University of Washington Campus Tour

[music]>>If one place could have it all, it’s Seattle. [music]>>And right in the middle of the Emerald City,
50,000 students attend the University of Washington.>>Welcome to the University of Washington. [motorcycle revs]>>I love this University! Anyway, I only
got about two minutes and 20 seconds to show you around, so let’s get started. [cheering and music] First of all, the campus is gorgeous. Eventually you’ll run into everyone you know
in the Liberal Arts Quad. Especially in the spring when our famous cherry trees are in
bloom. And all across campus, you’ll see 150 years
of great architectural design. This is Suzzallo Library. It was built to
be the heart of the University and students love the reading room. It’s really ornate.>>Shhh!>>…and kind of quiet. Anyway, lots to see.
Let’s get going. [music and siren] It’s a beautiful day to save lives. And our
world-changing medical research helps make that happen. Your doctor might be a Husky too. The UW School
of Medicine is #1 in the country for primary care physicians. And when Huskies aren’t curing
diseases, they’re solving the World’s other problems. [music and waves]>>See here how the angles diverge a lot at
the end. [music]>>Give me a default gateway please Bryan.>>Researchers in the College of Education
are revitalizing the Head Start Program to give all kids a shot at college some day. Where they might learn to become visionary
leaders here at UW’s Foster School of Business. Or become creative media geniuses. And FYI… [music] great things happen on UW’s Bothell and Tacoma
campuses as well. This is our mascot Dubs…as in Huskies. Anyway,
we’re almost out of time so before we go, I wanna say… [motorcycle horn honking]>>Go Huskies!>>Go Huskies! [audience cheering and music]


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