Traveling to LONDON!

Erik Conover here coming to you from the
charming streets of London that’s right I and London the land of black cabs red
double-decker buses excessive amounts of tea and those iconic red foam booths
that smell like a urinal these things are very iconic but it smells like
straight-up piss in here so I’m here in London on a work trip for only three
days my mission in this video is simple share with you my top things to do in
between a hectic work schedule while exploring this iconic city for the very
first time without any of you this is travelling to London this travel guide
is a mixture of high-gloss video content and random dirty vlog travel footage
number 1 on my list is Holland Park this dirty vlog is about to get a little
nicer so I’m in Holland Park and like I mentioned at the start of this video I’m
here at the company and the company has put together a picnic in Holland Park
and it looks like something out of a fairy tale there’s flowers there’s food
spreads there’s people just smiling laughing and also look at this weather
those are blue skies in the UK apparently isn’t that very rare Jarrod
every time I’ve been here it’s always been pretty cloudy I was here a couple
of weeks ago and I think we had sunshine for maybe 20 minutes I highly recommend
checking out Holland Park for a stroll or a picnic it’s in a very posh and
affluent part of London which isn’t always my style but nonetheless still
very interesting to experience next up on my list is Kensington Gardens and
Kensington Palace we’re walking over to see my first
palace in the United Kingdom let’s go check it out
I’m guessing someone very important is arriving home I am in Kensington Park
right by the world-famous Kensington Palace as the royal family arrives at
via chopper casual so we went over to get a closer look and ran into a mom hi
mom mom here in London thought that I was a paparazzi because I had a massive
telephoto lens Kate and Harry married Karen Markel no Megan mark please sorry
I’m so bad edit that cut me out if you want that chance sighting of the royal
family or you just want to go for a stroll on a nice day nothing will make
you feel more British than visiting Kensington Palace and Kensington Gardens
okay so now for the food this was definitely my favorite thing to do wall
in London next on my travel guide is borough markets Borough Market is
London’s most renowned food and drink market located right near London Bridge
granted it can be a bit touristy and that can definitely be crowded it’s for
good reason the food is absolutely incredible I’m talking I mean just look
at this the coffee scene in London is massive and I’m about to head into a
mamma’s coffee which apparently has the best flat white in the London er we will
see the flat white was a ten out of ten I recommend grabbing the flat white for
mommoth then heading right across the street to the ginger pig and pick up a
nice warm sausage roll a good hearty breakfast that combo of the flat while
you the sausage roll mmm for everything cheese head over to caps are you ready
for some cheese form we have a toasted cheese sandwich gonna try out for the
first time perfectly melted if it’s the perfect balance between a toast
the cheese is insane and there’s also some ham in here I think some onion of
delicious after you had your coffee your sausage and your grilled cheese I know
that’s a lot of food so far but this is kind of a mini food source come over to
bread ahead and get a vanilla donut I mean just look at this guy I stuffed to
the brim with vanilla cream here we go a cream are so light it’s kind of covered
in sugar glaze you are in London comes to Borough Market pig-out treat yourself
you put all over your face highly recommended post Borough Market food
baby you’re gonna want to go walk that off all those treats and sweets head
over to the shard to the very top at the observation deck or the restaurant the
shard is a 95 storey skyscraper with the best views in town of Tower Bridge all
the way over to the London Eye the shard is the tallest building in the UK and
defines the London skyline what would a trip to London be without
going to a telephone booth taking that Instagram photo and realizing that all
these telephone booths they kind of smell like piss also I want
to point out the fact that they’re not very easy to find it Jared and I were
walking around at Kensington Park for maybe I’d say an hour looking for a
phone booth to take an Instagram it is 100% worth it to get that classic
London Instagram photo by the telephone booth because apparently the city is
slowly removing all these phone booths so
what the hell is that it’s all for the dirty vlog memories right Jared with
that I am back in my apartment in Manhattan with my little souvenir from
the UK it’s been a while since I’ve just done a vlog clip where I’m talking to
you it straight to camera and kind of filled you in with what’s going on in my
life and very recently this channel we hit 500,000 subscribers like what
500,000 people watching this channel I just wanted to film a good old-fashioned
blog clip and say thank you as a creator on YouTube the biggest compliment that
anyone can pay you is their time so thank you for taking your time and
subscribe and watch my content it’s it’s humbling and I feel like now for the
first time this past six months I’m finally making the content that I want
to put out there to you to the world I truly believe that this channel that we
that this channel can hit 1 million subscribers within the next year you are
still watching that comment down below road to 1 million subscribers I really
think that we can build something very unique here a community and I’m very
excited to see where this goes the next video will be from New Zealand it that’s
right New Zealand the top of my bucket list after that coming back doing
another million dollar listing apartment tour with the one and only if mr. Ryan
Serhant look at that handsome devil he just launched his new book so go check
that out and with that I will see you from New Zealand


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