Trips and Tales – Ep.3 | Travel, Fun , Adventure trips and tales to Mysuru |Namma Mysuru

Ha ha.. ha.. ha We had so many places to visit in Mysore & to begin with, we went to Chamundi Hills!! We were welcomed with the statue of Mahishasur.. Mysuru gets its name from him.. The temple Gopuram was getting renovated so we did not get the best possible view, but it was amazing to know that this place, this entire temple has been standing tall since 12th century! That’s over thousand years!! Now that we have the blessings of goddess Chamundeshwari with us, our trip is bound to be super successful On our way back, we stopped at a point where we got an amazing view of the entire city of Mysuru It was breath taking & refreshing at the same time. Isn’t this to die for? Totally! Actually, Thank you for waking up early! Such a beautiful view! I know right? We also saw a huge Nandi on our way down the hill! We went back to hotel to see this large buffet spread & we ate enough to keep ourselves loaded for the entire day! Next, we headed to the St. Philomena’s church which is iconic because its one of the tallest churches in Asia! This Church is so beautiful & I couldn’t stop myself from pulling out my camera & going on a photography spree! We spent time exploring the Gothic Church! The museum had wide varieties of antique trains! Simran, ready! Bye…!    -Bye…. Babuji.. Bye! You know where do we belong Himanshi? Where?
Oh ho ho ho!! Killed it.     – Lets go!   -Sorry!   ha ha ha It must have been such a luxury to travel like this The Karanji lake is an extension of the Mysore zoo just like a Kilometer away..! Its a place for boating, taking a walk, a park for kids but most of all, a one of its kind aviary! do you realize, its India’s largest walking aviary! Prish, Look at that! We got to see so many birds in this aviary & I have never been to one which is so big. Himanshi took me to a place next which blew my mind away! Prish, do you want to see the best of Mysore under one roof!     -is that even possible? Quite some great talent to make that possible & thats where I am taking you now! I’d love to go..   – Let’s go..! Look at that laddoos, how finely defined! That makes me hungry right now Major events & Icons of Mysore were carved out such beautifully on sand! So this place had everything.. beginning from the Mysore Dussera, Chamundi hills you name it & it was there! Our next stop, my favorite one & the greatest landmark in the city, was the Amba Vilas palace. This is simply called the Mysore Palace ! The Palace is simply magnificent! Do you know that this is the second most visited monument in India! Taj Mahal being the first! Are you serious! That’s quite a record! Its a very sad thing that we are not allowed to take pictures inside! If only we could take our cameras inside You would have got a glimpse of what we saw! Special Mysore pak alla athu? Thank you I can’t describe the Mysore pak here! Superb!! Thank you! & then we went back to check the famous Palace lighting! After this long & tiring day, a beautiful hotel & a comfortable bed was all we needed to crash! and Hotel Sundesh gave us just that! Oh wow! – That’s a cozy room!


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