VERIZON Jetpack UNLIMITED Data Review – New NO THROTTLE Verizon Hotspot

Hello everyone. This is Amber with Story Chasing, and have
you heard of the new Verizon Jetpack unlimited data plan that has no throttle, and you want
to know if it’s legit? Then watch this video for my review of the
new Verizon no-throttle prepaid plan and how you can easily get it set up. For more how-to’s on van life in North America
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bell so that you get notified every time I upload a video every Thursday. Alright, so you’ve heard of this new Verizon
Jetpack prepaid plan, and let’s be honest, us digital nomads have been waiting a very
long time for a plan like this. It’s something that we all talk about, and
something that’s been a much-needed thing for us as we travel around the world or travel
in our RVs. So, the good news is, I think it’s here, but
let’s check it out and find out. So, I’m going to give you all the details
on this plan, and I’m going to show you my speed test and my review, and make sure you
stay until the very end, because I’m going to show you how to easily set this up. And trust me, it was a little bit of a headache
for me. I had to talk to four different Verizon agents
to get this set up, and some of them didn’t even know that the plan actually existed. Some of ’em want you to set up a new account,
some say you can put it on your existing account if you already have a Verizon account. And, well, some of it was true and some of
it was not, and I finally got it all squared away, so I’m going to show you what I learned
through the process so that you can easily go in and talk to an agent and get this set
up for yourself. So, the details of this Verizon prepaid Jetpack
plan is this. So, it is truly unlimited. The old plans were also unlimited as well,
so this is still unlimited. Now, where this differs is the old plans,
like the one that I have on my Verizon plan, is throttled, where this one is not throttled. And so, there’s no cap on it which is good,
that’s a huge plus for all of us. The other thing is that it is $65 per
month if you prepay for it. It’s advertised on the website as $70,
but there’s a $5 discount if you prepay. This plan is for Jetpack, so if you have one
of these little devices, it’s a Jetpack from Verizon, this happens to be a MiFi and the
one that I’ve been using. So, here’s where the clincher is, and you
probably knew there would be one. So, it is network-managed. I talked to the representative to find out
exactly what that means. So, this is what the Verizon representative
told me about network management. There’s this tier of priorities. So, emergency vehicles like police and ambulances
or firefighters, they’re gonna get priority number one. So, they have the top tier. The second one is people who are post-paid,
which means you have a normal account and you don’t prepay for it, you just have a post-paid,
which is like the current plan that I’m on where I pay for my cell phone and I pay for
my hotspot as a different line on my plan, and that one is subject to the throttle. So, those have the second priority. The third priority is prepaid, which is what
this plan is. So, prepaid is at the bottom of the barrel. I don’t really know why they do that, it doesn’t
make sense. We’re all paying money into it, but that’s
how they network-manage. So, of course when the representative told
me this, I was a little bit concerned because I certainly don’t wanna be bottom of the barrel,
and there are a lot of people out there who have the regular post-paid accounts, and so
being at the bottom of the tier as a prepaid customer, I was concerned that the network
management was gonna be too much and it was gonna be as if I was throttled like on my
existing plan. I went ahead and decided to get the prepaid
account and go ahead and test it out so that I can find out if it’s going to be better
than my original account. Then, I can make some decisions on the original
hotspot that I have on my account already, and it’s still under contract. So, the big question here is does this plan
really work, and is it truly a no-throttle plan as they say? The short, general answer is ‘yes’. So far, it has been working really, really
well for me, except for one specific situation, and I’m going to get into that in a minute. But the short answer is, yes, so far in the
two weeks that I’ve had it, it’s worked really, really well. So I am pleased with that. I will say, I was very skeptical in the beginning
about it, which is why I wanted to test it and really kind of put it through its paces
by taking it to rural areas, to city areas, and testing it at different times of the day
to see what kind of speeds I was getting and when I would see that slow-down because of
the network management. So, the first thing that we did in order to
be able to test this is when I talked to the representative, we suspended my current, existing
hotspot account, which is attached to my cell phone plan. And we suspended it temporarily for two months
just so I could test out the new prepaid Verizon plan and also still use my current Jetpack. I didn’t want to have to go buy new equipment. So, my cell phone plan is still working. We just suspended the hotspot right now until
I test this new prepaid plan. So, we actually had to set up a brand new
account for the prepaid plan, and I got a new SIM card. I could’ve just left the old, original hotspot
as-is and still paid for that account and have my Jetpack and still have a working SIM
card. But instead, what I did was I wanted to suspend
it because I wanted to use my existing Jetpack, which is this one right here. I wanted to use this existing Jetpack so that
I didn’t have to buy new equipment, especially in case I didn’t like the plan and it didn’t
work for me. So, we suspended the old account, opened a
brand new account, got a new SIM card, and I was able to use that new SIM card in this
Jetpack because the old SIM card is not deactivated, but just suspended. So, this was able to recognize the new SIM
card even though this is still under contract. So, that’s how we worked it. So, when I purchased the new prepaid plan,
I was in Dana Point, California, and I was there for about a week with the new prepaid
plan working. And I had phenomenal results, actually. I was really surprised by that, because I’m
in this city with a lot of people, it’s Southern California. Los Angeles is right there, it’s just a huge
urban area. So, I was again, very skeptical that it was
going to work, but it did work, and I was actually able to upload a YouTube video on
it within 30 minutes, something that might’ve taken me an hour to an hour and a half using
my AT&T hotspot, which wasn’t getting really good service there at that point in time. Verizon was a stronger carrier in that area,
so it was really great to see that it was able to upload a video, no problem whatsoever,
in a very populated, urban area. So, fast forward another week and I actually
went to the desert and decided to test it out in that area. So, this particular area that I was in has
great service for AT&T and Verizon, and I decided to go ahead and do some speed tests
in the evening and in the morning to see what that was like. And I’m going to show that to you now. So, the first test we’ll do is the Verizon
AM speed test. And I will tell you, this really underperformed
especially compared to what the speeds were when I was in Dana Point, California, although
I did not get an actual speed test on record like I am here. AT&T speed test in the morning actually did
really, really well. And again, this may or may not be because
of the cell tower strength here, it may just be that AT&T has a better signal in this rural
area that I’m in versus Verizon. So it can’t be considered conclusive, but
these results that AT&T is necessarily better than Verizon and that Verizon doesn’t actually
perform very well, or there’s the network management issue. So, even though both carriers are working
very well in this rural area, Verizon underperformed, and that was pretty surprising. I tried it in the morning and the evening
as you saw, and I was very surprised by underperforming, especially compared to a city that was so
populated. There’s not very many people out here where
I’m at in the desert, so I’m not sure why that is, but it was just an interesting thing
to note, and we’ll just continue testing it. So, I’m curious if you guys have already been
set up on this prepaid plan, and if so, leave me a comment below. I’d love to hear what your thoughts are on
it, what your findings have been. Are you using it a rural area, or a city area? So, make sure you leave me a comment below
if you’ve already signed up for this plan. Whether you have an existing account or your
not a Verizon customer at all, you’re going to need to set up a brand new account. So, prepaid accounts have to have their own
account, separate from an existing Verizon account that you have. So, if you are a new customer to Verizon,
this is going to be pretty easy. You literally just go to their website and
you go ahead and sign up for an account. So, click on the link in my description box
to go directly to the prepaid plans area, scroll down to find the Jetpack and tablet
plans, and you’ll see the unlimited plan for 65 dollars. And then you’ll need to pick out your actual
Jetpack, the one for the MiFi is actually on back order right now, so the Ellipsis is
the only one available. Click ‘next steps’, ‘new customer’, and then
they have these different plans, but the one you wanna select is the unlimited data for
70 dollars, although it is 65 dollars prepaid. So, if you’re an existing Verizon customer,
this is where it can get a little bit tricky. So, you can go through the same methodology
that we just went through with setting up a new account if you’re an existing Verizon
customer no problem whatsoever, you can do that completely separate. But if you’re like me and you have that Jetpack
already and you wanna use an existing Jetpack, then you will have to either deactivate the
old SIM card you have and get rid of that particular line if you no longer want it and
use the new SIM card on the new account and put that into your Jetpack. Or you could do what I did so that you can
test it out and then just suspend your existing account, go ahead and get the new prepaid
account, and use that SIM card in your old Jetpack. So, the trick is, is if you want to use your
existing Jetpack. If you still wanna use your existing Jetpack,
then these are the steps that you need to go through in order to make sure that your
old Jetpack works with your new SIM card. So, once you know the steps in order to get
the account set up, then it shouldn’t be a problem for you whatsoever, even if you wanted
to go into the store and get it all set up there, just show them exactly what I showed
you on the website by going to the prepaid plans option, and then click on that one that
says 70 dollars. And remember, it’s really 65 dollars, but
it’s a five dollar discount for prepaying. So, that’s where the 65 and the 70 come in. So, so far I really like what I see with the
plan. I had that one exception in the rural area,
but other than that, I was able to upload a video pretty quickly, so I’m pleased with
that. I think it’s still a little too early to tell
right now if I’m going to stay with this plan, but I am testing it for two months, so I will
do a follow-up video review after two months to let you know my findings and show you speed
tests and the places that it actually really worked well, and the places that it did not
work well. And let’s just decide if it’s a plan that’s
worth keeping, or should I go back to my original hotspot contract and just use that particular
account for my backup to my AT&T account. So, here’s the thing about these plans. If you’re anything like me, I wanted to jump
on this before anything changed with the plan so I could start testing it right away. The good news is, it’s a prepaid plan and
no contract, so if you’re wanting to jump on this plan as well, then click the link
in my description box or in the pinned comment to go directly to the prepaid section of the
Verizon website and go ahead and get your account set up as well. As I mentioned a moment ago, I also have an
AT&T hotspot in conjunction with my Verizon hotspot. And I use both of them as backups depending
on the area, but I’m going to put together another video that shows exactly how I stay
connected on the road in my camper van and how I work remotely as a digital nomad. Also, make sure you click on the next video,
which is on your screen now, which shows my review of the Hymer Aktiv Campervan that I’ve
been living in for six months. Click that video now and hit that ‘subscribe’
button if you wanna see more videos on van life in North America and how to be a digital
nomad. Alright guys, see you in the next video.


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