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Hi Cruisers, It’s Sheri from CruiseTipsTV
with a look at yet another low cost impulse buy. This little cutie is the Vacation Vault. One
of our favorite things about Cruising is hanging out at the beach. We just love running through
the surf, swimming and splashing in the ocean, but there’s always an uneasy feeling about
leaving our valuables on the beach when we are in the water. It’s unsettling to know
our cruise cards, phones and even spending money are at risk. So, that’s why I bought
this … oh, and I really love the color. Okay, I mostly bought it because I like the
color – the color and peace of mind. We bought this on Amazon, and it was a pretty
good value for under $20, but since we purchased it, we’ve noticed the price tends to fluctuate
quite a bit for some reason. The idea is you pack your valuables, like
your wallet, credit cards, phone, iPod etc., and then use this cable to lock it to something
difficult to move like a beach chair, or anything solid you can get the cable around. It’s
a good design, and seems to function well. But as much as I love it, I’m not sure it’s
practical for us. The main reason is – it’s size. I just don’t
think I’m going to want to give up that room in my suitcase. Sure I could jam it full
of socks or something, but I still feel like it will be taking up a lot of space. Another
concern I have is that it may draw attention to itself simply because it is a safe, a boldly-colored-beautiful-safe
….. on the beach ….it might make people wonder what treasures lie within it. The company, of course, makes no promises
about it being impenetrable, and there’s no doubt a determined baddie could make short
work of it. Realistically you have to look at this as a deterrent, and if that works
for you – and you can sacrifice room in your suitcase- then this is the impulse buy
for you. For us, even though I love the color, we’ll probably leave this cutie at home. That’s it for this episode, until next time
we’ll see you on the high seas. Pssst, Don’t forget to subscribe. Click
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