
only two weeks in advance I booked flights out sometimes a week in
advance and you’re you’re paying a premium at that at that time but when
you’re booking for vacation you’re planning so far in advance months in
advance many many weeks at least in advance sometimes even a year in advance
you could be planning it’s not like that way you’re traveling for business
obviously because you know that the IRS tax code you can deduct the company can
deduct all those travel expenses so they don’t really care that much but yeah I
mean we traveling for business you know you’re paying a lot of money the company
is paying a lot of money and you know it’s good I mean you you’ve got to be
good at booking your travel and you know booking with these insane fees you know
sometimes I spend I could spend you know fifteen hundred dollars on a trip if you
include travel meals taxi uber in hotel you could spend 1500 sometimes
don’t think that most lifetime is eight about $1,800 depending on how long
so these trips get expensive I mean I wouldn’t I don’t think I’ve ever spent
that much on a vacation trip even when I went well I think when I went to Italy
it was 2,000 but that was like 10 days so you know these little two day three
day monitoring trips can add up and they can add up very fast especially you know
to bring everywhere and things like that I would never do those things on a
personal vacation you know I’m trying to be as cheap as possible when I’m
traveling on a personal vacation so traveling for business is way different
you know it’s not vacation when you’re traveling for businesses to work so
you’re expected to work you’re expected to work in the airport you can be
expected to work in your hotel room which is may not be ideal because you’re
just working off a small laptop screen you’re expected to be productive even
though you’re not in the office and you’re not on the road so you got to
think about how you can handle that I mean traveling on vacation you’re not
expected to be productive you’re on vacation they’re expected to chill it
expects it to have as good a time as any and that’s what you’re supposed to do so
a lot I just wanted to make this episode because a lot of people think that
traveling for business is very similar in the same things matter when you’re
traveling for vacation no selling him no it is very very different when you’re
traveling for business and when you travel as much as I do every single week
it is very very different still I love to travel I love it but you want things
to go a certain way you want things to be as smooth as possible and different
things matter so hope you enjoyed this episode
not very clinical research base in this episode but just thought I would make it
I’m a lot of people want to be see Ras a lot of people run travel a lot but just
want to kind of compare and contrast those differences when it comes to you
know traveling for work and traveling on vacation as always guys email me elite
clinical group at you have any questions resume review program
interview preparation email me there take care


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