TURKISH FOOD TOUR | Best TURKISH FOOD in Istanbul, Turkey- Pide + Kebab | What TO EAT IN ISTANBUL

today we’re in Turkey and we’re in the
stunning city of Istanbul this Istanbul series all about showing you some of the
best food this city has to offer Istanbul’s food culture is reflective of
its past and draws influence from each region of Turkey if you love to eat this
city is one that keeps on giving this is our first video from Istanbul
and we’re traveling all over the city to bring you the best local food we eat
succulent lamb kebabs from a gigantic spit take you into the kitchen for some
of the city’s best pide and visit a shop which has been serving a Turkish
specialty since 1876 in this 4 part series we’re hunting down Istanbul’s
tastiest food from unusual dishes to local favourites you don’t want to miss
this series get ready for some mouth-watering food, I’m Thomas and I’m
Sheena and we’re Chasing a Plate we hope you’re hungry, let’s eat we’re over on the European side of
Istanbul in a suburb called Fatih which is the historical district and it’s also
probably the most conservative part of the city it’s where the Grand Bazaar and
the Egyptian market are and I suppose if you’re a traveler to the city it’s
probably one of the first places that you think to visit there’s tons and tons
of really interesting local scenes around here it’s really buzzy there are
loads and loads of lanes to explore and this is how we found our first stop we
are coming to eat pide which is one of our most favourite things to eat when we’re
in this city pide is a flatbread which is baked in an oven and it’s covered
with all sorts of toppings Abi, bir kavurmalı and kaşarlı and this pide restaurant is awesome because
they’ve got this amazing open kitchen so you can get right up close to see how the
pide is being made the pide master is just kneading the dough and it
is so soft looking and really pliable what he does he just stretches it out he
puts the topping over the top and then he folds the edges so it creates like a
a boat shape and then in it goes into that really hot oven it’s a wood-fired oven
and there is so much heat coming from that thing this pide restaurant has been around
since 1960 so these guys really know what they’re doing and we love this
place it’s a really casual restaurant really simple but the food is top-notch
so let me show you what we ordered this here is the Trabzon pide Trabzon is
a city in the northeast of Turkey and it’s a round pide it’s got a peynir
which is a hard white cheese and then we’ve added an egg on top
look at that wobble and then this one here is the kavurmalı and kaşarlı pide
so kavurmalı is this meat here so it’s like a confit meat and kaşarlı is cheese
you can see that the shape of this pide is different it’s like a boat
shape and what is extra special about this pide is that the the edges are
really crisp they lavished some butter over the
top of edges and it’s just really crisped up and golden this egg is
calling to me so I have got to get into this one first all right so he added
the egg sort of half way through the cooking process to let it sort of just set but
you can see that there is a big wobble on there so it’s only maybe half cooked
but that means it’s perfect for dunking and oh goodness I’ve lost all my cheese
so let’s just roll that up whoa whoa look at that so good Wow so it’s literally just cheese and egg but
the cheese has a really strong flavour it’s a sharp
salty flavour it’s a had white cheese and it’s pretty rich but what’s even
stronger in flavour is that melted butter that he sort of sloshed all over the
top of the edge it’s got a really strong flavour and then that egg is just the
icing on the cake this pide is much more the shape that you’ll normally see
here in Istanbul so they’re normally this boat shape with the edges folded up
and there are a lot of pide restaurants here in Istanbul but this
one really stood out to us when we were doing our research for this series
because the the dough, the bread is so beautiful really light and that
beautiful crunch on the outside so this one with the meat and cheese I’ll get this
bit here because lots of meat on it so it’s lamb and it’s cooked in its own fat
so you see these beautiful little chunks of lamb and then the cheese mixture has
parsley cut up into it and I’m not sure if some chillies or just some pepper
looks like little bits of red chilli actually hiding in there Wow
the meat is such a strong flavour so because it’s little little bits it’s
not mince it’s cooked in its own fat so cooked confit style and it’s very
robust in flavour so really really beautiful I’m going to get
another bit with a bit less meat actually and a bit more of the cheese
mixture really good oh that’s a more balanced
mouthful so not so much meat there so you get the beautiful flavour of the cheese
it’s a really nice plain but quite salty cheese goes so well with that meat where
there’s not so much meat so you’ve got the really bold flavour of the meat, nice saltiness of
the cheese the parsley and the chillies I’m not really getting much from that
definitely no spice from the chilli the bread is so soft just a beautiful
little crispiness on the outside and super pillowy on the inside it’s a
really good pide to wash down my pide I have got a Şalgam, Şalgam
is a fermented purple carrot drink and it’s made also with bulgur which is
cracked wheat ohhh it’s like a really strong vegetable
juice this one is a little bit spicy as well so it’s really packing a flavour punch
but it’s great because it cuts through the richness of the cheesy pide Thomas and I are really drawn to
heritage restaurants or places with a bit of a history so sometimes they can
be decades or even centuries old first of all because often these types of
places are doing one thing serving one thing and that means if they’ve been
serving this one item of food for so long usually you got to think it’s going
to be pretty good secondly they have lots of history and that means lots of
stories so our next spot is a place that’s been around since 1876 and they
serve a famous Turkish drink called boza all right so the boza is already
poured and all set up and you just help yourself to a glass I love the feel of this place you’ve got these marble topped tables there’s
tiled walls and there’s even a glass up there which apparently
Atatürk drank from so Atatürk was the founder and first president of
modern-day Turkey and it’s said that he drank his boza here so this is boza
boza is a really traditional sort of winter drink but at this place they
serve it all year round and it’s really thick it’s made from fermented bulgur and
sugar and water and then they’ve just sprinkled some cinnamon over the top so
it’s super super fragrant so you get a spoon with it so I suppose you just sort
of dig in with the spoon let’s give it a taste whoa it’s super super thick and it’s really sweet a little bit sour and tangy from
the fermented-ess I suppose of it that’s delicious it’s like eating a lemony dessert it is so
beautiful and look at the texture really thick and very creamy I can’t get over
the tanginess of it so it’s literally just got water sugar and then the bulgur
but the fermentation process has created this really sour taste so it tastes like
lemon even though it doesn’t have lemon in it it’s incredible this drink has
been around since the 10th century but it was banned in the 1600’s
because it got so boozy so the fermentation process made it really alcohol-y, alcohol-y? is that even a word boozy but then it came back into fashion
later on and it became a really popular drink amongst the soldiers and the
Ottoman sultans I can see why it’s amazing there’s a really neat way to see
the passing of time in this restaurant the floor below me it’s completely worn
out so there’s a walkway coming in from the door to the main counter so you can
see where thousands and thousands probably hundreds millions even of
feet have come in over the years we’re in the heart of the old town now
heading for our next stop this place is full of life actually where we are
now it’s not that busy there’s plenty of room here normally you’ are shoulder to
shoulder with the next person it’s an amazing place lots to see there is lots
to eat here as well actually so most of the food we’re eating today is centered
all around this part of town but it’s very easy to get away from what you’re seeing
now this absolute craziness it’s easy to get off the beaten path and find some
real gems, merhaba! Merhaba! this is our second Istanbul series and
this time around we wanted to show you some different dishes so we are going to
share with you the cağ kebab, this kebab looks insanely good it looks so good, yea very good, it looks super good I’m up watching them cooking it at the
moment so the kebab is massive the’ve got a fresh one on there and it’s really
interesting how this one gets cooked so it gets cut onto a little skewer
which is really unusual and also normally when you think of a kebab here
it’s a döner style kebab which is the other way round this one lies flat look at what he’s cutting how good does that look? Thank you abi these kebabs look really really good so I
really like this style where they cut it very very thin and this is a lamb kebab
so you’ve got some beautiful nice fatty bits from the lamb so then they’re
taking it and they’re putting it on the grill so they’re putting it on hot
charcoals and just turning it a few times to getting it really nice and
caramelised and that smoke’s coming up through the meat so you’ve got those two
stages of cooking which is really neat so it’s served with lavash which is this really thin bread
so you’ve just got a big pile of that on your plate and this little salad we’ve
got to go with it so this is tomatoes chillies, pomegranate molasses and there’s
a whole lot of parsleyin there too you can see the little flecks of parsley and
we’ve got some onions so just some raw onion with some sumac sprinkled all over
the top let’s get some of this lamb meat off so we’ll just get a bit of lavash
I want to just rip some off the end whoa just comes off real easy it’s juicy I
can just see the juice squirting out of it and we’ll get some of that salad on
there as well so just pile it up with that the meat is so good also the salad has got
a beautiful burst of chilli so sweetness and spice from the tomatoes and then from the
chillies goes so well with the meat the fat on the lamb is really good my skewers got taken away because I’d
let them go cold and they’ve been reloaded with meat so I think they’ve put them
back on the grill to warm them up for me cause while we’re doing all the filming things go a little bit cold sometimes so let’s get some more of this lavash that’s a
terrible bit of bread hang on let’s get a nice big bit of lavash some nice hot
lamb and this time I just want to have the meat and the bread really simple in its flavour so the lamb is the hero so it tastes like a great home-cooked roast leg of lamb
beautiful amount of fat versus meat great flavour that is really good and
definitely that has just come straight off the charcoal so that’s boiling hot so the
fat in the lamb is still really juicy they’ve just brought over some more
again so this once again is super fresh and it’s just covered in fat you can see all that shiny fat on there let’s get some more of that lamb off the skewer and I really
love the style of cooking onto these skewers it’s really neat normally it’s
just a pile of meat on the plate so we’re going to go with some onions and
some of this sumac this time so nice big bits of fresh onion the onion goes very well with the lamb
so you’ve still got a real burst of flavour from the lamb with the salad I found that the
spice from the chilies and the sweetness from the pomegranate molasses and the
tomatoes a little bit too strong so it took away that flavour from the lamb a bit much but with the onions it is
absolutely perfect for our next stop we get to do one of
the great things about Istanbul so because the city is separated over two
continents we’re on the European side at the moment but it’s separated by the
Bosphorus Strait which is a big body of water to Asia so we’re heading on
over to the Asian side and to do that you get to go on a ferry ride which is
stunning this is a very very pretty city so as well as having really good food it
has a beautiful skyline we’ve arrived on the Asian side of town
and this suburb is called Kadıköy it’s actually where our Airbnb is so
we’re very familiar with this part of town it feels completely different to
where we just were there are a lot of newer modern eateries and shops and
whatnot but there’s also a lot of older more traditional places so you get that
dichotomy it’s really buzzy a great energy now after all of that food we
really need something to help us digest it all so we’re off for some pickles this turşuları or pickle shop is right in
the heart of the market, merhaba abi this is our grocer actually so that’s why the guys are yelling out to us so right in the heart of the market in Kadıköy and this place is so colourful there’s so much produce fresh seafood meat everything that you could possibly want
but the pickle shop is just up ahead now pickles are a very important part of Turkish
cuisine in most restaurants when you sit down to a meal there’ll be a jar of
pickles often pickled chillies or you’ll get a plate of pickles with your meal
we’re just here to grab a turşu suyu which is a pickle juice in most marketplaces in Istanbul
there’ll be a pickle shop but this particular pickle shop has been around
since 1935 so ages people come in here and they buy bags of pickles to take
home there’s some spices there’s all sorts of sauces and honestly every type
of vegetable imaginable has been pickled we have ordered two cups of pickle juice
with pickles inside as well so we’ve got some beetroot a gherkin there’s a slice
of carrot there’s some cabbage and I think this here is a plum all right
let’s give it a taste it’s super-strong very vinegary quite
sour and very salty it’s delicious let’s give this chunk of beetroot a go hmm it’s very very vinegary but very soft
it’s delicious such an interesting shop the pickle
juice packs a real punch and I love all the colorful pickles in here and there’s
some very interesting pickles I can see bananas I can see mandarins
eggs, whole corn cobs some really neat stuff this is a really cool shop


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