oh hi! how are you doing? I’m doing good
did you have a nice September break? I did! I visited some very interesting places. Oh, really?!
what places did you visit? Well, first I went to Huerquehue park, and that was kind of an adventure, I got a ticket by bus from Temuco to Villarrica and then
I got another ticket from Villarrica to Pucon. and then another bus ticket from Pucon to Huerquehue park. wow you’re an expert in buses now. Sure I am! but the best
happened when I was hiking in the park or really ?! tell me what happened! I think I saw a lion . No!
are you kidding? no I’m serious! I saw a big animal walking in the woods he looked at
me and then jumped I was so scared that I thought he will be running after me
and what did he do? he jumped but I think he was chasing a rabbit or
something like that at that moment a park ranger was coming and he saw me
and he asked me if there was any problem and I told him about the lion. And what did he say?! Well
he said that sometimes lions were around when they were very hungry but they didn’t eat
any human. So, did you continue hiking after that?! no, I just waited for some other tourists and walked with them because I didn’t want to walk on my own well I see so the lion will eat others first. yeah! right!

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