TwelveSouth Journal CaddySack (Unboxing & Review) – Travel In Style

If you are a Mac user, the Journal CaddySack is a beneficial traveling organizer from Twelve South is for you. Twelve South is an amazing brand that designs accessories for Apple devices. The Twelve South laptop/desktop stands for Macbook and macbook Pro are quite popular. Most youtubers’ desk setups or studio tours feature a laptop/desktop stand, often from twelve south. This is my first collaboration with Twelve South for a luxurious travel organizer, the Journal Caddysack. The Journal CaddySack is a not your regular traveling case with a boring look. It’s a nice and fancy looking leather organizer. To begin with, let’s unbox the Journal CaddySack. As you see, the outside material is full-grain New Zealand leather. The look is amazing with top quality leather, rigid spines, and complete with the Twelve South Logo. On first look, it might look like just a regular textbook. Its leather finish is what gives it the luxurious tag. The price is $89. Approx $95 with tax. Before opening the case, let’s examine the outside. To open the Journal, you have a zip that goes all around. And the zips are also attached to a leather tag. First things first. On opening, you’ll find silica gel as in most products. Remove the extra tape. The twelve south logo is on the upper border. You’ll find velcro and elastic bands to keep your things protected and fastened. So let’s test the hold of these straps by using some Apple products. All the Mac users here will be familiar with the number of products and dongles needed. I have two USB-C dongles here with me, which are always necessary. Other than that, I have some memory cards, another dongle, a pen, and a macbook charger. I’m gonna fasten all these things in this organizer. It’s pretty straightforward. Just place all the products underneath the elastic bands and tighten with the velcro. Place the pen in the middle. You can place any other Ipad/Iphone accessories here as you wish. You can also place an Apple pencil along with the pen. Place the dongles under the elastic strap. Place the smaller stuff like memory cards or small dongles in the given pocket. After fastening everything, just close it normally by zipping it up. As you can see, it looks like you’re carrying a regular textbook. Doesn’t even look congested or feel heavy, yet everything’s secure. This is a very classy and secure way to keep your accessories safe. This completes my video on the Twelve South Journal CaddySack. If you wanna check out their other amazing products or buy this journal, I will post the link in my description box. Let’s end this video here. I’ll see in the next one.


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