Webinar: The Ultimate Pinterest Guide for Travel Agents

Hi everyone! My name is Stephanie and I am
the Community Outreach Manager at Travefy. First off, I’d like to say thanks for hopping
on and spending some time with us today. Today’s webinar will last about 15 minutes. Right
now, everyone is mute to avoid extra noise, but if you would like to ask a question – go
ahead and do so with the chat box provided. For an overview of the webinar today…we’re
going to learn how to drive traffic to your site, get more customers, build better SEO,
basic strategies that you can apply today that will get you the biggest impact in the
shortest amount of time, plus a bonus just for you at the end that I can’t wait to
share with you! So first things first, what exactly is Pinterest,
how does it work, and how will it work for you?
In a nutshell, Pinterest is a virtual pin board that allows you to organize and share
interesting things you find on the web. Think of it as a bulletin board above your desk
where you have pinned magazine clippings, ideas, and things you want to save on it.
When you add pins to your boards, it allows other people to see what you have pinned by
following you and searching through Pinterest’s categories. “Why Pinterest for You?” Pinterest is
an amazing marketing tool that can grow your business and send traffic your way. How do
we know this? Because of the stats and research behind this powerful tool. When you create
a new pin that send someone back to your site, you simply send one thing quickly into the
internet, and it then goes on autopilot to grow gain exposure. Over 80% of pins are repins,
this means that your pin can find its way all over Pinterest, and the odds of that happening
are in your favor at 80%. In fact, Pinterest has a really nice analytics tool to see what
Pinterest is doing for your site! We will walk through the analytics tool more in a
bit. The other reason why pinterest is right for
you because you have the opportunity to be a leader in the travel industry on Pinterest!
The fact that you are here today means that this is a marketing tactic for you and if
you use it right, you will have amazing results. The stats are there for the power of Pinterest
too… Right now, there are 47.6 million users – it’s
predicted that with its steady growth it will be at 60 million users by 2019. Making Pinterest‘s
growth outshine Facebook! Pinterest’s demographic is also growing
– females dominate pinterest, but the male audience is growing quickly and emerging more
to a 50/50 demographic! Another reason why now is the time to use
Pinterest for your business is because of the opportunities available to you. Only 56%
of top brands create boards, and even less of those update regularly. Leaving the Pinterest
world clear and not bogged down with advertisements and other businesses. “Strategies you can implement today!”
Now that we’ve walked through the opportunities and possibilities that Pinterest can do for
your business, I’m going to share the steps you can take today to start using Pinterest
for marketing. First, add a “pin it” button to your site
Adding a “pin it” button to your site allows users to quickly and easily pin something
you have to offer to their Pinterest page. If you have sample itineraries, excursion
or hotel options, you can add a pin it button to each page and users can pin things they
like to their boards. All you have to do is take a little bit of
code and enter it into your website. I will send a link in an email after this webinar
or how to do that. join or convert to a business account
Pinterest released business account options a couple years ago and it’s a great way
to “verify” your Pinterest account … Set up your account properly
The Pinterest profile is the key to success on the site, so take the time to make yours
a great one. You want to make sure that you set up and complete your account properly
to reach its fullest potential. When adding a description, it can do wonders to your SEO,
so use rich keywords. Here is a great example of a travel company
integrating strong keywords that represent their brand and what they are for.
show example of Travel and
Leisure Pinterest has huge SEO potential to your site.
In fact, Google likes your Pinterest account more than your actual site because of Pinterest’s
credibility. It’s no secret that the power of your Pinterest’s
account performance relies on what you pin – so make it count! A lot of business owners
create a Pinterest account, pin some things from their site, and then begin repinning.
The negative effect of this is you won’t send anyone to your account if your pin boards
are full of repins. Consider creating pins from…
link blog posts opt-in pages
product pages YouTube Channel The most powerful pins are those created with
visual creativity in mind. With all of the content on Pinterest, it’s vital that you
take the time to make something that stands out among the rest. Based on studies, It’s
been shown that these are the kinds of pins pinners are drawn to and are most likely to
repin… Lucky for you, travel-related infographics
are the most popular and best performing infographics on Pinterest! Infographics take a little more graphic design
work, but with sites like infogr.am you can create beautiful infographics by dragging
and dropping text and visuals in place. No need for a graphic design degree here! 😉 https://infogr.am/ Another powerful pin are checklists. Checklists
are fun and easy to create and gives the pinner an easy opportunity to print out and begin
using your pin right away. It’s also visually appealing because it stands out among other
pins. Being in the travel industry, you have a leverage
in checklists, because the opportunities are almost endless. Create packing checklists,
things to do in a city checklist, and so much more! It’s also a good chance to snag email
addresses, where you can make it as a download and get an email address to download the checklist
at. When adding images to Pinterest, it’s best
to make them as tall as you can so that it takes up more real estate and is more eye-catching.
Popular tall pins are infographics, tutorials, and a multiple array of images. We think that
800 pixels is best, and anything over that is great too. But as long as you maintain
an 800 pixel ratio, you are creating a long, tall pin. An easy way to create tall pins is to use
a program like Pic Monkey. It’s free and you can easily create a collage of images
and size it what you would like. www.picmonkey.com The last important pin design I want to go
over is wording over a graphic. One of the number one pinning techniques we have adapted
at Travefy is always including a call out over the image. A great tool you can use if you don’t have
Photoshop is Canva.com. You can upload a bright, fun image and overlay text on the image. Be
sure to keep it simple and sweet. Take for example the pins we have included here: Now that you have the basics for finding the
right layout of the image, now it’s time to leverage the captions and wording. This
is going to be very important because it will help your pin be found and help with SEO like
we were mentioning before. When adding the text to a pin, it’s more than what overlays
on the image. You want to utilize the description as best as you can to optimize the pin. When including the description use killer
CTAs, or better known as a Call to Action. Did you know that pins with a CTA actually
have an 80% increase engagement over pins without CTAs! So, how to do this…First, the description
should accompany the text. You won’t want to mislead the pinner, so be sure to use the
same or similar wording as the text over the image. That is, if there is text over the
image. Moral of the story: make sure people know what they are clicking into from the
pin. Next, using the right keywords to create an
SEO-rich description. Keep the copy concise, yet enticing. You want to use around 200 characters.
In fact, pins with description around 200 characters have been shown to be the most
pinnable! Now you may or may not be wondering about
hashtags. You sometimes see them in pins, and while there isn’t a must for having
them, you can still insert a couple hashtags. We like to be careful of using hashtags though,
because it could click the pinner away from your pin. For example, if I use the hashtag
#travel, the pinner can click that hashtag and see all other pins with the hashtag #travel.
Which isn’t a bad thing, it’s just veering the user away from your pin – which you don’t
want to do. We love inspiration. These are favorite Pinterest
account who we think are doing an excellent job in the Pinterest game and good accounts
to follow for inspiration and ideas. Travel Channel
It’s probably no secret that the Travel Channel is an awesome and upkept Pinterest
account to follow for travel. We love how they have 47 boards filled of unique content
and easily searchable no matter what you are looking for – whether it’s beach vacations,
getaway ideas, or food. https://www.pinterest.com/travelchannel/ AFAR
AFAR is a popular travel magazine that is one of our favorite travel inspiration outlets.
They categorize boards so well and offer a wide array of everything that has to do with
travel. https://www.pinterest.com/afarmedia/ The Blonde Abroad
This is a great example of a travel blogger utilizes Pinterest to not only share her own
blog posts, YouTube channel, and links – but also providing a good mix of other pins that
her audience would appreciate and find relevant. https://www.pinterest.com/theblondeabroad/ To recap what we went over and things you
can implement today to grow your business with Pinterest is to
Add a “pin it” button to your site Begin creating your own content and adding
clever and SEO friendly captions and descriptions. We have also created an awesome and free!
eBook to download that I will send to you in an email after this webinar. In the eBook
we go over everything we talked about today, but with even more information on how to design
repin-worthy pins and apps and tools you can use to help your Pinterest game stay strong. Before I say goodbye, I wanted to quickly
talk about Travefy Professional. Travefy Professional was introduced in August of 2015 after lots
of travel agents were wanting to continue using the free version of Travefy but customize
it so that they can create quotes and itineraries for their clients with their branding on it. That’s when Travefy Professional was born!
Since it has been launched, we now support hundreds of agents – both big and home-based
as well as the 5th largest travel agency in the U.S.! With the platform, you can create
itineraries, upload confirmations, and house all of your trips in one place with custom
information that you provided. To get more information – visit us at travefy.com/agents
and feel free to start a free 10-day trial to explore the program. We also offer training
sessions and webinars to get you off your feet. Today we’re giving you a special discount
you can use to receive 10% off any subscription! Just simply enter WEBINAR10 to the promo code
box provided when you begin your free 10 day trial. As a followup, I will send you each an email
with all of the links we discussed today as well a link to download the Pinterest eBook
and free Travefy Professional trial. Thanks so much for joining me today, I hope
you had as much fun as I did!

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