USask Science Library Welcome Tour

Welcome to the Science Library. Where is it? It’s in the Geology Building. Find the T-Rex and you’re there. Come on in! Our branch is filled with natural light and
some great views. The Science Library has four floors; two above
you and one below. There are individual study carrels, small
and large tables, and two group study rooms you can book online. The Science Library is designated as a “no
food library”, but covered drinks are OK, and it is a quiet space. If you want super quiet though, you can get
free ear plugs at the check-out desk. Most of our learning commons computers are
on the main floor. Once you have logged on using your NSID and
password, you will have access to a variety of software and printing options. Print reference books, geological maps, atlases,
and the latest issues of magazines and scholarly journals are all on the library’s main floor. Staff at the check out desk will help you
with everything from “Where is the stapler?”, adding credit to your printing account, loaning
you an extension cord for your laptop, to helping you with your research. They can also refer you to a science librarian
for more in depth research questions. Come on it, we are here to help!

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