It’s about to get pretty YouTube emotional up in here. What’s going on, everybody? It’s me, Jo. Today’s topic of discussion is How is it being a woman of color traveling all over the world? ‘Cause you did ask. I be seeing those comments. And you know what?
Am I hearing somebody saying at home there’s no difference? Imma be quiet for you right this minute. (crickets chirping) Woman already that’s like a… (mimics tire screech). “You’re a woman traveling?…
You can’t be traveling… A lot of other women are traveling out there by themselves without a Damon, without anybody with them.
So if you’re a woman and you’re afraid of traveling you shouldn’t be because there are so
many women doing it. You just have to be cautious. Being a person of color traveling. Now, that’s something you don’t see too often and the number one thing that gets me is when I’m traveling places and I look around and I’m like “Yo, where my people of color at?”
Nine times out of ten, I’m the only one, so much so that it creates stares because people aren’t used to seeing
people of color travel. Jo, is it safer for you traveling with Damon? Oh, is it safer? Maybe.
Is it different? Yes, I still get stared at when I’m traveling with Damon just like he gets started at when he’s traveling with me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not just a one-sided coin here.
Damon, when we were in Latin America, people would call him “blanquito.” They would be like “Ooh, blanquito y morena”. He gets it too. when they see two different people traveling and being best friends it creates head turns, it’s like: WHAAAAT? And we’re like Mm-hm! So, Jo how is it traveling without Damon and
being a woman of color ? Now you hit the jackpot with that question. I traveled a lot without Damon. I went to Egypt it was me and my girls. I am the darkest one out of all four of us. I thought that going to Africa, going to the motherland, that it wouldn’t be racist I experienced the most racist comments. It was just like “whaaat?” I meet some local Egyptians and the first they say is: “Wow, you are really pretty, I didn’t think black people could be pretty. Was that a compliment? Ok. Imma let that one slide. Second thing: Oh, you know, white people and black people don’t marry here because black people aren’t as good
but don’t worry you’ll get married, to a black person As if my goal in life is 1: to be married 2: to be married to somebody that you tell me that I can be married to Wow, let that one slide, again! The last thing that happened, during my Egypt trip We were eating dinner. Ok. It was like a big table filled with Egyptians and my best friends, who, by the way, felt no discrimination at all other than the fact that we’re women and being a woman in Egypt is already pretty difficult.
Anyways, we’re sitting at the table for dinner, you know, I’m enjoying my fooood!!! At this point, I had seasonings and the grease from the food we were eating, like up to my wrist I’m like, “Hey, can you pass the paper towel?” I took two pieces of
paper towel and I started wiping my hands. And the person who gave me the paper towel said, “Oh, look at you trying to get more than one piece of paper towel. Don’t worry. No matter how many times you try you can’t wipe off your brown skin.” Wha… Whaaa… Whaaaaat?!!! As if I would have ever wanted! To wipe off my brown skin! I am so happy being a brown person and not because it’s better or worse. Because I’m happy being me and now you’re trying to make me think that I need to wipe off this skin color that I am perfectly happy with… Disrespect! And the only thing I could do in that moment was show them, that I am a perfectly happy smiley human being and dismiss a lot of the bull$#!t that they were thrown my way. Yes, it is
upsetting that the world still operates like this but if you look at those people like,”Oh my God, they’re so mean and rude. I’m never coming here again”, They won. See the thing is when you’re travelling, anywhere, you’re exposing yourself to these things. That’s the whole point of travel: You’re putting yourself out there. You’re putting yourself out of your comfort zone and I do have to admit, people of color or people that look different, do experience that in a more intense level because 1: You’re already out of your comfort zone because you left home, and 2: You’re in that place where people look at you like you got 6 heads! Yeah, honey! Let me live! All I’m gonna say is the ignorance aint gon’ stop my hustle. Every time I travel, my absolute goal is to help people open their minds 1 trip at a time 1 conversation at a time and that’s it.


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