Traveling to London for the Jags? Here are some tips to know

we are one month out you believe it one month from the Jax London game they take on the Eagles on Sunday October 28th so if you would like to see them play in the UK you are going to want to think about well booking now and trying to get a ticket well forget it because that’s been sold out for months general admission tickets are very expensive the lowest priced tickets will cost you about or at least $300 apiece hospitality seats are sold out completely all official NFL travel packages are also sold out flights will be the most expensive part of the trip by the way round-trip $1,300 that’s at least by the way that’s on American Airlines there are hotels available in London that weekend if you want to stay near Wembley Stadium though that’s about $200 a night and if you would like to book other activities by yourself adult tickets for double-decker buses are 37 pounds which equals to about 48 dollars remember all of these prices do not include the cost of food and drinks over the weekend keep that all in mind but it sure would be fun to watch them play right in London fantastic

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