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Alright. What’s up, guys. We’re gonna go to the
Rawada Hotel which is right above AKA Thailand. I’m gonna meet with the directors
today with Marc Bogutzki here, and we’re gonna take a look at the rooms. It’s more for the higher budget guests
that we have here at AKA Thailand. Beautiful sea view, beautiful rooms. So we’re gonna
go check them out and see what they’re about. Marc: See what we’ve got here.
Mike: But first… got a package today and it’s from Mr. Gary Vee. So, ready for this one?
Marc: What is it? Podcast Puffs. “Please do not eat.” Here we go. Gary Vee’s Podcast Puffs. I’m part
of Gary Vee’s influencer network and he sends things out to the influencers and this is one
of them. He sent them all the way to Thailand. So, really excited about this.
We’ll put it in the podcast room. It’s just not FDA approved. So I assume you can —
Mike: You can eat it or you — because it looks like Cap’n Crunch
and it has like the nutrition facts. So, if you die from it —
Mike: So that’s probably a liability, huh? this would be a cereal killer then. Too much? Alright. Marc: Alright. View Rawada? Mike: Let’s go to the View and
take care of some business. So right here to the right is our — we’re
calling them on-site accommodations. It takes the two seconds to walk to our front
door. But they’re being built right now. So next month we’ll have 24 rooms there. That view is amazing. There’s the gym right here with the green roof.
And this goes straight down and we do sprints all the way up to here
So you can actually see the water. Beautiful view when you’re exhausted and tired. This is Khun Prasaan, he is the General Manager here.
Khun Prasaan: Sawasdee khap. Nice to meet you. Fun fact: I was the first guest
in this hotel when they built it. Because it’s right above the property
when we were building AKA Thailand. So I sat in this room. Right there. The top one. I had my binoculars, looking
down at the construction crew. OK. We arrive at the junior suite, with a sea view here. You can hear the training down there. So cool. How many views have the ocean,
islands, and AKA Thailand? This is our sprint track you can see right there. Beautiful view up and down that street. Not a bad view from the pool. So the guests training at AKA
Thailand can actually come up here, even if they’re not staying here, as long as they buy food and drinks and stuff. And they can hang out here, and get
some sun, have an amazing view, swim. So this is kind of a hot spot for our guests
during the daytime, between sessions. As you can see training is
going on right now so everybody’s down there. Thank you so much. This looks really good. It is refreshing. It is really good stuff.
Pretty phenomenal. Thank you. Khap khun krab. Oh, now we can go. Khap khun krab. Khap khun krab. Thank you so much. Alright, well there you go. The View Rawada. Located right on top of AKA Thailand. If you’re looking for ocean view
suites with a big jacuzzi and a beautiful view of the
mountains, look no further.

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