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We are Luis and Andreia Our project is called Travel Inspire We lived in Germany for five years More exactly in the city of Ulm We had a stable and comfortable life. We lived on an appartment We had everything what a normal person wishes to have But we decided to change our path And we returned to Portugal because we wanted to do what we love the most, which is traveling. And since we’ve been in Germany we always traveled a lot, because we were on the center of Europe. So that was our choice Leave our lives in Germany and decide to bet everything on a trip We decided to have a Motorhome. The idea was always to convert a van, not buying a finished one. Then we started the process of the van conversion. We took about a month and a half to find the right van Then on January 2018 we’ve made the project and submitted to IMT (Portuguese Transport Authorities). On March 2018 we had our project approved and we started the conversion And that whole pro cess you can see on the videos of our channel Where we show everything, from the legislation to the conversion, insulation, wood work and everything we’ve done on the van. Together with this video we have some news We wrote an Ebook about the van conversion Our experience. Lots of people ask us about that. So we decided to write this Ebook which is available for selling on our website (as of now only in Portuguese). The book covers everything from the Legalization with the new law (Portugal) The whole conversion project, lots of photos The Ebook has almost 300 pages and it helps a lot on our trip. Because the value for which you purchase the book, helps us to travel The other news is that we have a new travel buddy Now we are three We found him in Vila Nova de Foz Côa During our trip. For those who don’t know, we are already traveling for five months And we found him on the middle of nowhere on the Douro region. We couldn’t find the owner so we ended up taking him with us His name is Nacho and he behaves very well. Exactly and he’s a good travel buddy. And we are very happy to have him with us. Let’s show you the final result of the van conversion Even for the people who have been following our conversion videos You’re going to see new things which you haven’t seen So let’s start with the Tour! Let’s start the Tour here in the front of the van We’ve made some modifications, like the division wall We removed the original division wall of the van And we’ve made our own division wall in wood cladding as well as with insulation on the inside So that there are no heat transfers Another modification that we’ve made was to change double passenger seat to a singular one So that we have free access to the back This is our door. We have a locking system which unlocks and gives access to the back. Here at the front we have some stuff that need to have quick access And that we have no space on the back to store them Like for example the water tank replacement We have it here so that we can easily switch Behind the seats on the corner we have the exterior seats If we want to put them outside Below the seats we also use it to store things We have here the water hose because it’s a thing that needs to be accessible so that we can fill the water tank We have also a small broom to clean the front and back of the van Because there’s always dirt on the floor Here below this seat, I have some shoes Sometimes we leave our shoes here. There’s here a carpet to prevent that the dirt goes to the back of the van. Here we have the division door which lets us access the front or back of the van Without needing to go outside There’s a locking system here as well as on the front Pulling here the handle we have the access to the front Here behind the curtain we have the water tanks On the top there’s the shower tank which provides water to the shower cabin Below we have the main water tank which provides water to the water tap Which lets us cook, do personal hygiene and wash the dishes Here we have the shower cabin, which is the part of the van that people are more curious about And let’s us take a shower Both the interior and the door are covered on water resistant PVC We have this rubbers around the door that prevent the water coming outside When we are driving, we put here our backpacks so that they aren’t loose on the van Here we have some hangers to put our coats On our van conversion videos they weren’t there, as they were later fixed Here we have the skylight which has the option of mosquito net And opaque net, which prevents light coming in and maintains a good temperature inside the van On this side is our bed It has 1,5m x 1,8m so Luis fits right on the limit And this space is also used as a living room Right next to it we have our shelf which is our biggest storage It’s also used as a pantry We have two clothing boxes This one is mine and this one is from Luis Inside the trapdoor we have another two boxes And we change clothes depending on the season Here’s our pantry where we mainly store our daily food On the kitchen cabinet we have another shelf with food But here is where it’s most accessible And on this box is where we have miscellaneous things that we throw there On this storage area we inserted these ropes which have hooks on each side And prevents that objects fall down Here we have a plate with our Project’s name It was made for us by a friend in Germany, before we came back to Portugal And here we have our fruit bag “Nacho!” “Now you give me attention, no one films!” On this same space of the shelf we have here a door Which is where we have our toilet It’s a portable toilet and it’s very easy and handy to use It only needs to be pushed outside And we installed here a base with wheels to be more easy to move around We also installed this elastic cord With a hook so that we can fix the toilet Because we noticed that it went outside when we we’re driving We installed the doors with magnets To be more easy On this side, we have three doors also fixed with magnets And on this area we have for example the garbage bin for the toilet paper Which we can’t use on the toilet We also have our shoe closet Where we store the shoes We use this boxes from IKEA to store And the last door is for the electric components Our electrical system is complex and we explain it all on the Ebook But basically we have three ways of charging our solar One way is from the main battery of the van Other way is from an adapter we have below the van through which we can connect to the electric external grid And the last one through the solar panels We have three solar panels, each one with 100W, semi flexible and they are glued to the roof of the van Our system has two voltages, 12V and 220V It’s always recommended using 12V because it uses energy directly from the battery We use 12V for the fridge, water pumps and water taps The 220V voltage is not so recommended to the van because we need an Inverter The Inverter drains energy from the battery, so we have every equipment that we can have in 12V Then we have the computers, the electric cooker and the cellphones that we can charge through the sockets that we installed on the van Here are these two displays that we fixed on the wall so that we can easily see them This one is to turn on the Inverter And here we can see the charge of the battery, if it’s full or empty This one is the solar display and we can see the amount of Watt and Ampere that our installation is producing And through these two displays we can see the energy consuption of the van And better manage what we are producing and using Also regarding storage spaces, we took advantage of this upper part Which is above the passenger cabin There’s this area that we call “Galinheiro” (Chicken House) and here we store things that are less accessible Except this box that we use very often. It has Tupperwares, glass bottles and our shopping bags This is our kitchen Recently we fixed these shelves To clear space on our pantry area Is where we put the spices and some bottles that we reuse with seeds, gravies, etc.. Here on the countertop we have our water sink We chose a small sink from IKEA We have vhere a drainer, also small so that it doesn’t take lots of space This is our tap, that if we want it can go up and down We rarely use that function Here is our electric cooker We chose an electric cooker because we didn’t want gas on the van. It’s an induction cooker On this part here we have two drawers And one cabinet with two shelves Inside this cabinet we have the sink’s residual water tank Which we need to regularly dump, because it’s a small tank We also have here the garbage bin On the bottom shelf is where we store some food, like milk, etc.. On the two drawers we needed to fix this locking system Because we found..well we already knew that while driving the drawers would come out, because they are very heavy But the old system didn’t worked, so we needed to install this one and it functions really well It only needs to be unlocked like this Here on the top drawer, we have our cutlery, kitchen towels, napkins, etc.. And on the bottom shelf we have all of our crockery, which is basically plates, glasses, pan On this side we have the kitchen extension That way we have more space on the kitchen, because when we’re cooking, there’s always lack of space So it’s really good to have this extension And we also use it to have our meals when the bed is mounted Here below the kitchen extension we have our fridge It’s a compressor fridge from Dometic Functions with 12V, totally electric It has lots of space as you can see Here there’s space to put bottles Two shelves and here a drawer below where we have our vegetables We reuse the plastic packages from the fruits and vegetables to organize the fridge Instead of buying acrylic fridge space organizers. This ones are really good Here we have the freezer, where we basically store corn and peas It’s the only thing that we freeze It has the ideal size for our needs We buy food once a week Here we have a small box for the eggs And that’s it Here’s our storage for the things that we don’t need daily The toolbox, camping equipment, shower tank.. and we inserted those things inside these boxes The shower tank is easy to take out It’s only moving that box out and it’s here. It has wheels and we need only to put it below the van and we can take a shower We also have some water bottles in case we need extra water for emergencies Here below we also have the fuse box of the 12V equipments And also a plywood plate with vents, so that our electric equipment can have some ventilation We installed these curtains which are opaque to protect from light and to prevent other people from looking inside Well, because it’s getting dark because now is the sunset We are going to turn on the lights We have here a light switch for these four lights And on the kitchen we have one more switch with the kitchen light and this one here, from the storage area This is our living room which is also a working space We have a relatively large table And has enough space for the two of us And now he’s coming up Here below we have space for Nacho As you can see, here we have a division We needed to do this division, because of the storage area Because when the table came down, it used to hit the storage area So this comes up, so that we can push down the table This feet is removable, because we can take it out and push down the table And this way we can push down the table, the feet we store below the seat, on the trapdoor We have four pillows that are joined together and form the bed And these two spaces are only storage Now we are going to show the trapdoor I’m only going to show from this side because basically they are the alike and it’s the same system Only taking out the pillows. We installed four hinges, so it opens like this Here we have the two clothing boxes, that I referred before So that we can change clothes as we need at that time It has also carpets that we normally use below the table Because the floor is normally cold Especially during the winter We have bed linen and this free space is to store the duvet when we undo the bed It fits a little bit smashed But it fits We also store the bed sheet and the pyjamas and everything is tidy When we’re not using them On the other side we basically store miscellaneous things A travel also has the laudry basket, which is a thing that occupies some space And that’s it Currently we’re travelling through Portugal It was always one of our goals, starting by knowing our Homeland And we’re from Lisbon, so we started from there on the beggining of this year We drove to Sagres, covering the whole coast Also the Algarve coast And then we went up from the countryside to the place where we are now, which is Serra da Freita, in Arouca After five months here we are and vanlife has been pratically everything we desired it would be The van enables us to travel to incredible places Through Portugal, which you can see on the Vlogs Traveling with a Van enables us to have lots of freedom For example, we are now on the mountains for two days without any stress, problems and worries We can spend here the amount of time that we want, without being dependent of anything Living on the van is like we’re at Home, we feel really good We don’t have concerns if we are safe or not It has been excellent on that regard We also travel on a very calm way, at our pace Without any hurries, because we have time to do that And that’s amazing So, this project will take about two to three years Our first trip is in Portugal, because we knew Germany better than Portugal Now we can’t say that anymore So the trip will continue through the north of Spain We’re going to pass by the coast of Spain, the north part of it And then enter in France and go to the rest of Europe Our goal is to work and travel at the same time Our work is Photography and Video The fact that we travel and get to know new places almost everyday, gives us new material to work on Now that the conversion ended, you still can follow our trip Through our channel. We do Vlogs We show a little bit of what is our life inside the van What is Vanlife..some tips Some misfortunes, because it happens a lot to us Nacho’s Vanlife.. Our channel and project have the aim to inspire people, not only to travel but also to change a little bit their lifestyle Like us, living a more minimalist lifestyle more Enjoying better our life Regardless of how it is Backpacking, lift or even with a campervan What is important is that you go out of your comfort zone And that you see the World outside Yes. You don’t need to be as extreme as we were. We left our old life and we are traveling full time But.. it’s enough during the weekends or holidays, being able to travel and get to know a little bit of the World. Yes, go out it’s the main thing We hope that you enjoyed our Van Tour and that you keep following us on our journey With some regret we are going to leave Portugal but we’re going to see incredible places And we have lots to show to you Don’t forget to follow us on our Social Networks Mainly on Instagram We are always available to get to know new people To speak with them.. So you can send a message, we are really open Don’t forget that on our Website is going to be available our Ebook (as of now only in Portuguese) About the Van conversion and the Legalization for those who are interested If you have any doubt, send an email or a message The Ebook will be in constant updating So if there’s any new subject that you want to see on the book, send a message Or if there’s anything that you want differently explained, we will modify it If you really liked this video, don’t forget to share it with your friends Also subscribe to our channel and put Like on the videos It’s really important for us that our channel grows Meanwhile we brought Nacho to say goodbye to you And well.. we’ll see you on the next video We hope you liked it Until the next time. Bye! “Oh my God, I’m so tired..”


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