Unique Japanese Street Food tour in Kamakura (鎌倉) + Travel Guide | Tokyo Day Trip

Alright guys so it is time for another day
trip. Today we have left Tokyo behind and come to
Kamakura (鎌倉). Which is a coastal town about 1 hour south
of Tokyo. We hoped on the Shonan-Shinjuku line (湘南新宿ライン)
and paid 920 Yen to get here. Also this place is known as the Kyoto of the
East because you have a whole bunch of temples to visit. So our plan today is to temple hop and also
enjoy lots of street food. So we are currently walking down Komachi Street
and this is the place to enjoy street food. However it is still a little bit early in
the day. It is just past 10 am and a lot of the shops
are just opening up and setting up there food stalls. So our plan of action is to go visit the temple
(Hasedera Temple – 長谷寺) at the end of this street and then we’ll come back with
an even bigger appetite and enjoy some street food here in Kamakura (鎌倉). So we have just entered our first temple and
this right behind me is the genpei pond. What do you think? Very lush. Look at how yeah it is like super lush right
in front of me. Also it is going to be a hot day today. Yeah it is. Man like it is so early in the morning and
we’re already struggling. I’m sweating bullets already like just non-stop
stream of sweat coming down my forehead. Argh. So it would appear this is a very popular
spot for school groups to come on field trips. Like so far most of the people visiting are
kids. It is like field trip central at the moment. Field trip central. Yeah. So
now I want to show you something that is super typical of Japanese temples and basically
just behind me like over my shoulder we’ve got this massive wall full of sake barrels. And basically these are offerings aside from
the barrels they also have some boxes and more sake so this behind me these are more
like modern offerings I would say. I don’t know about these older barrels if
they are actually empty or if they still hold sake but yeah that is a lot of alcohol. A lot of booze here at the temple. And this is where people come to tie their
prayers and wishes. So we just finished visiting that temple. We sure did we found a little shady reprieve
here off in the corner. Yeah. There is nobody around here. Yeah. It is kind of cool. And there is a museum in there that is 200
Yen. We’ve decided to save our money and we’re
going to spend that on street food instead. Yes. And that is where we are headed next. Indeed. Food time. I brought my appetite. And one custard. Sam. (Speaking Japanese) That is going to be so good. So we didn’t waste a single minute after visiting
the temple. We just hustled back to where we were earlier. The street that is just lined with street
food stands. So I found something that I’ve been wanting
to try. Since we arrived in Japan this is a mochi
ball stuffed with custard (いちご大福). With a strawberry on top. We haven’t seen it in a lot of markets but
I’ve seen it in a lot of videos and it just looks so delicious so I knew I had to order
one. This was 300 Yen and let’s just admire this
thing of beauty. It sure looks beautiful. Ho ho. Mmmm. Woah, that is a big bite. Oh wow. It is a monster bite. Wow. Is that good? That just oozes custard. Haha. Mmmm. Wow. I didn’t even get strawberry in there. Tasty times? That is better. Wow. Sweet too? This is amazing. This may be one of the favorite things I’ve
had at the street food market. This is so good. That is incredible. Well Sam was certainly a bit more adventurous
with his choice. Yeah, when I say this little omelette with
mini fish (whitebait – 釜揚げ)しらす) I’m like I’ve got to try this. This is one of the most visually interesting
pieces of Japanese street food I’ve ever seen. Yeah, and this was 250 Yen. Yeah, it sure was. Let’s see if it was worth it. Argh, let’s try that I’m just going to try
not to spill too much of it. That is my biggest concern. Mmmmm. Oh wow. What do you think? Well the first thing you notice when you bite
into it is that it is a really thick omelet so you have that taste of the omelette but
then as you start chewing it you start getting more of the fish taste. And to be honest the fish isn’t as strong
as I was expecting. I thought it would be a bit more crispy and
salty. But it is salty but it is not as salty and
crispy as I had expected but. Interesting. It tastes good like I’m definitely getting
my protein this morning. One apple cinnamon. Thank you. Thank you. (Speaking Japanese) Okay so Sam wasted no time finding his next
snack. Same vendor. Same vendor. As we were walking to the temple I noticed
this. I’m like Audrey when we come back I’ve got
to try it. And this is the Taiyaki (鯛焼き). It is the fish shaped pastry if you take a
look down here. Yeah. Yeah. This one is a different flavor. That is what I noticed. So this one has apple and cinnamon and the
other interesting aspect of it too is that it is not completely cut out. You can see that there is an outer layer here. To where the fish is. And it is a different batter. For the taiyaki it is more like a pancake
of waffle batter. This is more way more flaky and crispy. That is the word. I can just tell in my hands already. So yeah it is a twist on the Taiyaki. It is time to try that bad boy. I’m taking a huge bite. I hope to get some of the filling. Mmmm. Oh wow that is so different from any of the
other ones I’ve had. Yeah? I think most of the filling is still in the
middle. I only got a little bit. I’m actually tasting mostly the crispiness
of the outer batter I guess you could say. Oh okay. So I prefer the to be honest I prefer the
original Taiyaki more than this particular style. Because it has more filling? It has more filling and it is just I don’t
like the crispiness of this one as much to be honest. No? No. Nope. It is a little too toasted. A little too toasted. Yeah. Does it taste a bit like pie? It kind of looks like a pie crust. That is a great way of explaining it. It does taste like the pie crust. Like a kind of the burnt pie crust. Hahaha. 250. (Speaking Japanese) Oh wow. Jelly. Woah. That looks so cool. Soy bean powder. Argh. Yes. Oh. Very soft. Very soft. I opened please open left hand. Babies skin. Baby skin. Hahaha. Thank you. (Speaking Japanese) Well we found the coolest vendor so far. We sure did. What a colorful character. He demonstrated the preparation and everything. This is awesome. So we have no clue what it is called. That is the only problem. It kind of looks like jelly (Warabimochi – 蕨餅). Yeah. It moves around. Yeah. He did tell us it is coated in soy bean powder. Right. So we paid 250 Yen for this one. Yep. It looks like it is going to be a nice little
dessert. And yeah it jiggles. It jiggles. He said soft like baby skin. Yep. And yes it kind of does feel like a baby there. Hahaha. First bite guys. Woah. Mmmmm. How is that? Oh wow. Does it taste like honey? No. No? No but it is like halfway between mochi and
jello. Oh. So it is more jiggly than normal. It is mochi. Yeah like mochi tends to be a lot heavier. Right. Like a heavier sticky glutinous rice paste
almost. Yeah. Yeah. Um but this moves and it just feels a lot
lighter. Wow. Even in your mouth it kind of like dissolves
and melts quicker. It is interesting. That is fascinating. Yep. But it is not super sweet. I was expecting it to be a lot sweeter. Mmmhmm. It almost looks like it should taste like
honey just based on the color. Yeah yeah. But it doesn’t. It doesn’t. Interesting. (Speaking Japanese) So this place where we are getting the ice
cream specializes in all things sesame. It is called the flattering gold sesame Audrey. It is. I hope it tastes flattering. (Speaking Japanese) It is ice cream time. It is ice cream time. I’ve been waiting to try some unique flavors. Yes. This is about as unique as it gets. Black sesame with soy milk (黒ゴマのアイスクリーム). Yes. And they’ve even put sesame sprinkles all
over it. Yes. This place specializes in all things sesame. Oh la lah. And this one came to 380 Yen. Mmmm. How is that? Oh that is so so good. Really? It is so rich. It has a more sesame flavor that it does like
ice cream. Wow. And it is so thick. The thickest ice cream I’ve ever had. I can describe it as feeling a lot heavier
and less refreshing than normal ice cream but I like the richness of the taste. Interesting. It is really really interesting. And you know what? They also had some other weird flavors. I know. One of them was a white fish. Whitebait. Which is a tiny white fish you had on top
of the omelette. Yeah. It is an ice cream flavor. Already had that on the omelet. I’m not going to try that for the ice cream. I don’t want to ruin my relationship with
ice cream. I know. That could ruin ice cream forever. Yeah. Forever. Guys we’ve been trying to figure out what
kind of souvenirs we’re going to get from Japan. And we haven’t bought anything. Chopsticks. Wooden spoons. Finally we’re going to. Wooden knife. For the future home. Future home! That is coming up. That is coming up someday. Alright time for another snack. And we’ve actually popped into the shop where
there is AC and like little stools. So this is wonderful. It is so hot outside. It is wonderful. So this again no idea what it is called because
no English signs. But it kind of like from the photo it looked
like maybe mashed potato (cheese korokke – コロッケ). Yeah kind of like a croquette maybe with cheese. So it looks like it fried Japanese croquette. Crispy on the outside. Yep. And I ordered the cheese kind. And this was 180 Yen so yeah I’ve got high
hopes for this. First bite. Mmmm. What do you think? Oh yeah. Wow. It is kind of like mashed potato with cheese. Woah. Mmmhmm. That is good. That almost needs a bit of ketchup let me
tell you. It would go good with some salsa. Some dip. Mmmm. Pleasantly surprised. Okay and for dessert still at the same shop
we got some ice cream. This one is purple potato. Purple sweet potato. Purple sweet potato and matcha (抹茶アイスクリーム). So you can see the two colors mixed together. And I paid 350 Yen. Yes. Or was it 380. 350. 350. There we go and it is melting fast so let’s
dig in. Mmmmm. Is it good? Mmmm. What do you taste more? I mostly taste matcha so far so let’s see
what the purple is all about. I’ve got to say the purple potato doesn’t
have a strong flavor to it. No? I could be anything. It is dominated by the matcha. Dominated by matcha. Matcha is way stronger. Matcha for the win. Hahaha. But yeah super refreshing and they have a
whole bunch of other flavors. Yeah. Like soda. There is a special type of strawberry as well
that is kind of like white in color. Yep. So yeah you can get creative over there. So update. We had our food and we are now on our way
to go see the Great Buddha (鎌倉大仏 – Kamakura Daibutsu). So basically we walked back to the train station. Kamakura station and we got on the Enoshima
line and it was three stops over to Hasey. We got off there. The train was so crowded. It was super packed. Um but anyways we’ve just got off and now
we are walking towards the Buddha. Towards the mountains. That is going to be our next temple. What are using to cool down. Oh my gosh. Our tickets. Made it. Made it. We are seriously like drenched in sweat right
now. It is kind of gross. But anyways we’ve reached the temple. It was 200 Yen person to enter. Also they had a really funny sign right as
you are buying your tickets. It says No Pokemon Go here! Like I know that game was really popular for
a while maybe it still is. Is it? Yeah, I remember hearing about that a few
years ago. Yeah. And then I remember like last time we were
in Singapore there we like masses of people like running places and what is going on? Why is everyone on their phones. It was like Pokemon Go Central. So there must be a Pokemon in the temple. And you can’t catch it here. Alright so we saw the Buddha. That is the second tallest Buddha in Japan. We saw the tallest one in Nara. Yeah. What did you think? I thought it was massive. I think the only bigger Buddha that I’ve ever
seen was the one in Hong Kong. Do you remember the Tian Tan Buddha? Oh yeah. Yeah that was huge. But this thing is a behemoth. It is definitely worth checking out for sure. Also you can pay 200 Yen to go inside the
statue but on a day like today with this heat. Like what is that like cast iron. Imagine being in there? No thanks. No thanks. No thanks. Hot enough outside as it is. We are enjoying a relatively quiet escape
because a lot of the kids are eating their lunch. You can probably hear them in the background. But yeah it is just nice and lush and shaded
over here. I’m really learning to appreciate shade in
Japan in the summertime. Like the heat here is like Southeast Asia
heat. It is super humid and I wasn’t quite expecting
that. Okay so it is time for our last temple. We are currently visiting Hasedera Temple
(長谷寺). And we paid 300 Yen per person. Also because it is June and hydrangeas are
in bloom they gave us this special ticket. It is a numbered ticket. So basically I guess you line up and you can
walk along the path and enjoy the beautiful flowers in bloom. So we’ll try that if it is not looking too
crowded. Alright guys so we are now going into the
tiny tunnel. I can’t even stand up straight. Oh my gosh. So yeah this is super interesting. I was not expecting this at all. So in the first part of the cave you had like
these massive stone carvings. And then we walked through a tiny little tunnel
and here we have more like little niches um with smaller smaller statues and it is also
a wet cave. There is like water dripping everywhere. Woah. Sam is struggling. He’s like hobbled over. Woah. There is more. There is another cave here. And there we have the exit. Oh my gosh. Daylight again. That was cool. That was very unexpected. Well well. It has been a long day. Well well we are heading home. It was a long day. Mostly because of the heat but we saw some
really cool temples. We ate some delicious street food. And yeah now we are going back to Tokyo. But if you are looking for a fun day trip
Kamakura (鎌倉) is certainly worth it.


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