Tyler Junior College Campus Tour

Hi, my name is Ronnie Stone. I love TJC and it’s a

great place to go to college. Let me show you around Hi, guys! My name is Ronnie. I’m going to be your tour

guide for today. I’ll give you a little information about myself and then we’ll start. I’m a second
semester Freshman this semester. I came from California. I was born in Dallas wemoved there and I’ve always wanted to come back to
Texas to go to school. So I found TJC online and I’m here. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Feel
free to interrupt me and we’ll go. OK guys, so this is the White Administrative building. This is

where you start your first steps here at TJC. Right where you went in and got your card for the tour, that’s

our Admissions office. That’s where you start your first steps here. Your application gets turned in there, and your
High School transcript gets turned in there. Right behind me is Financial Aid. Round the corner second
door on the left is the Registrar’s office, if you have any College credits, if you’re a transfer
student, then you would turn in your transcripts there As well as obtaining your TJC transcripts or if you want

to drop a class that’s where you would go. And then, right in the glass window you’ll see as we pass by is
the Cashier’s window. That’s where you will pay your tuition and fees. as well as any fines, such as parking fines. All right, so now we’re going to be working our way to
the Library. All right guys, so now we’re in the library um, if you need to look up a book you just go
to the card catalog, keyword, subject, just like in high school If you need help looking for a book, or a book for a
research paper, you would go right over there to the circulation desk, They would be more than happy to help
you for anything that you might need. Right up stairs, in the left-hand corner, is our VERC computer lab.
Just based on your TJC ID you get free access to Internet, and printing hardware is ten cents apage. All right, let’s go. So now we’re going to be working our way into Rogers Student
Center. As we pass by you’ll see two of our on campus dorms. This is Lewis and this is Vaughn.
Lewis is all boys and Vaughn is all girls Um, TJC has nine different dorms on campus, there’s
four all boys, three all girls, and… Four all boys, three all girls, and two co-ed [laughs] This is Rogers Student Center. We have lots of different funtions here in Rogers The first stop right here is the Testing Center.
At TJC, our testing is called the Accuplacer. You can take it at other places, it’s called the THEA,
and you can be exempt from taking the test. After you do that, you would walk right over here to the Academic Advisors. The Academic Advisors are your best friends here on campus. You don’t have to frequently meet with them, you
can meet with them one time, but before you register you have to meet with one. Right here is the Student Affairs office, if you
want to get involved with TJC whatsoever, This is where you would go. This is Career Services. They are very nice people for
when you change your mind on your major, or if you don’t know your major at all.
And they’re also here to help build your resume, your college resume, and the job interview process. Whether it’s a career while you’re here at TJC or
after TJC, they want to make sure that You’re most successful out of it and that you do
it right, you’re not nervous, anything like that. Alright guys, this is the TJC Campus Clinic.
It’s basically your doctor away from home. If you’re feeling sick at any minute, all you have to do is show
your TJC ID and you’re going to see a doctor that day. This is the Rec Center. Basically you come and you don’t have
to think at all, you rest and you play pool, You can play PlayStation, X-Box, there’s game
series, you can bring your own games, there’s ping pong tables, it’s basically a place where
you can just chill between and after classes. OK, let’s keep going. OK, we’re now in the Learning Loft. There’s sort of
a million functions here in the Learning Loft The first one is that TJC offers free tutoring for
all subjects. You don’t have to be a giant. The second thing is our Honor Society is here. All
you have to do is hold a 3.3 GPA, OK, take 14 hours of honors course work, and 48 hours
of community service your whole time here at TJC. The third thing is our tutor program for first and recent college
students, and then the last thing is our Deaf Services. for our hearing impaired we have interpretors from TJC that are through this office. So we’re going to go right back down this way. Right so now
we’re going to go to the caff, they serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You get seconds, which is always nice, so
when you really like what they have So there’s 3 different meal plans, 19 meals a week, 15 meals a week
with 50 Apache Bucks, or 10 meals a week with 100 Apache Bucks. OK right this way – right behind me is the TJC official
Book Store, there is another one close to the Admissions office you might have seen that, that’s considered an off campus book
store. With the on campus book store you can If you apply for financial aid, pay for your books using that.
You can get new books, used books, or rent books. And then this is our Campus Safety sub station. If you’re caught not wearing your ID
they will send you to the sub station to get a temporary day pass. And then in the beginning of the semester you get your
parking permits and ID right there.at the sub station. So right now we’re going to go to one of
our educational buildings, we’re going to go to Genecov. So, Genecov is home of science classes, right next to that
is Potter which is home of math classes, and then Jenkins which will be the last building on
the tour, is home of liberal arts classes. Genecov is home of all science classes. This is a lecture hall.so you’ll have tests and
listening to the teacher taking notes or what-not. Now we’re going to be working our way outside. So you see this big dome right there, that’s the planetarium. You
can see astroids, the planets, but that’s open throughout the week. Now we’re going to into Wagstaff Gymnasium, Hi Ms Branch! These are some of the healthy Belles, they’re my best friends. Right here you can just show your TJC ID
and you get into all sports events TJC has lots of different sports here on campus. The TJC
basketball team practices in here as well as vollyball. This is where the games are. This is also where
graduation is held at the end of the year. Now we’re at OHPE. You just show them your
ID right here and you’re in the gym. OHPE is Ornelas Health and Physical Education, so you’ll have some
classrooms in here as well as the gym itself. Right here you can see our 3 promises, quality
education, vibrant student life, and community service. 10 laps around this is equal to 1 mile. Go Apaches – let’s go! Let’s be together – Hey, hey, hey! The track overlooks the basketball courts. I come work out at night and there’s always at least one game at every hoop. Here you can see the difference between the new
tennis courts and the old tennis courts. The old tennis courts are now open to the public and the
new tennis courts of course are for the tennis team. Right behind you, you can get a view of our
newest dorms here on campus, the Ornales dormitory. There’s 60 people on each floor, in comparison to the
other dorms you have one shower per room. But here you’ll see the fields will have
the intramural sports classes have tournaments there during the events we’ll have concerts right there on the field. Does anybody have any questions? That’s the Wise Auditorium right over here and this is the Browne Theatre. this Fall we had our fall production of Macbeth. We’re going into Jenkins, which is the building of liberal arts. And now we’re here in the Art hall. Something
to look at, see how talented other people are. TJC offers free wi-fi so while you’re waiting for
your class you can have your laptop without having to hook it up, and work on any of your assignments. Alright guys, and that’s it. That’s your campus tour One of the things that I loved about TJCin
comparison to other universities or colleges Is that the pictures that you actually saw on the website
are the scenes and views of the actual campus. What it looks like online is exactly what
it looks like here on the campus. Obviously we can’t show you everything in this video, so
come to TJC and see it for yourself.


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