police is coming haha hey guys what’s up and welcome in Hamburg Germany good weather and today is the day, we are going on a urban downhill Mtb street tour again max is with me on his dirt jumper, I am on the soul fire dh bike lets search for some spots in Hamburg, lets go thought it will lead straight down so good to cruise on the dh bike big suspension feels good we are now in Hamburg Altona bomb to flat i am going to send some stairs max is out, he doesn’t like to ride em on his hardtail oh there was a lot of glass 187 ink get tatted dude every wall full of graffiti tags welcome to the Kiez the infamous Davidswache watch out bikers lets do a suspension check should we send it? am i fitting nothing going on in here just one dude in here you have the choice max there are some stairs huge boats over there is a dope bank feature max saw this bank. I will do a crank flip max a bar here is a dope set of stairs, no people aswell it was so crowded at the harbor its slightly hipped which makes it hard whatever life short stunt it lets climb up lets do the ninja bomb lets do a manual cut this part is beautiful yo what’s up tv production looking fancy just found another stair set max is getting the shot. I am sending it thanks for filming lets move on lets check two clips I have got on the dirt jump bike the other day before meeting up with a bunch of people two people are with us the rest is waiting over there yooo sorry, we are a couple of minutes late do you think we can ride down there nah we just got kicked out by security don’t know how many people came out, I guess 50 or even 60 hamburg is lit so unfortunately we can’t ride down these 100+ stairs as they were already got kicked out so lets mob the streets street tour Hamburg with all those guys look at all of those people can you stay on the side please two guys want to jump it aswell this guy just saved me my zip ties ripped but he has some new ones, thanks dude its made for flat bomb tricks lets do a crank flip bomb it oh there is the police i am going to surpass our whole mob now people everywhere ist that pretty dude we almost collided haha that’s it street tour Hamburg is a wrap thanks to everybody who came out life short stunt it” please leave a like and subscribe to the channel if you haven’t yet and let me know in the comments where to go next thanks for watching! you guys are the best, peace!

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