VCAM(브이캠) EP.106_Behind of Europe Tour 3

Ace – We will go up to the stage soon, must we play game?
I don’t want to play, let’s just fighting for the show!
都要上台了, 一定要玩游戏吗? 我不想玩啦, 上台前一起加油吧! Jacob – No~ Don’t~
不要~ 不要~ Ace – Lou, what you think?
Lou, 你觉得呢? Lou – About what?
Lou – 觉得啥? Ace – Play game right before up to the stage!
上台前玩游戏! Lou – That means you are a professional
专业的话就可以玩 Ace – Pro-gamer~ Pro-gamer~

专业玩家~ 专业玩家~ St.Van – Hi guys, we arrived at Lisbon.
There’s a restaurant right in front of our concert hall.
各位, 我们来到了里斯本. 我们表演的公演场对面有一间餐厅. They even have our picture there, did you guys saw that?
他们还挂上了我们的照片, 你们有看到吗? Ziu – Portugal Lisbon is a ocean capital.
I tried the seafood here, it’s so delicious!!
我试吃了这里的海鲜, 也太好吃了!! BaRon – Grilled scallops are sweet and the prawn is huge and juicy!!
烤干贝很甜, 而且虾又大又多肉呢! Lou – Guys, it’s Lisbon.
各位, 这里是里斯本. BaRon – Guys, we have a big news!
St.Van had an ulcer, first ulcer in his life!
各位, 我有个劲爆消息! St.Van嘴里长了口腔炎, 是他人生第一次呢! St.Van – No! Not this one…
我不要… BaRon – Our first Albothyl in life~

人生第一次擦口腔炎药Albothyl~ St.Van – It’s getting more painful..
怎么越来越痛啊.. BaRon – Hmmm~ Your reaction is not as good as expected~
反应不怎么样呢~ 真没趣~ Another tour is ended
又一个欧巡结束了 You know, we never knows when are we going to meet again after this Europe Tour
这次结束后什么时候能再见面呢? We might see each others in a short time, or a longer time. No one knows. So I really appreciated all fans and staffs we met here.
没人知道啊。也许很快能见面,也许要很久的时间。所以我真的特别感激在这里遇到的每一位粉丝和工作人员。 Anyway, we will work harder so do keep your eyes on us.

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