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Hi, welcome to heavenly home Did you see the title? Trim is in County meath in Ireland County Meath is called the Royal County Trim is one of the Historical Towns Trim Castle is the Largest Anglo-Norman Castle in Ireland It was built by Hugh De Lacy in the late 12th Century You can see on the right side of the road, that’s the Trim castle. It is One of the most visited places in Ireland This is the parking area Actually We didn’t know that It’s holiday today.That’s why I’m showing you guys only outside of the castle. this building is a family court. It’s little sunny and little cloudy on that day That’s the River Boyne. I will show you, how the castle is inside in another video It’s beautiful outside the castle I hope, you may like this video. Thank you for watching Please SUBSCRIBE to my channel Like it Share with your friends Don’t forget to write a comment see you in the next video byeee.

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