Hi and a huge welcome to Steve’s kitchen We’re in Hanoi, got all the bikes around it is crazy in the city. I’m going to take you out on the street tonight and we’re going to try 10 of the best Hanoi street food, probably from a tourist perspective. I’m actually going to be doing another video later, on secret food in Hanoi, so watch out for that video and we’re also going to be doing Sweet Treats. So for now let’s get out on the street of old Hanoi City and taste obviously the Pho of course and we’re having bun Cha which is a similar sort of dish but a little different and we won’t be forgetting just here, where I’m going to start this tour up with a Banh My, it’s like a French bread stick, it’s very French influence as well, they often put the pate inside and a forced meat, come on let’s start with Banh My. Can I have the roast chicken? yeah. So I’m going to have this Banh My. The lady’s…. now I love the way they open these up with the scissors, they cut them open rather than slice them, quite practical I suppose. So we’ve got a nice pate going on there first but whether you ask for it we’re going to get that pate. I would not have it. Oh no thats chicken….You asked for chicken. Oh Yeah Chicken. 25 so it’s 25,000 dong which is about in Australian about a dollar fifty, probably a little bit less in US. Now they’re filling that up with salads but also something that really give this great flavor, the coriander. So I’ve got my roast chicken in there, I’ve got all those lovely flavours that Pate as well. I can tell you, it smells delicious. Tastes fantastic, the pate is fresh and delicious, the chicken is gorgeous and tender, then you’ve got that coriander and salad in there, this is so good. The reason I like this place is I think the pate is better than a lot of places. I will leave it on my tour guide down below, lets get on. Now here in Hanoi you’ll find the streets are divided up into districts of similar themes. We’re on Hang Bo at the moment and this street is all haberdashery, you’ve got ribbons you’ve got beads, labels, anything you want to do with haberdashery. All the shops down here will be selling a similar theme and that is the same with the food in Hanoi as well. Chances are if you find a street that has great Street food its neighbors and all the way down the street will also have fantastic street food. Time for some Pho, we’ve come to a little place just around the corner from where we’re staying Pho Ga, so it’s on 7th Dinh Liet street. I’ll try and get the right pronunciation. is this kaffir oh no lemon leaf, lemon leaf thank you ‘cảm ơn’ beautiful. The ladies sorting me out some beautiful chicken, we’ve just tried….. they’ve got the lemon leaves…. I don’t think it’s kaffir lime leaves it’s a little softer, we’ve got the spring onions sliced up, definitely going to be some coriander in there as well I’m really looking forward to this one it looks really fresh and crisp. Lets wait for it to be bought out. Four on a bike just pulled up nicely So you can see all the herbs on top of that pot, pick yourself out out some communal chopsticks. Now look we’ve got all the beautiful shredded chicken on here, we’ve got some little spring onions that have been sliced up, we have some chives and we’ve got this wonderful consomme or it’s a chicken broth. Give it a try. You don’t tend to slurp up your noodles like you would with spaghetti you just sort of snap them off or bite them off. I’m becoming a real Pho addict. Fresh, gorgeous now what you should probably do is take a little bit of lime as well, so we take a bit of fresh lime and just squeeze it in there, ooh hoo got me in the eye. little bit of chili too, it doesn’t have to have too much chili to be honest. Come in take a look at the broth, its got this wonderful clear broth not too greasy packed full of flavour actually a little bit of white pepper black pepper on that will just improve it a tiny bit. The heats coming into the soup now oh yeah so good a bit of chili in there, a little bit of that spring onion Oh chilis just hit the back of my throat, they’re hot chilis. So good I can just taste that little lemon leaf in there as well So you know Hanoi has great Pho let’s get on and enjoy some other delights of Hanoi ……Australia…… Melbourne……. yeah………This is Banh Trang Tron and this is fish oh….. yeah ……Squid….. nice…… then I’ve got a little a little quail egg as well. we’ve got this ….. spicy beef floss which is really nice, this is lovely eh! l Iike this Oh and it’s spicy as well eh under here the base so is that the mango….its Banh Trang…..Banh Trang this …… ok so this… oh that beef is lovely this is the Banh Trang and no, no noodle.. it is sort of like a stretch, like a noodle like a rice noodle here. so this is the Banh Trang. It’s nice….. Banh Trang Tron its like a, like a mix salad, vegetables, its quite nice……green mango I think and some papaya and a little bit of spice and then on top they put up the beef floss…. a little bit by spicy couple of quail eggs…… they’re lovely yeah…. So on the corner of the street here, you’ve got the very famous and popular Pho 10 but I really like the Com Pho, this one just here. Now the spring rolls in Hanoi are fantastic and we want to try both the fried spring rolls and the fresh spring rolls. This place looks as good as any, they look delicious. We actually came passed here last night and a lot of people were eating, these tables were completely full. We’ve come a little bit earlier today so we can get in before the crowds come and I reckon these are going to be absolutely delicious. There look at these beautiful fresh spring rolls, they’ve got the chicken inside, they’ll be full up with lovely herbs and flavours, a little bit of salads, some springs in there. You dip it in this little, it’s sort of like a fish sauce not very spicy. oh that is so good, beautiful, aromatic light not at all greasy okay now by comparison these are the fried spring rolls and this is a pork fried spring roll, lovely crispy texture comes with a little bit of salad and some herbs here on the side. Again we’ve got the sauce, similar sort of fish sauce, just a light refreshing sauce I’m going to take my spring roll and just dip it in the sauce, here goes. Delicious not too greasy you get the Pork in there, it’s not as light and refreshing as the the fresh spring roll but I still absolutely love these. We’ll just take a little bit of this Fresh salad as well, coriander,I love coriander. Now these doughnuts are fresh off the streets, the lady here is cooking them up, they’re absolutely gorgeous. Now unlike the ones that are being handed out around the old town which have been on those baskets all day, these are lovely and fresh, give it a try, Oh delicious, the oil is slightly savoury, not super sweet, you’ve got the Sesame on there, you’ve got the beautiful little donut. Now also inside the donut there’s like a white bean paste, it’s slightly sweetened almost vanilla flavor. Another great advantage of these little Donuts are they are gluten-free as well and this being a cooking channel more than the travel channel we will be covering these donuts as a recipe on Steve’s Kitchen at a later date. It’s amazing there’s a constant flow of people coming up to the store, picking up donuts on the back of their scooters and off they go and a few seconds later another one appears. Now we’ve been recommended to a place and this isn’t a place where you’ll find any tourists as well and I think sometimes it’s good to get off the beaten track and try something very local. I hope I don’t spoil this by sharing with you this place is called Quan Sam and I’m not sure if i pronounced that right Obviously they do this beautiful barbecue it’s shut at the moment but I’ve got some nice footage from last night to share with you…..good ….it’s good …..yeah food is good . Quan Sam…Qaun Sam… yeah… The strange thing is we just…. we just met the….. one of the guys from here…. is it your your restaurant? you’re you’re the boss…. yeah…. okay so this is the guy that owns this restaurant, we had fantastic food here the other night and we will be back …..thank you ….yes ….one of the great things the smoky BBQ in here is so good you are going to come away with your clothes absolutely stinking of BBQ but great memories. Now this little Bun Cha was recommended to me by a youtuber actually a guy that I was looking here in Vietnam. He’s got a great little YouTube channel it’s called Pho your eyes only. the beautiful thing about this Bun Cha is that they’re actually doing the pork on the open coals there and they are using the bamboo little pegs to hold the meat in place. So you get this gorgeous …..look at the little charring on here this is pork belly it’s got a beautiful beautiful texture. Now I’m going to try just the belly on itself, oh that is so so good got all that wood charm, all the coke char in there, so we’ve got a gorgeous clear broth. Now the idea is with Bun Cha unlike the Pho, you take some of your fresh noodles, beautiful fresh rice noodles, pop them in in with your sauce in with your broth, take some of these……. cảm ơn…..Thank you….. at this point the ladies just brought out a little plate of freshly fried Nem. These are like a little spring roll square spring roll packed full of vegetables and pork and all sorts of great flavors. Now I’ve got this great big pile here of salads, coriander salad there’s mint in here, bean sprouts as well. I’m going to pop this in with my broth let it just wilt down, Now if you like a little bit of chili in there, pop the chili on top give it a little mix through. I’m in bun cha heaven. Let’s go with this, spicy coriander, tastes absolutely delicious get a little bit of pork belly as well this is real Bun Cha, real full flavored delicious Bun Cha, all the details will be on Steve’s on the website. So that fantastic Bun Cha if you want to find it it’s just next to the the Wolfhound pub and Phat Loc the end of the lane here fantastic Bun Cha really delicious. Now on to something else. Okay I’m going to have the…..this is the guy….. Michele’s filming….. this is the guy that helped and served us last time with the che. So first of all he’s going to take a fresh coconut and he’s just taking the top off. Now for some reason this time he’s given me the coconut water he didn’t do that last time but maybe it’s because I’m a regular now. Now firstly he’s filling the inside of the coconut with ice cream, putting a little bit of shredded coconut in the center and then he puts this beautiful swirl of ice cream on top, in goes some pieces of jackfruits, a little more shredded coconut and then some pieces of this beautiful toasted coconut, thank you. So get some nice photos, so here it is, that looks beautiful, doesn’t that look beautiful. I’m saving the coconut water for Michele, I’m just going to get some of this stuff I want some of that toasted coconut here we go sweet, cold, delicious. Got the little jackfruit in here Little pieces of jackfruit, a little bit of toasted coconut…. yeah…. When you’ve finished pay the old lady’s sat on the opposite side of the street, she is the cashier……cảm ơn….. thank you. I enjoyed….. So that was our coconut ice cream on To Tich street fantastic great and the girls that we actually met are just coming down here look ….whats the chances…. really …. I’ve just had one ….so what is the chances that we’ve bumped into a couple of girls that we met this morning when we were having Bun Cha on To Tich. We told them tabout the ice cream on the street and they come over to try it as well, it was superb, absolutely gorgeous so onwards to something new. Now in every city you visit in the world there’s going to come a time when you just need a little bit of comfort food. Now this place behind me is probably the equivalent of a KFC here in Hanoi, simple food very inexpensive but the ribs and rice here are really good, so I would put this on a list of my top foods in Hanoi even though it’s not really a traditional style food it’s good eating, come on let’s go inside. Now the first thing they’re going to do is bring you out a little bowl of broth with some vegetables and spring greens in it. Now in some respects this can be a little superfluous but it’s a very tasty broth anyway. Now they’ve brought out my ribs here look how beautiful these ribs are I’ve got three pieces of pork rib, got the fried rice,a little bit of pickled cabbage and some vegetables. OK let’s get this fried rice a try ok superb simple fried, rice great flavor and we’ve got these gorgeous ribs here beautiful sticky, tender pork. Falls off the bone. Now there is great food here in Hanoi and the street food is to die for, but just occasionally old style ribs and rice. There will be details on my website if you want to take the food tour from the Steves Kitchen website I’ll try and put up a map there of some sort so that you can see where we’ve been. Get across, share the love, give this the thumbs up and I will see you in the next video, Take care.


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