Ultimate Travel Agent Marketing Plan| How To Promote A Travel Agency (HOST AGENCY REVIEWS RESPONSE)

all righty welcome to ultimate travel
agent marketing plan video number one you’re gonna learn how to promote your travel
agency in this video so take notes if you need help with this after this I
will have my contact information if you’re watching this from youtube let me
know if I earned a subscription from alrighty so I’m going to not hold
anything back from you I’m gonna show you exactly how we’ve taken companies to
millions of dollars per month using these exact strategies I’m not even
gonna hold it back okay so we’re gonna start off over here on a
well known website called YouTube probably where you found me from or one
of the places you can reach me okay so what you want to do first is position
yourself alright is three steps to well positioning leveraging and then
profiting okay so you want to position yourself in the most well-known places
that your customers our clients hang out it then you can leverage the platform’s
ability to drive massive amounts of traffic if you know what you’re doing so
just pay attention I know a lot of this might sound like mumbo jumbo but stay to
the end you’re gonna know exactly how you can start booking more packages okay
there’s pay attention so if you only like to work in your local area then
you’re gonna get something out of this but if you take clients in anywhere then
pay attention as well so we’re gonna use Los Angeles as an example so let’s see
travel agencies Los Angeles isn’t you how many searches all right as you can
see this tool right here says that is around 1,300 searches for a Los Angeles
travel traveling and Los Angeles you guys understand that so what you want to
do is uses three platforms start creating videos talking about travel and
your travel agency why people should choose you it’s very simple very free to
do and you can start getting a quick leads coming in through there now kun
another thing you can do is just do destination videos if you know people
from all over the world in these places that you provide travel to and you can
have them do little walkthrough tours describing the best things about those
areas and you can rank on YouTube for those different types of destinations
because people are searching those destinations when they’re about to
travel and when those people are done watching those videos you can put your
contact information in what’s called a description this area right here under
the video okay so you can get a lot of bookings like that increase okay so what
I mean by that is don’t just name it Travel Agency Los Angeles that’s what
you want to base it on but then you can start doing videos talking about top 10
destinations around the world to travel the best time you can have in Los
Angeles the best time you can have in Cancun Mexico stuff like that just start
making those type of videos alright and then you’ll start getting a crap load of
leads all right now let’s keep it going I’m gonna give you some juicy stuff next
so make sure you guys are taking notes alright so next another thing you can do
you might not have known this but if the channel that you’re watching is
monetized so let’s pick a channel and it talks about travel in this monetized you
see there’s air right here you can put your video on top of ads just talking
about travel so this is a college I don’t
they’re probably retargeting me but usually I give you something to do with
there has something to do with travel you can instead of just airing your
video out to everybody on the internet and your chores thousands of dollars you
can specifically strategically choose the travel videos that you want your
video to show on and you can actually play the video your video on those
videos and get leads that way people will discover you that way is very
simple extremely simple is called placement ads YouTube placement as you
can google it YouTube it if you need to are we teaching that okay so yes Asbury
is very okay now last but not least all right so
I’m showing you some social media strategies that you can use for your
travel agency right now but we’re going to show you a crapload of different
things as well some of these you might have heard of before so last but not
least is called influence of marketing all right so what do I mean by that you
can let’s type in travel blog there we go you can contact the top
traveling vlog okay you can reach out to them and do something called influencer
marketing what does that mean you can have them advertise your offers in the
descriptions of their videos wherever they’re traveling to if you got a
service that you could to find people you know you typing in people traveling
to whatever blank destination and whoever’s traveling there are goals of
those places and you service those places you can do some type of deal with
them whether it’s a commission deal a CPA deal or are whatever you want to do
alright so like this girl’s going to Japan she went to Japan in here okay
this is six hours ago you can reach out to her have her put a link to your
website or your phone number in her description and when people call and
book a trip to Japan or whatever she’ll get paid so and you guys get paid so
it’s a win-win for everybody you can literally just make a list of influences
or people to have YouTube channels and this same thing will work on Instagram
the same thing work on is called influence of marketing all right and you
can literally have all of them putting your link in their videos and these
people have thousands and thousands of thousands of people viewing their videos
on a daily basis so think of how many bookings you can get alright how many
packages you’ll sail alright so I just wanted to show you guys that you can do
the exact same thing on Instagram alright and Facebook okay so it’ll work
you could just reach out to people with huge followings they travel a lot and
then there you go all right now speaking of Facebook let’s come over here now so
I’m gonna show you how to do Facebook ads for a travel agencies okay for your
travel agency alright so we already done win right here we started so what is
this this is a lead generation air let me show you your choices real quick and
make sure you guys stay to the end I wouldn’t want you to miss anything
bookmark this or share this to your um so one of your pages are your email that
you or if you’re watching this from work or you have to go or something because I
want you to come back and watch this alright so traffic and conversions that
will send people to your site but it’s super
expensive partly so you can ignore those these will just show people but this one
right here will actually get a phone call you can actually set up something
called a call only an through this one this one would just gives you video
views this one will just get you likes and shares we want leads right we want
leads that are easy to close so we chose lead generation right hmm let’s click
continue and let me show you exactly what we do to take our agencies to
millions per month okay now you gonna do the exact same thing it’s not rocket
science okay so you name the set right there you
choose your page alright if you have made one then make one alright let’s
come through here alright so it’s very simple you can choose I’m gonna give you
some very simple ads to follow you can leave the gender alone you can leave the
age alone let’s come to demographic open it up and choose two things now you can
just flat-out choose the city that you’re in this is Los Angeles
we’re gonna go people who live we’re gonna do people there so we’re for now
we’re gonna target on a local level alright people who live in Los Angeles
I’ll show you two cards give me a second Los Angeles California alright so that
leaves us with 7 million people approximately now we’re gonna come down
here this is the answers there’s the part where you pay attention there’s a
very very very very big sample so you can target people interested in
travel frequent travellers boom that’s a
million people so what you want to do is you don’t want to choose a million
targets at one time because you want to add copy to be catered to the targeting
that you have so you can say you can shout them out hey do you travel
frequently in Los Angeles what’s up you know you can say something like been in
your head okay not verbatim but you guys are bouncing now so there’s one end
right there let’s do another one all right and it’s gonna make sense to
you guys digital nomads these are people that travel the world all the damn time
okay fly here fly there these are the mote nomads work from their laptops
there’s one of the things that I do okay so you have in Los Angeles around 1.1
million digital nomads in the city right oh you didn’t know there right okay so
what about this hmm so there’s a lot of ideas you guys will
be right knees down all right this is called event marketing that I’m
about to show you birthday in August August is coming up you could target
people by a birthday look at this three hundred and thirty thousand people
in the city who has a bird birthday coming up in August all right so what
would you do you would say what’s up August babies then you will find out
what their sign is you know the astrology sign and you say blank
astrology sign in the house and then you say book travel package with us to
anywhere in the world today for your special day and get 20% off of all
future bookings or something like that get your package of fun whatever your
specialty is for the day that’s just the irresistible offer that we use and it
works like gangbusters all right so that’s the birthday win so I’m giving
you guys a lot okay so we targeted travel frequent travelers and we’re not
retargeting birthdays we targeted digital nomads those are people that
work from their laptops and travel a lot okay so we’re gonna do one more okay anniversary yeah so you can just target
people that has anniversary period is that their wedding anniversary of target
anniversaries and everything like this so you can talk about when it wedding
anniversary you can target people with anniversary within 30 days so you know
that they’re like they’re on a time limit and everything like that so it’ll
be super awesome it’s super easy you can just say congratulations on their
anniversary coming up that’s how you can open up with the end okay so let’s move
on so now I just gave you four edge strategies for Facebook for okay and
this I didn’t charge anything okay so now let’s go what else do we have
so these are the topics we’re supposed to be discussing today travel agent
marketing this is your travel agent marketing plan how to promote a travel
agency social media for a travel agency so we just went through the social media
part we discussed that you can do this on Instagram we can do this on YouTube
or Facebook we just went through there now let’s get over there to the good
stuff all right so this is what we call Google the
biggest website in the world this is the biggest website in the world everybody
goes through Google okay you go to Google
anytime you’re trying to book a dentist’s book a party bus whatever
you’re trying to do you google it if you don’t know the number by heart you
google it okay so this is what your customers and potential clients do all
right they come to Google to Google a travel agency this is a tool called
keywords everywhere here’s the icon for right here all you have to do is Google
Chrome star and then you can get that for free unless you know how many
searches per month a search time gets that way you know you’re gonna start
getting phone calls extremely powerful all righty so what’s going to happen
right here this is called the snack pack right here this area we call it the
snack pack why well because 80% of the phone call volume comes from this area
right here if you show up right here you don’t have to worry about anything ever
again you’re gonna get bookings on autopilot all day long this is when you
start growing exponentially is this is there’s no joke okay I want you guys to
understand that once you’re right here this is the holy grail this is the
promised land so to speak all right all right so what else okay so let’s say
you’re right here you still have to worry about people wanting this guy this
guy what if you didn’t though we’ve created something called the dredge
system digital real-estate development all right
so imagine that this front page of Google is a strip mall all right
strip mall is owned by one company majority at a time one guy and is like
13 to 15 other different businesses attached in that strip mall but he gives
paid he gets a cut from every last one of those 13 properties so imagine that
this is that strip mall and you own the first page of Google all of these on
here all of these websites lead back to you what does that mean that means when
one of these 1,300 customers come to Google if they don’t like what you have
to say on here and they come here that’s still you they don’t like what you have
to say that they come here to steal you saw so forth
we literally build out enough properties and rank them on
for his page of Google enough to where we’re pushing the competitors all the
way to page 4 5 & 6 never to be seen again buried beneath the snow there’s
total domination for a travel agency like you all right so this is what you
need to be doing this is what you need to be focusing on because Google is
search engine marketing their search intent by your intent they came looking
for you all right so this is why you want to throw everything you have into
this I don’t care what you have to do this is what you need to be doing all
right so let me show you an example of this
lag first is o all right this is where I’m from originally Honolulu I had to
get a new birth certificate and this is what we do I’m giving you a live
demonstration all right so let’s say that this is your travel agency company
right here pay attention so there’s Hawaii that go and pay attention to
these two guys all right so let’s say I come here I don’t like your packages
they’re too high I don’t like it I don’t think I can travel with you guys let’s
go through come down to the competitor oh my god it looks familiar doesn’t it
well maybe they just got lucky let’s go out to the next who is them again okay so you guys see
what’s happening if a customer comes and see something like this is instant
credibility for you instant authority for you you’re the
biggest travel agency ever to them so you’re going to convert extremely high
rates okay let’s say they come down here boom steal you okay so you would do that
only it would be for travel agency in Los Angeles or whatever your city is and
you will come over here and you would do that for the rest of these keywords as
well do you guys understand what I’m talking about I hope you understand if
you’re watching this from YouTube make a comment and let me know I don’t want to
tell you on a 110 scale 1 to 10 scale how profitable does this sound to you on
a 1 to 10 scale how awesome is this for you like like if you had this how much
would your company grow like how proud would you be to go look at the
competition and be like oh they’re non-existent anymore you understand do
you guys understand okay so it’s a way that you can contact me in the
description of this video if you’re watching it from YouTube or if you’re
looking at it from your email or whatever is the number in there if you
want to learn how to do this yourself we teach this if you want us to do it for
you we also have that available as well all right so but let’s continue because
we’re not done we’re not done so we have something called brand jack
all right so brand jacking is where we search your competitors name your
biggest competitor in your area like let’s say greens travel if that’s one
okay and we cause your company to show up when people search them what if your
company could show up when people searched greens travel do you understand
and I mean aren’t happy tours travel agency or lb travel agency what if your
company showed up then you can literally ethically steal the traffic from
them do you understand what I’m saying is literally no way that you can’t be
the biggest and forget being the biggest you’re positioning yourself as the only
travel agency would you rather be the biggest travel agency or the only travel
agency then people can choose you take away the option of choice when you do
the drea system if you took all 13 spots on this front page of Google and it’s
literally impossible for people to choose your competitors and then you’re
over here doing this that’s the icing on a cake and you’re doing this that’s the
cherry on top do you guys understand all right so that’s extremely powerful so
Lord willing you learn something today that you can put to action I literally
gave you guys Facebook ads that you can go in and put in yourself if you need to
I literally told you the blueprint for Google and for YouTube and Instagram all
of that you guys can can take this and dominate your areas now please don’t be
like other people and be a procrastinator don’t be a put her
alright don’t do that you watch this I gave you the blueprint if you’re
watching marketing videos for your travel agency you need marketing for
your travel agency so the point is to put into action what you learn and then
you can transform your travel agency you can and you don’t have to take more than
a month to experience a crazy amount of new calls coming in for these packages
your high is it most expensive packages think of the dollar sign alright so
that’s what I want you to do I want you to contact me or learn this yourself
okay in the description of the video or if you’re watching this you should have
my contact the numbers three one four three two five seven zero three zero the
name is David you can just text travel agent marketing there’s text travel
agent marketing two three one four three two five seven zero three zero and I got
you guys whether you want to learn how to do it yourself or whether you want us
to do it for you we got you but don’t cut off because you can literally in a
month from now be the biggest trial agency in your city somebody will
there’s watching this right now talk to you guys later

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