#VIDANAHOLANDA Concert/Concerto Justin Timberlake – My weekend/ Meu final de semana – HOLANDA

50? Are you kidding! No!!!! It starts here… Not today… Oh Lord. My God. This is really long…. look at this! this traffic! and we are just at the beginning Okay guys thank God, we are not stuck in the traffic. We were afraid of it. Hi guys welcome. Hello! I can’t pronounce his name we are going to Justin Timberlake concert In Arnhem. What? you had a afternoon/evening shift, right? What time are we arriving home? I 1, 2, 03 o’lock. that late? I worked today, and this gentleman didn’t work today. I finished work straight from a car to another. and we left. I didn’t eat yet, I am hungry. We will probably eat something there. we are sitting in the shuttle bus okay guys we are in a bus It will take us from here to… Is it a football field? It’s a football stadium. Yes a stadium. but in this football field they can slide the field. Oh really? something that Ajax doesn’t have. Okay guys we are going there. This is the football stadium. This is where the concert will be. we have arrived. We took the bus. To make it easy … they organize it like this, so this place is not full with cars. So they search some places in the city, where people can park their cars. and then take the bus. But you need to pay. We paid €15. Each car. after paying you take the bus, no we are here. look, this is Arnhem city. It’s all well organised. Hubby already made friends. He is having a conversation. Hey guys good morning, It’s saturday. last night was too long. There is Christiaan. He is back from grandma’s house. So we are going out, we are going to Kruidvat stores. don’t mind my voice, it’s like… a frog We are going to the stores, to buy a present for a school friend. today is his birthday Christiaan is invited to be there at 13:00 Then I will come back and do some stuffs here. but now let’s go to the stores. This boy has a lot of energy… It’s morning, 10 O’clock and look at him lets go The day started and it will be a nice day. we are at kruidvat. and we will buy toys. so we went to the stores, we came back we had lunch now I am bring Christiaan to the birthday party say hello I am bringing him, then I will come back home, I have a lot to do. And I am just tired before starting. I wearing other clothes, but it’s the same day. I changed, because it started to rain and getting cold. It rained heavily A thing about The Netherlands, that I …. the weather here Is like… It’s cold, but when is warm is really warm that you can’t even breath. and when i’ts cold is really cold. But some days are like, rain, cold, sun everything in one day… a different weather every hour. One of first things I learned when I came here Whatever you are going out take a jacket with you. even if it’s just a small In the summer, in the winter… In the winter of course you will need a jacket. But in the summer… every time you are going out, take a small jacket with you. in your bag or somewhere else… but try to have something that your can use to cover yourself . Because the weather can just change, in a minute. Like today. I brought a Christian there at his school friend birthday. came back, I folded the clothes, I washed and I am not sure if you will be able to hear the machine washing. it’s still washing. and the I will wash another one so I was all this time upstairs. and downstairs, I put everything that wasn’t on his place, back on the places they belong. but the house is not clean, i’ts just tidy. We were invited by the parents of this boy. to drink something, before going home. they asked us to come at 16 O’clock so we will drink and go home. Let me tell you something. In The Netherlands, birthday parties, are most of the time separate The kids were invited for the party and most of the time the parents are not invited Like Christiaan is there, from 13:00 untill 16:30. Then I will go there drink something and go home. And sometimes they invite grandparents, their own family on another day, the party are not like Our (Angolan) parties, with everybody. Parents, uncles, aunts, friends everyone all mixed It’s really different, and the parties is not with music, and a lot of big pan of food the parties are usually with cheese, ham little things, snacks so… It’s very different. I am used to it, and I kind like it. I just don’t like the conversations part, they talk too much. Sometime I don’t know what to say or talk about. It’s not everytime, I like to be like… whole time They talk, they update everything. I still have to get used to this part. But about the food and parties without music, I am used to it. Now, I am going to pick up Christiaan, I will not show it because of the privacy Often I don’t show what I talk about because., I didn’t had how to film it, because I had to do something very quick. like today, when I was tidy up my house tidy up and put everything back. I had to do everything very quick. because I had to pick up my son, so I couldn’t film it. And the stores in Holland doesn’t always allow people to film That’s why I didn’t show everything. Like when I was bringing Christiaan to the party. And I am going to pick him up I will not show it too. Okay will see you later. Hey guys I already picked up Christiaan, look at him. It was a Pirate themed party. Christiaan the Pirate now I am going to the stores to buy some stuffs I am missing for the breakfast. and so goes our day What’s it? A coin. I real pirate coin. Ah really? yes… You a pirate treasure chest It was a pirate treasure and I want their map and treasure and a hat the map you will make it with Quinten’s mother, right? Yes. and I want a pirate treasure chest and a hat and a pirate eye patch Then you will be a really pirate.? Yes. Good morning guys. It’s Sunday. Yesterday, I couldn’t film anymore. There is Christiaan, Let me show you. He is eating. Good morning Christiaan. Good morning. It’s okay. Yes it’s. He is wearing his Paw Patrol suit. He said it’s cold. It’s already getting cold. although the sun is shining he wants to make a cake today he is wearing an apron. Right? we are going to make a cake? yes, cake we will make a cake. Let me also have my breakfast. And I will also call the lady that cuts his her to come cut it. Look at this. Look how good I am doing it mom. Yes I can see it. Well done. rock Paper Scissors I was shooting with my boomerang. Noooo No! Eyes closed. You may pick one. No I had that one…. Okay Now yes, I… This is the good one… Now it’s your turn You need to change the places, otherwise I will know what to pick. Do it. Open your eyes. Ready? Ready! That’s not a good one… a yellow what are we going to draw? An apple there also yellow apples. No! Yes.. Okay, yes… let’s see who is fast I can see your apple Is it good? Did, mom do it well? Yes but … You had to make it smaller. No… Apple can also be big. No. Yes! No! Apple is big. No I can’t make a big one… You can’t make a big one? No, a small one. a little smaller you can make this one and I will make like this one. Because I can’t make a small one…. Oh I mean a big one. I can’t draw it. Should I make a small one? yes… Now we will make a cake, a Dr. Oetker cake It called”wolke vanille choco, zacht en luchtig” soft and… light, I don’t know how to translate it. I will make with with Christiaan He requested it yesterday, but we didn’t have the time and he wasn’t at home so we will make it today. I already made this cake. I will put the link to the video with the recipe up here. Yeah!!!. are you happy? yes I am really happy! Really happy with your cake? are you going to enjoy it? Yes.. Is’it good? Yes Is good? yes. Your hair is cut Tomorrow school This is just easier for mom. and now we are going to? take a picture. A picture? Yes! You want a picture of if? Yes… I was thinking about taking a shower… No… You want a picture first? Mom will take a picture of you…


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