one more preston video before I leave this Sunday, he can do all, ,O, whatever i guess marty wants to take a video of me because he’s
leaving the honor of vacation be doing this sunday for like four days or
whatever it is yet and I’ll be probably just hanging out
having a friend over I do it’s not easy oh ok OK camera on me Oh how He the I hit the table, sorry,
well I going to fishing you with that without my friend this time ,because, my friend
is a jinx, o, whatever, my friend jinx, he jinx whatever!! I’m not jinxing yet he jinx
have better luck in the ocean when he’s going on a boat it’s gonna go fishing in
a boat so yes you’ll have a better chance with
that way yep but me and I’m gonna go later and the in
october to fishing engineer so will mine this Sunday, I going to sent barber, It over Las angels, LA and we send the night in hotel not my friend, my friend stay home. yeah i’ll be healthy and I can hear ya yet – My sitter and I catch a train go up LA and , we stay in hotel, and Monday we going on a boat, deep sea fishing and I finely going catch a fish my, my cousin very good fishermen so,, he got the money too, more money then me, so, he going to rent a boat and we going, fishing on Monday Sunday, we just going to hotel from train and Monday, we going fishing, OK. so you might see us there, god luck!! yes ya think ya okay see you then, have good time

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