Vacation 2015 Movie Review – Beyond The Trailer

Warner Bros is convinced – CONVINCED – that
this is going to be a huge hit! But clearly you’d like to watch some reviews first, and right now you’re watching Beyond The Trailer’s… Man, it’s hard to believe that this franchise
started out in the hands of John Hughes, who helped write the first three installments
and whose short story Vacation 58 started this whole crazy road trip in the first place.
But then again, comedy has changed quite a bit since the original film back in 1983 and,
because Hollywood is franchise crazy these days, the Vacation franchise must adapt. This
isn’t its first try though, as Warner Bros tried to revive the franchise back in 1997
with Vegas Vacation. So now, Chevy Chase is passing the station wagon keys to Ed Helms,
who will now try to drive the franchise as a grown up Rusty Griswold. Not a bad idea
to try and move beyond Chase, who certainly hasn’t endeared himself to comedy fans with
his difficult behavior over on cult hit Community, but is Helms really the best choice to replace
him? While Helms is part of The Hangover movies, he’s kind of like the Ringo of The Hangover
movies… In fact, Helms has never starred in a film, and MIGHT have killed the one show
he did end up starring on, The Office. But he’s got back up here! There’s Christina
Applegate as his wife, who’s had slightly better luck at the box office, as well as
Leslie Mann who recently graduated from Judd Apatow’s wife to comedy star with last year’s
The Other Woman. And of course there’s Chris Hemsworth, who’s really been driving audience
interest in this movie with his…uh…acting ability… Then here’s a promising sign!
Sony and Marvel have just hired John Francis Daley and Jonathan M Goldstein, the writer-directors
on this film, to script the new Spider-Man movie for 2017 – which Kevin Feige has said
he wants to have that John Hughes vibe. So are Daley and Goldstein the new John Hughes?! Wait! I thought that was John Green…?


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