UW Campus Tour: West Campus Residence Halls

Hey Huskies, I’m Jackie!
I’m a tour guide here at u-dub, and today I want to show you around some west
campus residence halls starting with Maple Hall. Let’s go! This is the sixth floor of Maple Hall;
this is one of our typical hallways here on west campus residence halls and
there’s a lot to do here. Here we have our shared lounge on each and every
floor where you can cook, you can play games, you can watch TV with your friends;
anything you want to do, it feels like home. Welcome to Area 01. This is a place
on west campus that you can go to if you live here. They got lots of things to do:
you got shuffleboard right here, you got foosball in the back, even a pool table
back there. Down there we got ping-pong table. It’s
just like a fun place to hang out, so make sure you check this out. We’re at
the maker’s space in the heart of Area 01. This is the place to go to let your
creativity flow! We got the 3d printers over there, laser cutters over here and
also a soldering station over here as well. If you want to do something fun and
creative this is the place you should go. Have fun! This is the image lab right in
Area 01. Over here we have your personal home studio right here on campus.
We got our workstation here or you can edit your footage. Over here we also got
a green screen and all of these fancy lights. Pretty much whatever you need for
your digital needs. Check it out, it’s awesome. Hey, this is the sound lab here at Area 01 where you can unleash your musical creativity. We got drums,
we got keyboard, we even got a mixing station if you wanna you know mix
something cool up, so feel free to check that out. Don’t be afraid to bring your
bike on campus cuz we got lots of great indoor bike storage facilities just like
this one right in Maple Hall. Welcome to Local Point, which is one of our dining
halls here on west campus. There’s so many different options here; if you like
vegetarian food we got that, if you want burgers we got that here, pizza, even the
sandwich bar. We got it also make sure you check it out. Welcome to the District
Market, west campus’ closest grocery store. It’s actually built right into
Alder Hall, so it’s super close and you can use your dining account. I mean check
out all this great food so far, isn’t this awesome? Welcome to the fitness center
here on west campus. This is home to our best gym, so if you want to workout, you
want a study break or take some Zumba classes or yoga classes feel free to
check this place out. Hey, welcome to Lander Hall’s outdoor patio. This is just
a great spot if you want to get a breath of fresh air. Also, a lot of the residence
halls here have a similar space so it’s awesome and I love it, and I just want
to say this is my last stop. Thank you so much for joining me on this tour today.
Hopefully, one of the things we talked about will help you make a decision when
it comes to choosing a college, and remember purple and gold never gets old!
Go Dawgs! Woo!

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