TwK – เที่ยวรัสเซีย – Russia Travel Vlog – EP#5 Moscow – Red Square and Moscow Metro tour (ENG SUB)

Can you peel it for me? We are in our hostel in Moscow now. This is Alex (Host). We will leave our luggage here and come back to check in at 2PM. Today plan is Moscow metro tour and Red Square area. Let check it out. We have to change our plan now because it is crowded in Metro so that we will go to Red Square first. See you guys at Red Square. We saw in google map that this is an attraction spot. It is very nice fountain. Now, raining has come so that we will go to ‘GUM’ for a while. We are in KFC for having breakfast :). We have ordered fried chicken, hot dog and cola. This is ‘State Historical Museum’. It’s very cloudy today and we will come back again some day. We are in Red Square 🙂 However, we could not see St.Basil clearly because there is a concert stage has been hide the church. We are not sure that we can go inside and film or not. One the left it is GUM. On the right is Kremlin. On the back is State Historical museum. It’s very cloudy today and we will come back for taking photos again. Let’s walk around red square together. We are in front of Saint Basil. We are inside ‘GUM’. This is the largest department store in Moscow. Maybe in Russia too. It’s very beautiful. Kind of building this department store for being photo studio. We are going to get an ice cream. If you come to GUM, Don’t miss GUM’s ice cream. Let’s get some!! We are going to buy ice creams. This is ‘Melon’ favor. and this is Vanilla covered with chocolate. Yummy. Let’s find somewhere to sit. Can you peel it for me? We are going to do ‘Moscow metro tour’. I heard from many people said that this is the most beautiful metro station. I will not read the station name however, we will put the station name for you. Let’s say hi to Dog!!! We are in ‘Komsomolskaya’. I think this is my favorite metro station. It’s very beautiful. This is the end for EP5 (Day6) and hope you enjoy!! See you guy in next video. BYEEEEE


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