Ultimate 4×4 Ford Transit Camper Van Tour | Storyteller Overland Mode 4×4

This is the mode 4×4 by storyteller
overland. it’s a 4×4 campervan on the transit chassis but they also make a
version on these 4×4 Sprinter chassis so let’s go take a look at this one and
check it out the first thing to note on this van is
it’s 4×4 capability they’ve taken a standard two-wheel drive
transit van sent it over to Quigley 4×4 to have it converted so this thing can
go pretty much anywhere now this is a pretty cool feature a fold down table so
that when you’re outside enjoying nature you can put your drink and just sit out
here enjoy it and have a table so you don’t have to pack an extra table
because we all know bands like this don’t have all that much storage space
for extra stuff at the rear of the passenger side they have thought to
include two 110 outlets so you can power your devices while you’re camping on the
driver side you have your water connections this is a freshwater
connection to fill your 22 gallon freshwater tank and a city water
connection for those times you do end up at a campground and you can run your
line straight up to your faucet one cool feature they have on both sides of the
van are these flares it allows you to get more sleeping space in a narrow van
they’ve also included a ladder which takes you up to the roof rack where
there is 90 watts of solar this is how it leaves the factory but they do wire
it so you can add up to 600 watts total there’s a 30 amp shore power connection
but not like you’ll really need it this thing is an absolute beast with
electricity so you can stay off-grid almost indefinitely one thing I forgot
to mention on the passenger side there is a Dometic awning with an LED light
you know what let’s go inside and take a look this is pretty cool
I have to say my favorite feature of this van is the way they’ve set up the
bed both sides of the bed fold up and we kind of have it in what it would look
like down and then this side folded up they’ve done this because this back area
can turn into a garage so if you have a motorcycle or something like that you
bring it in and they have tie-downs on the floor where you can strap it down
with the bed down you can hold up to 800 pounds and the flooring when you do
bring in something like a dirt bike and you don’t want to get your flooring all
screwed up they’ve actually thought of that and put down a VC tile flooring
this bedroom area is also six and a half feet long so that gives even some of us
taller guys plenty of room to sleep at night because they put the flares on the
outside of both sides of the van before I make the bed let me show you another
cool feature if you stow this mattress there’s a workbench here that you can
use for all different types of things Kate would use it as a stand up desk I
might use it if I’m working on something like trying to repair something on the
motorcycle and I need a workstation this would be perfect so let me show you how
to make the bed the bed is held up with these straps simply loosen the strap
take it off the hook the platform comes right down and there’s another piece
that slides right in for ventilation they’ve added a window in the bedroom
you know what let’s see how comfortable this bed actually is plenty of space if it didn’t have these
flares on either side there’s no way I could sleep this direction in the bed
but the flares give plenty of room for me
I’m 511 if that gives you some idea of how long this bed is this LED light is
also a Bluetooth speaker you can control it from your phone and select all
different colors so this is kind of a party light at night when you open the
door and you’re camping outside so let’s talk about storage on both sides of the
van they have cabinets and then there is that giant cargo area beneath the bed
with tie-downs each cabinet has a push button lock and
one interesting feature is that they’ve lined all the cabinets I think this is
great to keep things from rattling while you’re driving down the road before we
move on there is an AC unit above my head LED lights across the ceiling and a
small microwave so we’ve seen the bedroom a lot of the features but would
you believe me if I told you there was a shower and toilet in here there is let
me put up the bed so we can get a good shot of it so here is the bathroom still don’t
believe me let me put it together first step is this bench actually folds
forward and then you lift up a cover to the toilet which is also a wet bath and
for that wet bath here all the shower components this arm comes out there is a
curtain that goes around and here is your shower nozzle and here it is toilet
and shower now let’s check out the rest of this camper this bench seat has two
three-point harness seatbelts that have been pool tested so you can carry two
children two adults back here with you when you go camping and when you get to
the camp spot sleeping for two adults in the back one maybe two adults on this
bed or two kids let me show you how this works
this is the bench seat before it’s made it folds out using three sections this
bottom section folds forward this folds down and this folds back to make the bed
you know this is actually surprisingly comfortable and I have plenty of room I
don’t know if you could get two adults on here but definitely two kids if you
wanted to they also have these small pads that go in here to kind of extend
the width of the bed for you when you do put this up this all comes up and then
the bench slides back up against the wall so you have plenty of space to walk
by but the coolest feature about this bed is it’s not only a bed it’s also a
lounge area so just lift this up to any angle you
like keep your feet up grab a good book glass of wine and just enjoy the view in
the kitchen there is a 1500 watt induction stovetop a stainless steel
Dometic sink refrigerator and all of the light switches there’s also additional
storage along with a 110 outlet at the front of the camper van both of these
chairs flip around the form kind of like a living area with an adjustable lagoon
table I really like this setup because you can leave your bed in the back made
during the day and use this as a dedicated work area have your meals or
just hang out with friends so you’ve got a 4×4 camper van which means you may
want to go up to some cold climates so let’s talk about the heater this uses
a glycol loop in the floor that can be heated in multiple ways the first is
that there’s a heat exchanger that comes off the engine that can heat the glycol
the glycol also runs through a furnace which is either fired off of the gas
from your gas tank or if you’re at a campground and you’re plugged into Shore
power you can heat it through electricity and save your gas here are
the brains of the operation the control panel but most importantly
the volta power system I mentioned all of these cool items in here like the
1500 watt induction stove top that’s all powered through the lithium-ion battery
system which has about 8700 usable watt hours in it it is recharged by solar on
the roof as well as an 8000 watt secondary alternator all the power gets
to the devices through a three point six kilowatt inverter now on the passenger
side is where they keep all those batteries there is a 110 outlet along
with two USB ports and a 12 volt outlet on the driver side is the 22 gallon
freshwater tank paired with a 22 gallon grey water tank and an outdoor shower
now one thing to note this is a four season camper the water tank is inside
all the water lines are inside the only thing that is outside
the van is the gray water tank but they do heat that with a glycol loop from the
heater coming from someone who misses his garage now that we’re living
full-time van life I really love the fact that this becomes like a small
garage for me I can see myself putting a dirt bike back here having a little
workstation in that and then converting it back to a bed at night okay so the
part you’ve all been waiting for how much does this thing cost
well the story teller Overland mode 4×4 is a hundred and fifty three thousand
dollars and that is for both the Mercedes Sprinter version and me ford
transit version they come equipped as is there are no option so you get what you
see I love this thing because you can take it just about anywhere go up to the
mountains go up to the snow and then use it as your daily vehicle during the week
because these are really comfortable to drive I want to thank you guys so much
for watching if you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up subscribe if
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