Hi guys. Welcome back to my channel. Today’s
video is an unpack with me. I thought I would share with you our routine, as soon as we
get home from vacation, and how I unpack and wash everything.
So, we’ve just been away for a week in Cyprus. If you haven’t seen that blog, I will link
it down below, but I thought I’d share with you the not so glamorous side of going away
as well. What I do is, as soon as we get some from holiday, I unpack, wash everything, and
get it put away, all within 24 hours. That is because, if I don’t do it immediately,
I don’t do it for weeks, and it just sits there, and it starts to smell, and it’s a
nightmare. So I hope you enjoy this video. This is all
the luggage that we took, and I’m just going to start unpacking.
So first things first, I’m going to get on laundry load one, and this suitcase is full
of dirty clothes. Whenever we go away, I take these white mesh bags with us, so that as
soon as we have dirty clothes, we can divide them up into those. So I have one for colors,
one for darks, and then I have one little small pile of whites, and then I even have
a pile of pinks as well. So the first load that I’m going to put on
is a color load. So I’m going to put in some laundry detergent, I’m also going to put some
Unstoppables in, because they make it smell a lot better, and these clothes have been
sat around for a whole week. I’m also going to put in a color catcher as well. So that
is load one. I also found my hotel room key in this load, sorry hotel. But that is number
one. So while that first load of laundry is on,
I’m going to start emptying out the boys’ carry-on cases. Depending on what is in here,
I will actually keep it aside, and sometimes just put it straight back in for the next
time that we travel. So things like their headphones for traveling, UNO, Double, games
that they like to play, I will tend to just put them straight back into the cases for
the next time that we go away. Now that they’re empty, I’m going to put them into the garage.
Next up, I’m going to tackle the other cases. These are supposed to be clean cases, but
inevitably a few dirty items will creep in. Like those trousers need to be washed, so
I chucked them into the pink pile of washing. But mostly, I would just make piles for each
child, also a pile of shoes that needs to all go away. Then things like the pool toys,
I will make sure they’re completely dried out, and then I’ll actually just put them
back into the suitcase again for the next time we travel.
Similarly, with the swimming nappies, I’ll probably just chuck them back in as well,
because I know that we’ll need them next time. As you can see, I’ve got a little helper.
He’s super clingy and tired from our travels. But once that’s empty, I’m going to put that
case into the other case, and that can all go into the garage as well. There’s a few
bits like snacks and Cheerios that we’ve taken away with us, that just needs to be put away,
and then a bit of Tupperware and bowls that needs to be washed as well.
Now that that suitcase is in some kind of order, and there’s a pile for each person,
I’m going to take these upstairs, and just get them into the right room. This just frees
up some space downstairs, I won’t actually put all this away until the end. But I’m putting
a pile in Jackson’s room, this is Caleb’s one, and then this is Fraser’s as well. Of
course, I will add to this, and I’m also going to put all of the shoes away. Most of these
can go straight into our storage, because it actually is spring and summer now in the
UK, so we are actually using these and wearing these now. But if not, I would these up into
storage. But next up, that first load of laundry is
done, so now I’m going to put on a load of whites. I’ve actually grabbed the laundry
basket from upstairs, because there were also some sheets, and I’m sneakily stealing Jackson’s
precious blankets. This is so hard to get off of him, but I definitely need to wash
it. We haven’t washed it for the whole week. So I’m going to take all of the colors out,
and separate them into what needs to go on the line. There’s just a few bits that go
in the tumble dryer, but most of this is swim wear and half tans, and really thin clothes
that need to just be dried on the line. But for the whites, I’m also using a little
brilliant white sheet. These are similar to the color catcher, but specifically for whites.
So I’m going to put that in, I’m also going to put in our laundry detergent, of course.
Once that’s on, I’m going to hang out the clothes outside on this clothes horse. I would
sometimes put it on the line, but the boys have been outside playing football today.
So, just so that it’s out of the way, I’m going to put it onto this. There is also quite
a lot of laundry, as you can see, so it’s probably best that I put some on here, and
then I can also use the line a bit later on. Now that that second load of laundry is on,
I’m going to move onto the last two suitcases. So this one is full of quite random things.
I’m adding quite a few things to the laundry pile, so there’s a few dirty bits in there.
But we also weighed this one down with our toiletries and our sun cream. There’s random
toys in there, as you can see, lots more bath toys, football boots. Pretty random, but also
not that full, so that one is done. Then I’m going to take my suitcase upstairs
to our bedroom, because it’s full of things that I didn’t wear, or I only wore for a morning,
and I feel like it’s still clean enough to just put straight away. So I’m just going
to sort through putting some bits away, sorting out my dresses, what needs to be hung up,
what can actually go under our bed into storage, and just put everything away.
Once the white wash is done, I’m going to shift things around in the laundry room, take
anything out of the tumble dryer that is now clean, sort through the whites of what needs
to be hung out on the line, which is actually pretty much everything. Then I’m also going
to put on a load of darks. So for this, I’m using the washing detergent, also a color
catcher, and the Unstoppables. I’m going to hang the whites out on the proper clothes
line. We have these retractable ones, which are
really handy. But they can sometimes get in the way when the kids want to play in the
garden. So at the moment they’re not, they’re just chilling, they’re really tired from traveling.
But sometimes they come out, and they get involved, and they get things off the line,
so it’s not always ideal. Right, so it’s day two of unpacking. Yesterday
we only really had half a day to get on with laundry and unpacking, and we also had all
the kids at home. Today, the kids are back at school, so I’m going to tackle this, and
I’m going to get it all done. Last night, Matt as well, put on another load of laundry
late at night, I think that was our fourth load, and it was another dark wash. So today
I’m hoping to get about three more loads done, and lots of folding and putting away.
Yeah, so this is the current situation. Today there is laundry actually clean and hanging
on every part that you could actually have laundry, also outside, and on the clothes
horse. But I need to get on and do a pink wash, also need to do another light wash.
I also need to do a wash of their brand new pajamas, they’re all striped, obviously brand
new with dark stripes and white. So I’m going to wash them on a really cool wash. So I’m
going to do them separately. So much folding and actually putting away
to do, because this is all actually clean, I just haven’t got round to folding it.
Yeah, so first thing this morning I’m going to do the pink wash, as I mentioned. There’s
not loads of this, so I’m just going to use a little bit of washing detergent for this.
Then once that’s on, I’m going to take a few things out of the tumble dryer that were in
our dark wash last night, and then I’m going to get on with folding all of the clean clothes.
Because the kids are all at school, I’m actually going to really enjoy this. I’m just going
to make a big pile of all the clean stuff, have a cup of tea. I’m either going to listen
to music, or I also love to listen to podcasts, or motivational audio books while I do things
like this. I actually find it quite therapeutic. So, I’m going to fold the laundry, and I’m
going to enjoy it. I also thought I would show you this. This
is the color catcher within the clean clothes. So as you can see, there’s a bit of maroon,
a bit of gray. The idea of using these, is that it catches the running colors and stops
your clothes from graying. But once I’ve folded most of the laundry, I tend to save the socks
for the end. I don’t know if anyone else does this, but I’ll just make a pile of socks,
and then wait till the very end to pair them all up. Even when I do that, there’s a few
strays. But once the pink load of laundry is done,
I’ll just sort through that. Then in typical UK style, it started to rain when some of
the dark washing was outside, so I’ve just quickly run out, and like panic, grabbed everything,
and I’ll have to find a place to hang that inside. Then I’ve brought the clothes horse
in to put all of the pinks on. Now that I have everyone’s clothes into their
piles, one for each child, and me and Matt, I’m going to take them all upstairs. I stupidly
let film me, and I told him not to film my butt. [inaudible 00:10:33] Look at the side of that booty.
At least Caleb made his bed. That is making it for him.
Honestly, you just can’t get the help these days. But now I’m just going to put their
clothes into the right rooms, go back downstairs and get mine, Matt’s and Fraser’s. I really
need to get some kind of big washing basket, because I always see how much I can carry,
and sometimes I drop things. But I’m just going to put this into my room, and then into
Fraser’s room as well. Then I’m actually going to start putting things away.
So, in Caleb’s room, you can see he’s got a broken drawer, things are busting at the
seams. He has so many hand-me-downs, I probably do need to do a big sort out of his room,
but I’m going to start putting his things away. Then while I am, I notice that the color
load downstairs is done, so I’m going to run down, sort that out, and then put on load
number seven, I think it must be. So these are all whites, and there are some sheets
within it, because before we go away, I like to change the beds, so that when we come home,
it’s like we have all these lovely clean bed clothes.
So, now that that one is done, I’m going to put on the final load of laundry. This is,
I think is load eight. I’ve completely lost count. But that sounds about right, because
I normally do a load of laundry a day at home. So if we had seven or eight loads while we’re
away, that would probably work out about right to what we do at home anyway.
Now I’m just going to get on with actually putting everything away. This is actually
where I fall down the most. I find it okay getting things washed and getting things put
into the right rooms, but the actual putting away bit is probably where I slack a little
bit. So I’m not doing that today, I’m just going to go ahead and get it all put away
into the right place as fast as I can. Once most of the clothes have been put away,
I’m going to start putting away our toiletries, because I also find if I don’t put these away
straight away, they will just sit in their [inaudible 00:13:44] cases for ages. Once
all of that’s done, it’s time to just fold up all of the last bits of laundry. So the
boys’ new little pajamas that I washed, they came out really well, so I’m glad that I washed
them on the cold wash. Then the last of lot of colors as well. There
are just a few other bits that are hanging on the clothes horse, and they weren’t actually
dry until right at the end of the day. So once they were, I just took that off, folded
all of that, and that is it. I’m finally done. I think that was just slightly over 24 hours.
But, pretty much all the way within a day, and I’m so glad that we could just go back
to normal now. I hope you enjoyed this video. I know it’s
a different one for me. But if you’re new, please subscribe, because I would love to
have you as a viewer. Thanks so much for watching.


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