Video Tutorial: How to Resize Images for Your Travel Agency Website

Hi There! I am going to show you how to resize an image
for your travel agency website. Often the photos you have taken, downloaded or received
from a cruise line or supplier are huge files. If you put these photos as is on your website,
your site will load slower. When your site is slow, website visitors don’t want to wait
and just leave, loosing you a potential lead. Let’s start with a photo I have on my computer.
You can see this right here. I have purchased this photo online. As you can see it’s quite
large. So, I need to resize it for my website. There is a free website that makes it super
easy to resize this photo. Let’s go there. That website is Once this website loads, we want to click
on open image from computer. This will bring up our computer’s file manager. Navigate to
the image you want to resize, select it and click open. Once it opens, at the top left of your browser
window click Image, then Image size. . . A pop up will show. Make sure you keep selected
constrain proportions. This will make sure your image doesn’t stretch. From here we can
just resize by changing the width. For typical websites 1000 pixels or less will be great.
If you want your photo to span the width of your website, 1000 will be a good number.
Otherwise, I usually go with 500 pixels. This is a good size for use on most web pages. As you type in your width, you’ll see the
height automatically adjusts. Then click OK. Your image is resized! Now we just need to save the resized image
to our computer. In the top left of your browser window click
File, and then Save. A pop up will show. Make sure it stays selected to My computer. I recommend
renaming your file, in case you ever need to go back to the original large file. For
photos keep it on JPEG, PNG is good if you need any transparency in your image, but for
this simple image resize stick with JPEG. Adjust your quality if necessary and click
OK. You’ll then be directed to save your new image on your computer. Select a location
and click Save. You have successfully resized your image and
it’s ready to use on your Travel Agency Website.

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