Veena’s Curryworld || How We Plan our Trips & Vacation || A Detailed Video Ep:327

Many had asked what did Veenachechi shop? Nothing much children. Just these. Some pencils, small spoons, serving bowls, like that small small things.. Bought few easter eggs to give our neighboring children. Wherever we go we collect lots of magnets from that place. Whichever country we go to we buy magnets of that place and take it home. I bought 2 gloves. They said its original leather. So I bought them. Then we had bought two more extra but it wasnt of good use. hahaa.. Then I had bought a chain for me.. Its somewhere here, cant find it now.. That’s all we bought.. just small things. Didn’t buy anything big. This is what you always say. Let people say seeing all this. They will understand seeing this. Is this how ladies shop when they go out? I am such a money saving wife for my husband! Hi.. Hi.. Hi.. say it once more…. Hi… say it properly.. Hi.. Hi.. Namaskar.. Its been many days since we have come in front of you. We did come in videos but not in an intro. What to say. Our trip has reached its end. Today is our last day. So like we has said in our Thailand video, many had asked some doubts. So I thought I shall share our experience with you.. Experiences, blunders and foolishness…. They have seen many of our blunders in our videos. Moreover they already have the feeling that I always end up doing blunders. So I dont have to say that.. So regarding the first doubt.. We had mentioned the same things in our Thailand video too. Those who havent seen it there can do here. How did you plan your trip? Was it through an agency? What were your expenses? Many questions like that.. We have never done it through an agency. We always do it alone. We do it through site.. Including the hotels. Its not a free trip. Even though he works for Emirates, we pay for our trips. Its easy to book through Especially when travelling with children, its difficult to join the group tour. We have to see the mood and matters of our children. They tell us to reach at at stop by a fixed time say 9 and we may have to walk a lot. They wont be as flexible like us. For eg: When they go to a church, they say the whole history of that. Sometimes it may take an hour or so. There might be many who would like to listen to the whole thing. But for us its difficult with children. This time we had gone with a group just one day. We were shocked to see Nandu walking along with them. He walked along with that uncle and listened to all he said. All that depends on the childs mood. Avi got bored that time.. Yeah Avi got bored and to be frank even I felt bored. I dont know much about history. Little and all we can listen but when it goes on for long we get bored. Thats what when we go as a family, when Nandu feels hungry, not only Nandu, any child. He becomes very stubborn. He himself doesnt know that he is feeling hungry. It might have been just 10 minutes after we left from a restaurant. He cries again. We would think he is simply getting cranky..but it would be his hunger. As they walk they begin to feel tired. So we spend lots of time to make them happy. We get into many restaurants a day. Actually half of the day goes with kids like that. So, this is how we plan our tour. We walk by ourselves and explore all that we see. When we reach a city, we may not cover all the parts of it. We travel as much as possible. Sometimes there wouldn’t be tram to all places. So we walk a lot. Where all there are trams, we use that. There are so many castles here but kids didn’t let us see much of them. They said they are not interested. What to do then. So we decide our trip accordingly. Now that’s our experience. Then as we see some castles, most of them look similar. Just some small variations. Those who find it interesting will like it. When you are coming or seeing it for the first time its awesome. True! The first place we visited in Europe was Rome. Rome is important for these. So after seeing those, rest all are just the smaller versions of them. The first experience is unbelievable. Visit to Rome was like going to wonderland.. That trip we enjoyed a lot. Moreover Nandu was very small. He wouldnt understand much. We didnt have much issues with Avi too. Now he is 13, his choices have changed as turned to a teenager. His likes of places to visit has changed. So overall its an adjustment now. Our main aim is to spend some time together as a family. Going to another country and adjusting according to however we can. We as a family together, its fun. When we enter a tram, we get to know that we are on the wrong route. Then we get back and again travel the correct route. This time its much better. First when we used to travel, we used to get to know we are lost after a long time. Then because we have google and Jan Joshy… I dont know anything.. Because of the technology we are able to manage all these. The map shows us where we are, where we are going, so we get to know the next stop is not ours. We then get down and change directions as needed. Before and all we had to ask people as we travel. Now you dont have to ask anybody. Now its like we are able to help people when they ask us any route. That too when we are at another place. With the help of Google. Same way many had asked me about hotel too. When we first went to Rome we used to stay in a small hotel. That didnt have kitchen and all. I used to take everything wherever I go. Even now I have all the things as I mentioned in my other video. But here since there is a kitchen, I didnt have to take those vessels here. I cooked in the vessels here. As usual, I make rice, eggs and store curd, pappad and pickle with me. I make sure kids have these well and only then we start our day. Then on the way we buy some doughnuts, cookies or croissants and keep them with us. Chips or so.. The staple food here is french fries. Here its french fries. Since I am a vegetarian I find it a bit tough for food. But when comparing with Thailand, I felt more comfortable here. Since we get grilled vegetables, potatoes, french fries and so, we could stay away from hunger. But there because it was fish sauce mostly, I couldn’t bear the smell out there. So its comfortable here for vegetarians. You get sandwiches here. Pizzas are available. So its manageable. Then, whichever hotel Veena goes, she cooks there! Yes, I bring out to my taste by adding sour and spice and eat it. That is all manageable by each ones likes. If you dont have any choice, ask for lemon wedges. You can sprinkle the lemon juice and make your own taste.. Here you don’t get chilli powder.. Yes you dont get chilli here. In Italy, they will give you chilli flakes. It will be there on the table for use. Here you dont have that. But still I think I could manage more this time. Then regarding the cold. We have been to many places. But its the first time we are coming to minus. Jan has gone to such places. I am first time experiencing -8deg, this cold and snow. We had come with the same gloves and stuffs like we travel with usually to cold places. But.. Your hands stiffen… Nothing could be dont with our hands. Cant say if its pain or ache. Its like how we hold ice for a long time. After some time you find it very difficult. Some had commented seeing our last video.. You get to buy hand warmers and so. But we still haven’t got them. Heard its available at Dubai. Should go and check it out. At decathlon.. They said you get it at decathlon. Should go and see. We checked out at some places here but didnt find it. The people here wouldn’t be needing it. The people born and brought up here would be knowing how to outcome all these. Gloves.. What? Its cold here.. Say.. So we experienced our hands situation in cold places. I am not coming to such places again.. This was kids choice. We had been to many cold places but there wasnt ice anywhere there. It used to be cold and reached -1 too. But we never got to see ice. Avi and Nandu wanted to see ice and experience it. When Jan checked out we got to find out this place. Like that we planned this trip. Instead of going to place where there is ice and just mountains and hills, I thought why not check out this place. We thought we shall go to a natural place where you get to see a lot. After 2 days it became sunny. So we could enjoy that too. If its only snow, its very boring.. Its an excitement in the beginning. Then it starts to get difficult. Then I understood that we are beginning to get old because out hands and legs started to ache.. I understood that we had to take care of our body. Went to the pharmacy here and bought medicines and creams to apply on our feet. Had to steam up ourselves.. So now we are ok. Now I am going to start going for walks because I have understood that my body is not adjusting to our needs. Our body is telling us.. not good Veenaaa…. So have to start doing exercises and yoga again. I’ve been telling this since long but still haven’t started. I am not getting time because of our videos… I am going to reduce the number of my videos to 2-3 a week. When it becomes frequently, I am not getting time for everything. So thats the matters here. Many had asked about our dresses. We dress up in layers because of the cold. When the forecast shows -6 it might change to -1 later. When we wear just one jacket we begin to feel hot later. And if you remove that you will feel cold. So when you travel to cold countries, its always good to wear layers of dresses. Wear a thermal wear inside, then a top or shirt and then a sweater on top. If you dress according to the climte of the country you are going it would be good for you. Isn’t it Jan? Yes… But even then we feel cold.. For Nandu, i made him wear a thermal wear inside, 2pants, same way on top a thermal and 2 baniyans on it. And two sweaters over that. When its for kids, we have to care more. Then regarding our ears. The most important parts we have to be careful about are our head, ears and feet. If we secure them, I don’t think we would fall ill. That’s what we have understood from our so far experiences. Especially for kids, make sure wind doesn’t enter their ears. Whichever climate it be, cover your ears, head and feet well. Wear socks. You get to buy thermal socks. Another issue kids have is when they wear thermal items, they began to feel irritated because its a tight wear. The main problem with Nandu is that he says itching after a while. I will have to scratch for him later. I know that situation because I feel the same. So I wear a normal socks and then wear the thermal socks over it. I felt it comfortable that way. Apply moisturizing creams and then wear thermal wears. I think we feel better that way. So that’s all about our dressings. I hope all your doubts are cleared. Planning is like we plan 2-3 trips a year. If possible we go. All that depends on Gods grace. Someone might fall ill. Not necessary to get leave. If everything works out fine, then we go. Should go home in July. What I am planning to say is where ever we go, including you, would take pics for our memories. Even we used to take photos only before. But from Thailand or the previous trip when I posted photos on fb, Many suggested anyways you have a video channel.Then it would be better for many to watch the videos. Everybody cant go to all the places. You could also see the places we visited. We also thought that was a good idea. Photos you later on forget. But videos can be watched anytime you want from youtube. When we become old grandparents, kids will be away from us… At that time it would be nice to watch these videos. That’s what we felt. Anyways we are shooting, so thought of sharing it with you people too. Many comment in different ways. That’s each ones likes. So that’s news from our side. Our trip ends today. We will be going back to Dubai today. Shall go back and enter my kitchen again and come back as the old Veena. Finding it difficult… Yes.. Thats there for everybody. After a tour its little hurting. Its like after you have finished your exams… I dont have anything like that.. I have…After a tour now back to the same routine. You will go to office, kids will go to school. That’s little hurting. Will be ok after few days. So shall see you later back in my kitchen. Shall come back with a good recipe. Easter is heading us. Dont forget to check out our old videos. Prepare them.. So tataa.. Bye… Many had asked how do you plan. It would be different when planning from different parts of the world. The travel arrangements, season and travel time would differ. So its easy to use this site Rome2rio. You can mention where you start from and where you would like to end at. Eg. Irinjalakuda, India to Prague When you search, you see the map. This is Irinjalakuda, India. On the way you have Dubai or Doha airport. Here they are showing flights from Cochin to Doha to Prague. Its shown Fly Kochi to Prague. If you click that option, You can change the currency to Indian Ruppe. This will show you all your expenses from Irinjalakuda to Prague. Irinjalakuda to Kochi by taxi 32mts, Kochi to Prague 12hours and 15mts by flight and then bus and subway options are shown. All are shown as public transports. When you show to Prague options, they show flight options. Timings of emirates. When you click on that you get to know the timings. You can got to that website and book your trip according to your dates and convenience. You can see the return fare. All this will give you an idea about your plan. After that you can move forward with your decisions. That’s regarding flight options. This is site. Here we research about Europe. I feel he is a good writer on this. We refer his books to know about Europe. He has written in detail about the places he has visited in Europe. We read that and decide the place according to our budget. When you go to famous places like Rome, France, Paris or London, its very expensive there. In Eastern European countries like Czech and Hungary, you get moderate or value for money hotels, stay and travel options. So we can choose as our choice. Visa is mostly Schengen visa to London and other European countries except UK. When you apply they have their own formalities. They specify their documentations. If we provide everything correctly, we can get the visa easily in 1-2 weeks. It would change according to each persons background too. Another site is That’s where we usually look and book our hotels. The main plus point about this site is that when we put in our credit card number and the dates of travel, There are many hotels where you don’t have to do immediate payment. When we give 2 adults and 2 children, age .. When we search that, we get popular filters, breakfast included, free cancellation. Free cancellation. The benefit of selecting hotels that have free cancellation is that its give pre payment not needed. When we go to the details of that hotel, we can see till how long we can hold our booking. We always book our hotels for the next 2-3 trips. Mostly we have changes. That’s why we book the free cancellation hotels. Here its given May 10th. We have time to cancel it free till May 10th. When we book the stay for May 14th, we have time till May 10th. We always book such hotels because we are able to change our plans. This might be little more expensive than the normal hotels. But the benefit is that with that small hike we are able to change our dates and plans. We are able to hold 2-3 hotel bookings this way. At the end of the month or time, by May 10th it will get automatically locked. Some make us pay the whole rate and some maybe for a night. We take that risk because we don’t loose any amount till then. That’s why we like There are many apps for weather. We mostly check Its a free app or website. When we click the place we are planning to travel to, it shows us the weather for the next few days too. Since Europe is in the Northern Hemisphere, the season is the same. When its hot in India its hot there too and cold at both the places. But still there are variations for the climate. When I searched Prague, it shows 3deg. today, then tonight, tomorrow… If we extend it we get to see the weather forecast further beyond too. Looking at that we can decide on the clothes to be carried for travel. How many warm clothes or normal ones. The main thing is that we have to check even 2 days before travelling. Europe is a place where climate can change anytime. It can snow or vary anytime. Its good to be prepared accordingly. Its better to take even if you dont have to use it. Especially when travelling with kids, shopping winter clothes after reaching the destination is very difficult. Some had asked how did we book our day trips. We had gone to the bone chapel with a tour group. We booked that through this website. They arranged it for us. When we tell them the city we are travelling to and the dates, they will show us the options and rate. We can book it here itself and we get this voucher. We can print it and show it to them. All these are arranged day trips. So thats all in it. We do lots of things with a small element of risk. Its only when you do it like that it has fun in it. Having everything arranged and someone doing everything for us isn’t so enjoying for us. After going to a place, managing ourselves and going for a day trip is what we like. Its more of a mixed tour. We do mostly all by our own. Due to the time limit, we select this as the better option. Even then we have felt bored many times. Its only Nandu who hasn’t felt much bored. Rest all felt a bit bored. Food isn’t according to our flexibility. We don’t prefer anything. But to experience something new all these are needed. Once in Italy, at Florence, we traveled in a small old fashioned top open car. He took us to a wine cellar. That drive and that trip was an awesome experience. Its to get to know such experiences, we make such trips. Otherwise we always use the public transport tickets. Most of the European countries have the 1day, 3day or 4day ticket options. You can use them in all the trams or train in that area. So then we don’t have to think about tickets. Once you buy one depending on how many days of travel, then its convenient. You don’t know when kids feel tired or when you will travel. Check the google map, at what time you have the next tram from a place to the other. Accordingly start your day or journey. Thats it. When you do it once or twice you will know that excitement. If you go to google map and click the place we stayed, Salvator superior apartments.. When you type that, they will show the place. If we say we want to go to Prague castle, they will ask to choose the starting point. When we click our apartment and click reverse starting point destination and type Prague castle, They will show us the way. They will show you the way and time to walk, or train, metro… The first option is the tram. 15 number tram When you click the details, it will show you walk 1 minute from the apartment to a place where you have to catch the 15 number tram. Once you get it. It will show you the number of stops. Get down at the 2nd stop walk for a minute, catch the next tram. 2 stops from there and then walk for 1 minute. Like that all the places can be visited with the help of google maps and public transport. Ayush, Our Prague trip is over. Right? Over. Back to Dubai. Back to normal life. Wasn’t it a good trip Ayush? Did you enjoy it? Very good. Athu is very happy. Fed the swans, played in the snow, swan bit him on his finger.. The swan bit you?.. Did it hurt you? His big wish was to play in the snow. That worked out. We took you to the swan in the morning and evening. You said you wanted to go twice to feed the pigeons. It looked like we came to Prague to feed the pigeons. Prague and Pravu.. Pra.. Pra…


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