Virtual Payment for Corporate Travel Benefits Multiple Areas Of A Company

[MUSIC PLAYING] The most useful credit card
for today’s business traveler is one you never see,
never touch, and never have to worry about. This is invisible
payment, a better way to manage travel expenses. Invisible payments
create seamless experiences for
business travelers, and reduces time spent
on payment concerns before, during, and
especially after the trip. Your company also benefits
from increased transparency, tighter compliance,
and significantly reduced fraud risk. In the business travel
industry, there’s only one payment solution
that is automated, integrated with
existing systems, dependable, accepted worldwide,
and backed by the strength and security of
AirPlus International, the innovative leader in
travel payment solutions. Welcome to AIDA Virtual Cards. AIDA Virtual Cards
makes the process invisible by
automatically generating a single-use
MasterCard number that can only be used
for a designated expense, such as a hotel stay. Through your TMC, or
online booking tool, a traveler makes a
hotel reservation, and a single-use virtual
MasterCard number is generated, according to the
business rules and credit card control limits you
pre-determine for your company. The business traveler simply
arrives to find the card number already on file. The card control features
set limits on the card, mitigating use for
unauthorized expenses. When the traveler checks
out, the room charge and other transaction
data is automatically transmitted back to AirPlus. This greatly reduces
reconciliation time. When you receive your
AirPlus statement, it will arrive fully
reconciled and customized to your company’s
specific needs. AirPlus enhanced data, such
as cost center, employee ID, department code,
and project number, is attached to each
transaction record. AIDA Virtual Cards benefit
the finance and accounting function. Invisible payment reduces
your SG&A expense. With the use of
AIDA Virtual Cards, you spend less time on
reconciling travel expenses, as the process is
automated, saving your staff countless hours, freeing
them up to handle more strategic endeavors. Reduce fraud and
fraud-related costs that can occur with traditional
plastic credit cards. Determine your billing cycle and
customize your invoice format, allowing you to
improve your cash flow, and fully integrate
transaction data directly into your expense management
and general ledger systems. AIDA Virtual Cards benefit
the procurement function. Business travel
should be evaluated like any other business service. AIDA Virtual Cards improve
the total cost of ownership by quickly and
easily integrating into your existing travel
and business systems, increasing greater
travel policy compliance, reducing the amount of time
back-office staff and travelers spend reconciling
travel expenses, and completing expense
reports, driving down supplier costs with data that
allows stronger negotiations. And don’t forget, AIDA Virtual
Cards are accepted worldwide and allow for
consistent reporting, regardless of travel
location or currency. AIDA Virtual Cards
benefit travel managers. AIDA Virtual Cards provide
actionable data and insights into your travel program. This information allows
you to improve the traveler satisfaction by reducing
the amount of time it takes to plan, record
keep, and reconcile business travel expenses. Additionally, the AIDA
Virtual Card solution allows you to include the
infrequent or non-employee traveler, without having
to issue additional credit, or put the credit burden
on the traveler themselves. If you are searching for
a business travel payment solution that accelerates
reconciliation, increases traveler satisfaction, drives
down costs, and addresses your global travel needs,
there’s only one name to know– AIDA Virtual Cards by
AirPlus International. To schedule a demo, call
today, or visit

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