Welcome to Lima! This is Peru’s capital and home to some of the most amazing Spanish architecture in south america we’re going to travel from miraflores which is a beachside community to the historic core of this city to visit the architecture let’s go check it out. Lima! Lima Baby! Lima Peru! I’m in Peru, this is Miraflores. While in Miraflores we stayed at the Hilton Hotel which had an amazing panoramic view of the city. Miraflores, Lima. In Miraflores is huaca pucllana, which is one of the most famous archeological sites in the city Musicians are inside and you will enjoy this area. On the way to the city, we passed by many famous buildings including the museo de arte in palacio de justicía. There was Simón Bolívar from Venezuela. From Venezuela and Argentina, famous people were here. So we’re driving around the long street, a very narrow street. I’m in Lima Peru. We are walking to the downtown. Another special style they had more than 5 colors in their pottery. They choose the geometrical style. 800 years after Christ so those people were vicús. Vicús are located over there in the corner and they made that kind of jars musical jars. You put water, it will produce nice sounds. no gracias. Candy. This is the downtown in Lima. the main cathedral in Lima and on top are vultures. Can you see them? This area is known as plaza de Armas, the main square in Lima Peru. We’re gonna go see the changing of the guards. what we thought was the changing of the guards ended up being a visit from another diplomat but the changing of the guards does happen seven days a week at eleven-forty-five am. I’m loving the architecture here. one-third of whose population lives in Lima and many of the building dates back to the 16th century our next stop is the monastery of san francisco a designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site completed in 1774 in Spanish Baroque architecture it is famous for its catacombs which include thousands of bones as well as beautiful tile work on our way back to Miraflores we passed by Cerro san cristobal which is a hill that is 409 meters high also something to note is Lima does not have a metro system so the traffic is pretty intense sometimes this market is called Vivanda supermarket and it’s a nice place where you can buy some good food, ready-made food. yeah. Looks like Whole Foods. This is Lima at night. Got me some local beer and this is the view. Right here is the JW Marriott and that is where Barack obama stayed when he was here two days ago at the APEC meeting. At night we headed to a local dance performance to see the traditional dances of Peru which included the marinara nortena. This is the national dance of Peru. we hope that you enjoyed this video of Lima if you liked it give it a thumbs up and subscribe for more travel videos!


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