Trip to Siem Reap & Cambodia, Tomb Raiders Tour Part.2[Battle Trip/2019.04.07]

– For day two… / – As for my plans… I’m not sure if it was Angkor Wat, but you know the film “Tomb Raider.” The backdrop for “Tomb Raider” was a site in Cambodia, wasn’t it? It’s familiar, tourist lore. On Pub Street, there’s a place called the Red Piano bar. It’s Angelina Jolie’s favorite bar. Tourists who get lucky turn their heads while drinking and discover Jolie smiling behind them. – It happens. / – It could happen to us too. Your eyes are shining. It’s Jolie, after all. – You’re not dating these days? / – Come on. (Hahaha) That’s the happiest I’ve seen him so far. It’d be awesome if she’s really there. Aside from Angkor Wat, Cambodia is also well-known for the film “Tomb Raider.” In the film “Tomb Raider,” there’s a striking scene where Angelina Jolie jumps down a waterfall. – That location… / – That’s right. (This is the place) That’s right. We named our team Tomb Raiders, and I’m a fan of Angelina Jolie, so I believe we should go here. Taehoon is also a movie fan… (Hesitating) So I’m sure he’d be happy to travel there with me. (Phnom Kulen) Our team has such a full itinerary. Today is day two. Where are we headed? Yesterday… Yesterday, we followed my perfect… – Perfect? / – My perfect plan. I say we could leave the country today. Oh, really? (Hahaha) Since we had a near-perfect tour yesterday. Today, we’ll be traveling to the outskirts. – Outskirts? / – Yes. To another temple or jungle? – A proper jungle. / – But… We toured enough jungles yesterday. – Yesterday… / – We’re going again? We saw a jungle amid a city. – Today, it’s a proper jungle. / – A proper one? For our jungle expedition… – A hat? / – I prepared these. – When did you buy them? / – We’re the Tomb Raiders. – Tomb Raiders. / – Yes. We’ll be Tomb Raiders on tuk-tuk. We won’t be riding tuk-tuk today. – We won’t? / – No. What’ll we be riding? It’s quite far, so I reserved a car. Is that it? (Car rental in Cambodia) (Online or hotel reservations, includes a chauffeur) For about $100, you can reserve it for a day along with a chauffeur. – Oh, with a chauffeur? / – With a chauffeur. It’s a luxury sedan. Now let’s head for the jungle. Let’s go. – Tomb… / – Raiders. (1 hour 8 minutes from the hotel to Phnom Kulen) (New sights of Cambodia they didn’t see on day one) There it is. Where Jolie jumped down. The colors are lovely. It’s Jolie’s temple. – They filmed “Tomb Raider” here, right? / – Right. This place is so awesome. The final destination of the Jolie-tour. – I like this place. / – Awesome. I’ll stay here. You can go exploring. You like this place? – It’s Jolie-day. / – Jolie-day. It’s lovely. We’re following in Angelina Jolie’s footsteps. (Tomb Raiders enter a jungle, an hour’s drive away) It was over an hour’s drive away. That’s right. Feels like we’re in the middle of a mountain. It feels nice. It looks somewhat like Yangpyeong. Like Dumulmeori. What is this place? – It’s Phnom Kulen. / – Phnom Kulen? Yes, Phnom Kulen. It’s Kulen Mountain. It was an early capital of ancient Angkor Wat. They say it means “sacred mountain.” There are structures still standing. There are so many. Even though they say it’s in ruins. – There are locals in shallow areas. / – Kids. So this place was the capital… – For the Angkor Wat civilization… / – Right. – In its early period? / – Right. Before they built the Angkor Wat temple, they used this place as a capital. Over there, you’ll see over 1,000 stone carvings of “yoni” and “linga.” Under the water. – Underwater? / – Underwater. Oh, my. Underlying the whole area. – Like the royal tomb of King Muyeol. / – Yes. That’s awesome. (Hidden under the flowing stream) (Yoni, linga) So this civilization predates… – Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom. / – Right. (A historic site of the early Angkor civilization) (Predating Angkor Wat by 300 years) It’s quite meaningful. (Around 1,000 stone figures in the stream) In every corner… – Those remains. / – They’re there. Here, you can see the yoni and linga. – Yoni and linga. / – Yes. – Yoni is a female symbol. / – Female. And linga is a male symbol. The protrusions in the middle are linga. Symbolizing the male organ. The square surroundings are yoni, symbolizing the female organ. Somewhat like yin and yang. Oh, I see. Amazing. To think they’re 1,000 years old… – Yet still visible like this. / – Indeed. More than 1,000 figures made 1,000 years ago. It’s incredible. In Cambodia, 100 or 200 years don’t count as being old. – They start from 1,000? / – 500 or 1,000 years. Zhangjiajie dates back 380 million years. – That’s not carved. / – It’s not man-made. – It’s just there. / – Right, part of Earth. The place can’t be dated that way. Isn’t that sound coming from the waterfall? That’s our destination. Where Jolie jumped? Why did we call our team the Tomb Raiders? – Because of the waterfall. / – Because of this. We’ve been touring unrelated places. Right. Finally… Finally, we’re at the movie’s location. Exactly. – Let’s check it out. / – Let’s go. Wow, now I can see it. Did Jolie jump from there? (Following the water downstream) What an imposing sight! (They encounter a waterfall hidden in the jungle) – That waterfall? / – Is that the waterfall? It was hot all day. – It’s so cool here. / – The water is chilly. This is a proper stream alright. The color of the water… It gets its hue from the red clay. (Glancing down) This doesn’t look right. (Hang onto my camera for a second) Will he take his shirt off? (Wow) (Revealed again after 2 years) (Bruce Lee, a body honed by exercise) Guys should go shirtless. Gosh. Bruce Lee, honed by exercise. (Hard to believe he’s in his 50s) Guys should go shirtless. Wow, Taehoon. Taehoon is swimming. (I’m Kim Taehoon, I’ve still got it) This is… This is a honeymoon destination. Taehoon, we came as a pair to a honeymoon destination. (Local couple dressed in traditional costumes) It’s a honeymoon spot for locals. – Let’s take a honeymoon-themed shot. / – Yeah. (At a honeymoon spot in their 30s and 50s) Foreigners might take them for a newly-wed couple. I think so too. – When they’re posing like that. / – Oh, my. Oh, my. – It’s incredible. / – It’s so cool. Let’s climb up. Now that we’re under it, it feels different. It must’ve felt so cool on that hot day. – To feel the water on your back. / – It was. It felt so cool and refreshing. (Taehoon, we should climb up) (Let’s go) (We can see Jolie’s view…) Oh, my. Wow, it’s like an advertisement. (He’s looking even cooler today) (Looking cool, Taehoon) This is a once-in-a-lifetime spot. – He must work out a lot. / – Great shoulders. (Phnom Kulen Waterfall, Tomb Raiders) Gosh, my legs are feeling weak. (Sigh) I’m so hungry. Let’s have a bite. – You bought this? / – Dig in. What is this? – It’s num pang pate. / – Num pang pate. (Num pang pate, Cambodian street food) “Num pang” means “bread.” “Pate” is minced meat. It means “bread with pate.” Num pang pate. It’s like Vietnamese banh mi. A baguette. Banh mi is delicious. – With a lingering aroma. / – Looks tasty. This is good. There’s a spicy sauce inside. It’s spicier compared to banh mi. – And a bit sweeter. / – Yes. This might suit Korean tastes a bit better. The interesting part is… It looks like a hard baguette. That’s right. But once you chew on it twice… It’s soft. It’s not a hard baguette. It’s incredibly soft. I should go there to learn how to make them. It tastes so good after that short swim. It’s so tasty. Taehoon, try this first. – This is… / – Isn’t this mango? Not an ordinary mango. It’s slightly unripe. – A green mango? / – Mango? – Green mango. / – The skin is green. (Green mangos become golden when ripe) You dip it in the sauce. It’s a salt-based sauce. – What’s that? / – That’s interesting. What does it taste like? It has a sweet and salty taste. Like eating cucumber dipped in red chili paste? – Yes, it’s similar. / – I’m curious. How is it? It’s quite unique. It’s good. It tastes kind of like… – A fresh yam. / – Right. Because it’s unripe… It’s like a soft, fresh yam. A fresh, uncooked yam… – With the skin peeled off. / – Right. Slighted parboiled. This is tasty. I’ve never had a green mango before. But Cambodians eat it that way. Is that so? – What’s this? / – Now this… You’ve seen a lot of these, right? – Lady Finger bananas? / – Exactly. They’re a Southeast Asian specialty. Why are these red? What’s that? – I’ve never seen them before. / – Red bananas. – They’re red. / – The bananas? These are a Cambodian specialty. They grow only in this region. They sell a lot of those. – Red bananas? / – Around Phnom Kulen. It has a unique scent. Try it and compare the two. It’s similar inside. Right? It’s similar inside. – It tastes similar too. / – It’s not colored. – It tastes similar too? / – It does. There isn’t a big difference. But it’s not as sweet and has a chewier texture. It tastes good. – For those who dislike sweet tastes. / – It’s good. How was the meal? Now that we’ve eaten, we should move on. Now, we’re headed to Jolie’s temple. Jolie’s temple? It’s the Beng Mealea temple. – Beng Mealea? / – Yes. It was the backdrop of “Tomb Raider” as well as the horror film “R-Point”… – Which is about the Vietnam War. / – Right. The film starring Gam Woosung. They shot it here as they couldn’t film in Vietnam. That’s right. I heard that Beng Mealea served… – As the backdrop for that film. / – Right. There’s also Miyazaki Hayao’s film… – “Laputa, Castle in the Sky.” / – Oh, I see. They say that Beng Mealea served as the inspiration for that animation film. – Let’s check it out. Beng Mealea. / – Beng Mealea. Do you know what it means? To us, it’s Jolie’s temple. – Let’s go. / – Beng Mealea, Jolie’s temple. Let’s go. – After cleaning up. It’s a national park. / – Yes. (Beng Mealea temple) (14-minute-drive from Phnom Kulen) It’s intriguing. – It’s like an unknown world. / – Indeed. (A temple without historical records) The collapsed temple… – Was left in ruins. / – Just left as it is. It’s so amazing. The trees have grown through cracks in the man-made structures. It’s really amazing. It feels like a long-lost, ancient town. – It feels mysterious. / – Exactly. (Groundwater erosion and civil war) (Has caused most of the temple to collapse) But for here… At Angkor Wat, there are 1-day, 3-day, 7-day passes. Here, you need to buy a separate pass. (Entrance pass for Beng Mealea, $5 per person) Gosh, this place… It’s certainly different from Angkor Wat. It’s really astounding. The collapsed ruins… They give you a glimpse of the rise and fall… – Of an incredible civilization. / – Exactly. Rather than restoring it, they’ve preserved the historicity that time has given these structures. I wonder what it looked like in its heyday. – Aren’t you curious? / – Indeed. I wonder who lived there and how they lived. Right. Wow, on both sides… It’s incredible, right? We’re in our element as our team name, Tomb Raiders. – The team name gets to shine here. / – Exactly. Even in Angkor Wat, there are traces of restoration that make you sense human intervention. But this feels like a forgotten temple. Seriously. It feels like a movie set. The ancient structures, broken stones, and trees are all mingled together. When you take photos, it looks like you’re on a movie set. It’s mysterious. – The well-restored sites are lovely. / – Right. But this space carelessly left in ruins… Exactly. It’s quite striking. It holds a natural beauty. I’m getting rather emotional. I’m past my heyday… You’re collapsing? My inner world is collapsing, so I can really relate to it. Isn’t that like the left side of my face? With the wrinkles here. In the backwaters of youth. – It’s natural beauty. / – You’re in your 30s. But you’ll be like that before long. I wasn’t always like this. This temple wasn’t always like this either. (Kim Taehoon, a man who was once young) (Farewell, my days of youth) – “Once young.” That’s so sad. / – It is. There are way more fallen stones than standing structures. The structures must have been quite grand. All of these stones were parts of buildings. That’s right. It seems more like a city, rather than a temple. The sun was blazing in Angkor Wat. But here, we’re in the woods. Right. The woods give you patches of shade and beams of sunlight that shine in between… Give you natural lighting. The trunk has grown sideways. Wow, it’s awesome. It’s a work of art. The stones and trees mingle as if one. It shows you how long it’s been… – Since the temple collapsed. / – Right. (Feeling immemorial time with their whole bodies) My goodness. I’m in awe. (Beng Mealea reveals nature’s restorative power) Wow, it’s awesome. It’s such a beautiful space. Gazing at the collapsing city makes you reflect on life and the kind of life you want to live. No dynasty is immortal. For two days, we’ve visited Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, and Beng Mealea. We’ve seen three places that are… – Either temples or historic sites. / – Right. – Each place felt different. / – Yes. How was it for you? For me, Angkor Wat appeared like the meticulous product of absolute power, like a fortress in its perfection. Angkor Thom appeared like a civilian dwelling with a more folksy atmosphere. I enjoyed Angkor Thom a bit more whereas Angkor Wat was more awe-inspiring. But coming here today, I realized that this place suits my tastes more. There’s a coexistence of nature and civilization with a sense of being untouched. I really love it here. Angkor Wat is a temple and tomb, so it prompted a sense of reverence. Angkor Thom is a fallen, ancient city. – Holding a certain history. / – Right. And the Beng Mealea temple we saw today is in ruins with the structures… – Becoming concealed in nature. / – Yes. It reminds me of the futility of life. Why do you keep feeling that futility? Now that I’m past 50, my world view… Why do you keep getting sad? – Is it menopause? / – This trip feels so sad. The structures in ruin remind me of myself. Right. I can relate to that. Goodness. They should eat something now. Right. It’s because they’re hungry. The mood is just right. Now then… I prepared another activity. – It’s not over? / – Another activity? Let’s see a proper meal table for once. – For a refreshing treat. / – A refreshing treat. Let’s go make cocktails. – Cocktails on an empty stomach? / – Geez. Gosh. The place offers a cocktail class. – A cocktail class? / – Yes. There are plenty of baking or cooking studios around us, but no cocktail classes. – You’re smart. / – You and I… Determined to drink even during the shoot. But my hospital specializes in treating alcoholism. (Cocktail class) (1.5 hours by car from Beng Mealea) Here it is, Asana. – This is the place? / – Yes. It’s actually a bar, but once a day, they hold a cocktail class. – Like a cooking class? / – Exactly. (The class is at 5:30 p.m. every day for 90 minutes) It was intriguing as there were scents and flavors that aren’t normally available to us. I really recommend this class. – It was fun. / – I like lime. (Step 1, understanding spices) So then, we can introduce this one for starters. I think you know about this. This one, the lime. (Lime, a citrus fruit with a sweet and sour taste) There’s pepper? – There’s green pepper too? / – Yes. – Unripe pepper? / – Tamarind. – Looks intriguing. / – What’s that? – Tamarind is a must. / – They’re beans. That’s Cambodian ginger. Their ginger is large and quite spicy. – I tried so many ingredients… / – Galangal. – For the first time. / – Such new ingredients. – I only know ginger. / – It was so fun. The green pepper is intriguing. – They’re ground… / – On an empty stomach… And used in cocktails. (Fingerroot, turmeric, ginger, galangal) (Tasting the green pepper first) About the pepper you’re going to try, you can get burned inside. It’s very hot. – It’s very hot. / – She should’ve told us earlier. She should’ve warned us before, not after. – She should’ve told us beforehand. / – Very hot. And then, I think you should try the tamarind… – With the brown sugar. / – Brown sugar. It looks kind of like candy. They make pad thai sauce with that. Without tamarind, you can’t get the taste. (Ma’am?) You can get the sweetness from the brown sugar. Oh, gosh. It’s so sour. Those are strong spices. It’ll ruin his stomach. Sorry but… It’s so sour. She keeps telling us after we taste it. So sour… But I have to say, it’s tasty. It’s an ingredient we can only use here. (The instructor is slicing ginger) – We’re eating it on an empty stomach? / – Again? One piece of the ginger. – This is a cocktail class, right? / – Ginger… – We know how ginger tastes. / – Right. We know the taste of ginger. I know. I knew ginger. Gosh. It’s strong. (Try this one too) – Galangal. / – Galangal. – Strong ginger. / – Yes, strong ginger. Check the smell. – Then you can try it. / – This is insane. Why did we… Oh, I brought us here. Why did we come here? (The scent alone is strong) Eating slices of ginger on an empty stomach… It’s the first time a tasting session became comical. This is hilarious. This is insane. Can we really make cocktails with this? Hang on… Gosh, the aroma. It has quite a scent. Right now, we introduced these ingredients. We can start all together to make cocktails. You make it yourselves instead of just drinking it? You have to know the taste to make it. The first one, we can start to make the cocktail, ginger mojito. – Ginger mojito. / – Ginger mojito. We should grab a glass of mojito. – It’s… / – It’s tasty. Mojito is very popular. Right now, we can add more ginger inside. Oh, she’ll add ginger? – Was it good? / – It was. – It has to be good. / – If you don’t like ginger… It was delicious. About the ginger mojito, we make it with lime. We’ll be using a lime. (First, take one lime) Mojito is good even without anything. (Remove the ends and cut into 8 wedges) You’re simply adding hints of aroma. I was trying to follow what she did… The lime is tasty, even by itself. We were following the instructor. (Fill a glass with all of the wedges, minus one) – I’m so bad with this knife. / – Me too. Doctors are supposed to be good with knives. – I’m a psychiatric doctor. / – Oh, that’s right. (Add 2 spoons of ginger syrup) Add ginger syrup to the lime wedges. (Add 1 large spoonful of sugar) – Sugar. / – The sugar is key. That’s why cocktails are fattening. (Tear in mint leaves) Now I know the joy of cooking. This is strangely addictive. I can’t believe Hyejung had all this fun by herself until now. This is fun. Enough, enough. Taehoon, that’s enough. They’ve lost their volume. This is strangely addictive. – It was so much fun. / – Yes. I wish I could learn that too. (Add thinly sliced ginger) – So you add sliced ginger. / – It looks good. – And then… / – Now then… – Add the alcohol. / – Add the rum. And sparkling water. That’s sparkling water. It was surprisingly good. (Once you add a suitable garnish) (The ginger mojito is complete) – Cheers. / – Cheers. – Choul mouy. / – “houl mouy. Thank you. It’s the first cocktail I’ve ever made myself. My first… I’m having too many first-time experiences with you. – This is delicious. / – It’s good. Tasting this, the tingling in my nose… Just as the instructor said earlier, I can smell the ginger’s aroma. – I can tell why it’s a cure-all. / – Right. – It’s like a “pretext cocktail.” / – A pretext. You’re drinking alcohol but adding ginger to make it feel healthy. – Giving yourself a pretext to drink. / – Right. When others nag, “Why are you drinking so much?” You can say, “Ginger is great for your health.” – “I had ginger alcohol.” / – “Ginger.” I wish I’d known about this earlier. Do you have to reserve that cocktail class? They hold a class every day. You can check out their website beforehand. You can make a reservation in advance. The instructors demonstrate their cocktails in front of a global audience. You can make 3 cocktails in total. You follow instructions for making 2 of them and then create your own cocktail. – That’s fun. / – Yes, it’s fun. I think it’s been a while since I’ve made anything. Right. Making something yourself. I once read this in a book. They say modern individuals live unhappily as they’ve lost that sense of achievement that comes from making things themselves. You made an important point. Having that sense of productivity, undertaking that act of creation, is incredibly helpful for raising self-efficacy and self-esteem. Creating and developing things can have a healing effect. But so many people work in jobs that don’t lead to production or creation. In that respect, I want to say that it’s extremely important… – To make things. / – Right. The time we’re spending here… – Is quite meaningful. / – Indeed. That’s right. They say modern individuals are losing their happiness as they can’t make things. – Losing their sense of achievement. / – Yes. That’s why cooking or fixing broken chairs at home and such can give people self-esteem… – And a sense of happiness. / – Exactly. – We grow unhappy… / – Right. When we become people who can’t make things for ourselves anymore. (Pub Street) This is Pub Street. – The place he mentioned earlier. / – Right. I dare say, it’s the greatest haven… – For backpacking tourists. / – I see Koreans. (Backpacking mecca, offering pubs and restaurants) This is Pub Street. While I was planning today’s itinerary, I knew I wanted to come here as you mentioned Pub Street so many times. Now I can’t brag about it anymore. Tourists from around the world gather here. It’s a cultural melting pot of sorts. The foods are fused as well. Since people feel relaxed while touring through a new place, they strike up friendships here and have a good time together. I’ve been to several countries, but the Pub Street here really stands out. Take a look. On both sides, there are such unique restaurants and cafes. To those who are traveling in Cambodia, I recommend this place as a must-see attraction. I wanted to come here. This is the place I wanted us to come. It’s Angelina Jolie’s favorite place. Let’s go in this way. – Angelina Jolie had been there. / – There? It’s a famous pub called Red Piano. The Red Piano restaurant. The place looks huge. Is there actually a red piano there? – There is. / – There it is. There’s an Angelina Jolie menu item. (A restaurant catering to popular tastes) (A comfortable place for tourists) We took a look around before coming up here. There’s a great view from here. Maybe we could talk to the people across there. – Hey. / – Hi. Where are you from? What should we say next? We are Tomb Raiders. What are you doing? I apologize. There are always drunken tourists like that. Everyone just smiles knowingly. (Piano spaghetti) (Pasta with coconut sauce) – It’s coconut sauce, not cream. / – Right. It was delicious. – Cambodian spaghetti. / – It looks tasty. (Piano spaghetti, $6.50) (Tomb Raider cocktail) (Tomb Raider cocktail, $3.75) Is this the Tomb Raider cocktail? Why did they give us only one? They have a strange way of serving. Awesome! (Bells ringing from somewhere) Awesome! Is it the 500th glass or something? (Every 10th glass sold is served free) (500th glass is served with $100 and a t-shirt) Wow, that’s neat. You need to order at the right time. – The customers don’t know. / – Right. This is awesome. This wasn’t planned. It’s good luck. – Is this the free glass? / – Yes. Come on. Why are you taking it? You’re still young. The older guy should be treating the younger one. – Why are you taking it away? / – No. You saw me at the temple earlier. I can barely walk now. Come on, you can walk just fine. The tenth glass served here… – It’s the last one in my life. / – No. Stop making such tragic comments. – Let me take this glass. / – Sure. – To the Tomb Raiders. / – The Tomb Raiders. Gosh, it’s good. – It’s good. / – Gosh, it’s good. On first taste, it seems like a slightly dry gin and tonic. (Taking a bite of the piano spaghetti) (Wowed by the first bite) It’s delicious. – This is tasty. / – Yes. It’s similar to carbonara, but has a more savory taste. Cream pasta usually has a slightly thick texture. But the coconut makes this one smooth. This tastes good. – It’s delicious. / – It is. What else did you order? – Great-priced steak. / – Steak? You can eat all the steak. I’ll have this. (Khmer local beef steak) (You can choose 3 types of sauce) (And get an extra sauce for $1) (Khmer local beef steak, $8.75) It’s good. It reminds you of soy sauce braised beef. – Doesn’t it? / – It does. (A texture similar to soy sauce braised beef) I’m curious about this sauce. Is it coconut sauce? Try the white one. I’ve never seen white steak sauce. – This sauce… / – Yeah. It’s not coconut. Try it. It’s not the same flavor as this? It’s cheese. – Really? / – Yeah. – It must be good. / – It’s tasty. I wasn’t expecting it. (Unusual, white steak sauce) (Blue cheese sauce) – It’s blue cheese. / – It looks good. It’s tasty. It’s good, right? Which one do you like best? This sauce softens the slight toughness of the meat. (Magical blue cheese sauce softens the meat) This is really worth a try. It’s tasty. The meal is a success. Indeed, a success. This has been a truly unforgettable trip. Experience always trumps our preconceived notions. I wanted to travel here with a person I really like. That wish came true. (Touring as a pair made Cambodia more special) Tailored to the world is a school special, you allowed us to feel so many things and learn so many things through your tour. – There was so much to learn. / – Indeed. Tell us more about the helicopter tour. They start from 8-minute tours, but we went on the 20-minute tour. The 20-minute tour costs about $270. You could’ve used that money to eat meat. I have to say, it would be nice… – To experience a ride. / – It’d be nice. The things you regret most in life aren’t the things you’ve done but the things you haven’t done. Exactly. When you travel such a long distance, you should do the things you’d like to do. But sometimes, you regret doing certain things. Why are being so cynical? – You should think things over. / – Indeed. Let’s hear about the total expenses. How much did it cost? Excluding the airfare, Tomb Raiders Tour’s total expenses… – In Siem Reap, Cambodia… / – Total expenses. – Per person… / – Per person. Was $528. They used twice as much as us. – Don’t get too shocked. / – Even without eating… – The helicopter cost $270. / – The helicopter? – The helicopter cost $270. / – It cost $270. It’s the world is a school special. Truth be told… – We didn’t focus much on food. / – Spartan school. – We invested more in learning. / – I see. Very well. Taehoon, let’s hear your final comments. I feel like we went on a bona fide tour. Angkor Wat made me happy as the temple in ruins reminded me of our own mortal lives. It reminded me that nothing lasts. Even a dynasty’s absolute power wanes. It taught me to be humble. It was also a physically exerting trip. For those in the audience, I’ll tell you this. Some of you are getting on in years. Please go on the trip. Once you’re older, you might not be able to. Very well. Are you ready to vote? If you want to follow the itinerary of the Tomb Raiders’ trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia, please vote yes. Please vote. We really worked hard. Staying true to the theme “the world is a school,” we’ve done our very best. The final votes are in. Will it be Jiajie Big Cao Tour’s Zhangjiajie trip… Or will it be Tomb Raiders Tour’s Siem Reap? – How will the judges vote? / – Say it more strongly. – This is nerve-racking. / – Which will they choose? What will it be? The choice of 100, wise judges. Will it be a close call? Or a landslide? If it’s the latter, how big a difference? This is fun. This is fun. (The last digit has a 4-vote difference) What will it be, what will it be? – What will it be? / – 70? 80? – I think we’ll lose. / – How many votes? – What’s the number? / – What is it? (Zhangjiajie, China, wins with 90 votes) The two trips had such different appeal. It was chilly there, hot there. With different foods and cultures. We introduced two such amazing tours, so I feel happy as the host. Yein, did you enjoy the show? Joining Battle Trip for the past 4 weeks gave me my first experience as a TV host. I felt awkward but it was a great experience, and I had a blast. You did so well. You could return as a trip planner. – That’d be great. / – I’d love to. – I’d love to travel abroad. / – Good. Here’s a sneak peek of next week’s episode. There’s a big match in store. Battle Trip’s greatest trip planners, who won the highest viewer ratings in 2018, have toured two spring vacation spots. I can’t wait to see it. Those who are planning to travel this spring, please look forward to the episode. We’ll see you again next week. The world is a school. Life is a journey. Battle Trip! Thank you. (Next Week) Insider, old dudes’ Da Nang tour. It’s practically built for photos. Seriously. (Ba Na Hills’ Golden Bridge) (Guaranteed a photo of a lifetime) (White water rafting, twice a day) Wow, this is so fun. Awesome. Try it. – Stop gnawing on that. / – It’s so good. (Sprightly girls’ trip of Taipei, Taiwan) That’s lovely. – Does it win your stamp of approval? / – Yes. – An approved eatery. / – Approved. A totally satisfactory Taipei tour! (Battle Trip) (“Pinky Star (Run)” by GWSN)


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