Visit Hoi An, Vietnam Travel Guide and Top Attractions

Here we are just biking through the streets
of Hoi An. Here we have our little ticket for sightseeing
around Hoi An. The way it works is that you pay six dollars and you get a ticket that
grants you access into five different historic sites around town and you just show up at
the entrance. They snip off one of these little tabs and you’re good to go. Here we are at the Japanese covered bridge.
It was built in 1593. Construction on this bridge began on the year of the monkey and
finished on the year of the dog and for that reason one side of the bridge is guarded by
a monkey and the other by a dog. Here we are at the most popular pedestrian
bridge in town. I’m standing here at a small square and this
is where a lot of fabulous performances take place – especially at night time. We are at Quang Dong Assembly hall. It’s a
place of worship for the Cantonese community. Up next we are visiting the Assembly Hall
of the Fujian Chinese. This place now acts as a temple to the Goddess Tian Hao who is
from the Fujian province in China.


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