Traveling Japan with only an instant translator | ili

please don’t bother I am a gang in this video I will be wearing a sexy with le a Wi-Fi free infant translator I’ll use this in real life travel situations and see if I can get around without see-through any Japanese so let’s see how that goes and also stand to the end became my reviews excuse me where is this what is law you’re not I did it okay thank you I found the shop I’m looking for and now I’m going to get changed into my son Oh [Music] what sighs is there any signs of it Oh three sighs okay okay I should be able to spit the three sizes so I’m gonna go the blue yeah tada what do you think I like how to tie the bowl next I’ve got a little bit hungry so I went to search for some street food [Music] what is your recommendation hi paradise paid by credit card oh okay okay okay okay okay okay I have ten but I I want to employ you oh my god wait I want to get away yeah it’s like sweet potato of like blaze around it and I thought this Amit’s please sprinkled all over it what is it oh yeah agreeing oh what you mean can I try one water damage in it that I can be a Marine one page 16 60 and 60 oh okay okay once oh really cause I sniffles I’m Rich Beem today it’s very sweet and it felt like a Kinsella kind of take on the outside you have a different color I think Callisto how is it with the temple of a sector and I’m going to get someone to take a photo of you and the big lantern behind me so wish me luck look see one star can you take a photo for me thank you so so far it’s been working pretty well people have been understanding me and I’ve been able to get files English and it’s translating everything correctly but for us to work with I think it’s a shorter sentences and speak more slowly so that it translates the right thing but let’s go on and continue to explore xx’ and see what else we can do with this what’s his name so my balloon is blue although we’ve come to one of the local areas of success and there’s a lot of these really nice outdoor restaurants where the locals come even just for quick beer at lunch time especially for the locals that work around this area I think a lot of them only have a Japanese menu but we’re going to use le and try to order with that what is your recommendation Donna Donna so I got an incognito palace name is there vegetable iodine oxalá alone can create yourself a business a lot of the person I really like this kind of atmosphere we can sit on the open Street and then people are walking past before your attack and you’ve got your drink while my life and a finish but really nice atmosphere especially in summer hahaha please don’t thank you audio so soon so I’ve been using at least for a day I found it really fun and simple to use and it’s designed for short travel sentences which was really great because a translated most of my phrases correctly and at the moment Ilya is one way however it was so very easy for me to break that language barrier and communicate with the locals so I hope you guys enjoyed the video it’s a very high technology kind of equipment but this is what we need for the future so my main mrs. Smith video is adult you know lid the language barrier stops you from traveling I hope you guys enjoyed the video and I will see you next time [Music]


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