University of Minnesota Duluth: Take a Tour!

Welcome to the University of Minnesota Duluth. Today we’ll take a quick walk through campus and show you the how, why…and especially where UMD Bulldogs get it done. Are you ready? Let’s go! Kirby Student Center is home to the newly remodeled Kirby Student Lounge, where UMD students gather to talk, study and relax. The first floor includes the Welcome Desk as well as offices of many student organizations, from UMD’s Greek Life to UMD’s student paper, The Statesman. Located on the second floor of the Kirby Student Center is UMD’s Multicultural Center. The MC supports programs as well as promoting appreciation and awareness of an inclusive community. It houses 13 student organizations and any UMD student can be a member. The Library has four floors, 750,000 volumes, 206,000 e-books and 55,000 e-periodicals. The best part? The library has access to all five U of M schools’ libraries through the inter-library loan. Some of the Library’s most used resources are the Writer’s Workshop, which provides one-on-one help for anyone looking to become a better writer; and the Learning Commons, where students can receive free tutoring by approximately 100 peer tutors. UMD’s Sports & Health Center features an indoor ice rink, indoor track, six-lane pool, two indoor climbing walls, gymnasium and group fitness classes. The Labovitz School of Business and Economics building is the hub for business majors at UMD. Speaking of business, in our Wells Fargo Financial Markets Lab, students have built and maintained a fund of more than $1 million, called the Bulldog Fund, LLC. Not bad for a scrappy band of Bulldogs! The Swenson Science building is one of several architectural marvels here on campus. And it’s also home to several majors that reside within the Swenson College of Science and Engineering. The spiral staircase casts the shadow of a double helix, and get this: Swenson is built so that from the outside the building resembles a ship coming into harbor. It’s also another favorite places study and gather on campus. We’re in Ordean Court, also known as the “Arts Triangle.” Behind me we have Marshall Performing Arts Center, where we have six stage productions every year. Over there we have the famed Weber Music Hall, and on my right we have the Tweed Museum of Art. Grabbing a quick bite to eat is super easy at UMD. With the newly renovated state-of-the-art student dining center there’s tons of awesome options… including fresh fruit, make-and-take sandwiches, and get this: even a Mongolian Grill. Not to mention a full food court, a coffee shop, and a sit-in restaurant. One of the buildings that houses are College of Education & Human Service Professions, Bohannon Hall has one of the largest lecture halls here on campus. However 83% of classes here at UMD do have 50 or fewer students. Cina Hall is home to a number of departments, including many College of Liberal Arts majors, along with the Department of American Indian Studies. Two major centers: The Center for Crime and Justice Studies and The Center for Social Research also reside there. Cina is located in between the Tweed Museum and Kirby Plaza. A variety of furnished housing options are available at UMD to suit different lifestyles and needs of students. About 1,800 students live in UMD’s traditional residence halls, and another 1,100 live in the on-campus apartment style units. So, there’s some thing her for just about everyone. You can rent ALL types of equipment, such as canoes, bikes, ice skates, kickball sets and more. Malosky Stadium. Griggs Field. Home of UMD football, soccer and track and field… …and numerous intramural sports. Athletic events at UMD are super fun, whether it’s a game here at Malosky Stadium, a hockey game down at Amsoil Arena, or men’s & women’s basketball or volleyball at Romano Gym. It’s always a great time. UMD is located one of the coolest cities the Midwest: Duluth. Lake Superior is just a few blocks away from campus there’s miles of bike trails and shoreline just outside of the city. And we have a nightlife that rivals much larger towns. Yeah. We have it pretty good here. Thanks for walking along with us as we’ve shown you the ins and outs, the ups and downs and lefts and rights of the University of Minnesota Duluth. There’s a lot going on here, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Come see us person, we’d love to show you around.

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