VCAM(브이캠) EP.105_Behind of Europe Tour 2

Ziu – Hi I am Ziu, here is Budapest, Hungary~
大家好, 我是Ziu! 这里是布達佩斯, 匈牙利~ Let me show you the scenery outside~
给大家看看外面的风景~ Jacob – It’s so happening in Hungary today!
Didn’t expected so many fans coming~
今天匈牙利气氛很棒呢! 没想到会有这么多粉丝来看我们 Lou – I did an awesome job in Budapest! I break the ices with toothpick!!
我在布達佩斯干了件大事! 就是用牙签穿过了冰块!! Lou – This is ice. Have fun with it~
Opps, the ice drops… I step on it… and it’s recorded in VCAM~这是冰块. 拿去玩吧~
啊, 冰块掉了… 踩到了… 还被VCAM拍到了~ BaRon – If the slippers fly away~
拖鞋还踢飞了~ Lou – That’s Gwangan Bridge from Seoul~ (Joking)
那里是首尔的广安大桥~ (开玩笑) Jacob – It’s my home!
我们的家! St.Van – How good if I can spent my summer vacation here with my parents~
夏天和父母来旅行多好~ Ziu – It’s been a long time~
哇好久没来了~ St.Van – We are almost here!! So beautiful~
终于到了!! 真漂亮~ (Cheering with random strangers on the street)
(在街上和陌生人一起欢呼) St.Van – Wow~ So cool~
哇~ 真棒~ Ayno – What is this?
这是啥? Ace – Fans didn’t saw me when we arrived at France yesterday. They are searching and worried for me昨天我们刚到法国, 粉丝们看不到我所以都在找我, awww so cute~ I am actually resting in the hotel, so that I can perform my best today! Fighting! 还问我去了哪里, 真可爱.
其实我先到酒店里休息, 就是为了今天的演出. 加油! Ziu – Where are you from
你从哪来? Hey sweetie
小可爱~ Looks nice
好可爱呢~ Can I kiss you?
可以亲一个吗? Jacob – Muahz~ Kiss~~
唔~ 亲亲~~ Ziu – Too fast~ Slowly please~
太快了~ 慢点~ (Fighting)
(加油) (Ziu is checking out the fans secretly)
(在偷偷注视着粉丝的Ziu) Ziu – Can they see me? Maybe yes..?
他们看到我吗? 好像看到呢..? (Super loud respond from fans)


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