We Tested The Best Way To Pee Outside While Camping

– I’m a female, and I just
pissed in a bottle in a car. So, it’s 2017! Hell yeah, it is! I saw my friend Ade’s video
that he made a little while ago. He had some people sit
down, and he gave them urination products. Some for females, some for males. And I loved reading the comments ’cause you guys are hilarious. And I saw this one comment
that made a lot of sense to me. We did an Amazon review of
some urination products, but we didn’t try it. Duh. Like, puh! Mind blown. We wanna give you guys what you want. So I’m gonna try a few of these products. All right, right out here where
there is no toilet in sight. Man, let’s get to camping and peeing. That’s all I gotta say. So, I have the GoGirl. Couldn’t find the Gotta Go Poncho so I actually did a DIY Gotta Go Poncho. And I’ll probably use
that as a male product to have maybe one of
my friends try it out. You know the saying
when you really gotta go and in you’re in the car,
and they say to pee in a cup. Well, there’s actually a product that allows you to piss
in a cup for females. And I think it’s actually pretty practical for those long road trips
when you can’t make a stop. So let’s go see. I think this might be my favorite product to try this weekend. “GoGirl allows women the
convenience of standing to urinate. “It’s clean, portable,
discreet, and reusable.” Now, that’s what I call cool. I don’t know, the design
makes me skeptical. Let’s give this a try, guys. Honestly, I’m gonna try to
use it through my pants. Since it says it’s out of convenience that we can stand and use the bathroom, I’m just going to test
all of its theories. My friends are right over there, and they don’t even know I’m peeing. This is so awesome, and
I’m standing up, girls. I’m standing up. ♫ Standing up for the girls ♫ Standing up for the girls So lit, man. Every female should have a GoGirl. Every female now. I’m really liking this. Not too much splatter, nope. Man, this GoGirl thing is
talk about convenience. I’m a fan. I want you to try out
this DIY Gotta Go Poncho. It’s basically a poncho
that provides privacy for you to do your thing. – All right, yeah, I’m down. And I can poop in it too? – Yeah, you can poop in it. – Wait, let me put on the hood
so I can get full privacy. All right. I’m using the poop poncho. Going for a poop right now,
and it’s pretty awkward just ’cause I’ve never
really pooped outside like this before. It’s super private. I also think it’s private
because it’s pitch black outside so no one can really see that I’m pooping. It’s pretty cozy. Just going for the poop. Works well. – I mean, it is something
you could use in the woods, but I feel like this
is more useful in cars. I pulled over. I’m at a gas station
right off the highway. Let’s try it out, shall we? It kind of has a funnel
so it looks like it fits many shapes and sizes of bottles. Push it up on there so
it’s nice and tight. I think I’m ready to pee in a bottle. Whoo, whoo, whoo! I decided to sit in the back
seat of the car and do this. I feel like I get a
little bit more privacy. The windows are tinted back here. I’m just gonna go for it. Feels like I’m sitting on a mini-toilet. It kinda sounds like a
toilet when it goes down into the bottle. It sounds like it flushes a little bit. (laughing) That’s all I’m gonna show you guys. Pretty gross, right? But I’m a female, and I just
pissed in a bottle in a car. So, it’s 2017! Hell yeah, it is! – If you ever gotta go in public,
get one of these products. You’re good to go. – Yeah, I completely love
every single product. The GoGirl, the mini-toilet. Didn’t get to try the
ponch, but I loved it. – She loved watching me use the poncho. – Yeah. As odd as I was, Eric looked
like he was really enjoying it. – I was loving it, man. – Peeing in public is no
longer a problem in 2017. – It’s been resolved. – Not for ladies, at least. – That’s the name of this show. – It’s been resolved. – Resolved. – Resolved it. – Resolved it.

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