User Tours in Moodle 3.2

User tours in Moodle 3.2 Administrators can create simple walkthroughs for newcomers to the site, highlight key areas and new features to teachers and students and share tours with the community. In this example a new student is being guided around a course as he clicks through the tour explanations appear. An administrator can create a new user tour from site administration, appearance, user tours. Note that Moodle community members have already contributed many tours in different languages. So before you create a new one, why not look in our user to a repository to see if you can use one and edited to suit your site. You can click on a tour to download it and then use the import option to bring it into your site. To start a new tour click on create new tour, give it a name and description and then add the URL of the page you want the tour to appear in. The help pop up gives you assistance with this and other settings and if you’re not sure, leave the settings as default. You can enable the tour later once you’ve finished making it. In tour filters you can choose the roles who will see the tour. Making sure roles apply in the place where your tour will display. You can choose the theme or themes the tour will display on. When the tour details are saved it’s time to create the various steps which will appear, as boxes, by clicking the tour name and then new step. Target type means where your step will display. You can choose from blocks, selector and middle of the page. Let’s choose middle of the page so we can first add a tour welcome message. The title and description can be written in English or other languages using the multilang filter. This time we’ll try a CSS selector. I’m using my browser’s developer tools and I’m clicking the area I want to link to. In this case, the left nav draw. I click inspect and then copy the selector. This is then pasted into the selector box and the title and content added as before. Once the user tour is ready, it can be enabled on the main user tour screen and when our new student logs into the course he will be offered the tour. He can move backwards and forwards in the steps and can end the tour if he wishes. He can reset the tour from the bottom of the screen. The administrator can force the tour to be reset for everyone as she needs to. Administrators can create walkthroughs to highlight interface features in Moodle 3.2


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