We made it to Valle Nuevo but forgot all of our camping gear! | PART 2

I didn’t want to use the support vehicle
but there’s no other way. This is for crazy people! You always say ”yeah sure 40k is not that much,
I’ve done 35k… but its not the same when climbing! Damn, it’s so sunny–
But check out this landscape! Ok let’s go– [laughs] That’s 10km away. I think– this is–
Let’s see, how much more mountain can there be? What the name of this place Los Cacao? -La Nuez.
-La Nuez! It’s the same thing it’s a dry fruit But as you can see the weather changes radically… so… Come! Next year I’m coming back with five chain rings, clipless pedals, my lycra onesie– Just kidding… If I wear that I’m gonna look like a Teletubby. American! -American! Talk to me! -Shit, I did the final 7k climb! -You did it man congratulations! -Thank you for everything, it’s an amazing event. What do we have here, ah we are just starting
-We’re just starting– Alright I’ll be back later to supervise. Senna found some wild watercress. It has a touch of spiciness. Very nutritious. [indistinct] This is our new friend Senna. She’s a badass mountain biker.
-[laugs] No! -My other cousin Manolo who lent me
a pair of dry pants Oh you guys don’t know what’s happening, hold on.. We forgot all our stuff! Back in town… But people here already started to help out A girl lent Mariana a coat, I got one too, a sleeping bag,
a tent– The whole shebang. We’re gonna camp like pros, pros!
-Clean! -In the airplane?
-In the airplane! I told her, “Go find out because I have to
go to Valle Nuevo tomorrow” And she said “Oh I have to go there next week with a group called Trazabosques” What a coincidence. Welcome! [people clapping] Mama Juana! To me, it’s one of the best moments in life, To marry a couple of my friends
in a paradise such as the pyramids. so… Until the end and forever friends! -Forever friends!

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