Vacation Simulator – Launch Trailer – Owlchemy Labs

Welcome to the Vacation Simulator, Human! [classical music starts playing] Before we go on vacation, we need to make sure you look [RELAX]. The beach is the most efficient place to start. Listen to your inner [POWER SUPPLY]. Channel your inner animal, Human! I’d like to think we made a happy little memory here. The odds of not drowning are extremely [PRETTY GOOD]. Watch out! Hey! Whoa whoa whoa. What would corporate think if they saw this inefficiency? – I’ll take it from here.
– Aw, Efficiency Bot… The Bureau of Simulations requires [METRICS]. I figured out a way to measure vacation! There’s no time for being lackadaisical. This simulation requires efficient, measurable fun. [‘beep boop’ noise] I don’t think we’re seeing screen-to-screen on this one. Relax! That’s what vacations are all about. Human, let’s optimize our vacation to maximum [EFFICIENCY]. I’m not going to watch you ruin vacation! Wait a [NANOSECOND]!
Experiences are abstract, but metrics aren’t. Oh no! Did you forget to eat today? If you don’t take any pictures, does the forest really exist? [HASHTAG NO FILTER] [HASHTAG ADVENTURE] And that is how you vacation! Fantastic. I feel the energy of this work. It truly represents [WANDERLUST].

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