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I think travel changes who you are. It just
opens up your mind and you look at different cultures and how you react to different places.
You know, I think on the surface it’s just discovering new places and recognizing how
beautiful this world is. It made me realize how small the world is and how you can, you
know, fall asleep on a plane and six hours later wake up across the world in a foreign
speaking country. My father worked for the airlines growing up and my mother was a travel
agent so I’ve kind of always been around travel. I was in the technology world, working for
the big technology companies. After the opportunity presented itself to start a new career, I
thought travel would be a fantastic opportunity based upon the fact that I only had done two
things in my life: traveled a lot and sold a lot. I used to tour full time as a production
coordinator, tour manager on the road with bands. I wasn’t a travel agent at the time.
So, for me it worked out really well to segue into the travel agency side of it. So, we
kind of started off very small, very humbly and tried working in association with established
travel agencies who could assist us. And then we discovered Travel Quest. And Bonnie and
Walt had started an organization that made it almost effortless for us to kind of truly
consider them as a resource for us. We’re a host agency. We care for all of our agents,
so that they can go out and be successful whether it’s selling travel or learning about
travel. You get all of the wonderful things that Travel Leader’s has, interpreted for
you to help you and give you a road map for it. They’re just so, they’re so awesome you
know, I think you know, they wrote the book on, on IC’s and independent contractors and
how to, how to be a good host agency. I think when you compare Travel Quest to some of the
mega host agencies that are out there, it’s the people that are within this particular
building who really do make a difference, so it’s our people and it’s our, our contacts
actually. We offer them the strength in numbers, you know with Travel Leaders backing. Same
reason we joined Travel Leaders is the reason they join us. By being affiliated with Travel
Leaders, we’re able to utilize the buying power of a much bigger agency when we purchase
services from tour operators, cruise companies, hotels, etcetera. We love the association
with Travel Leaders and IATA and the commission structure. It also adds some status to you
when you say that you know you’re part of Travel Quest and Travel Leaders, there’s a
status piece there that goes, oh yeah, this is legit. When I first discovered how they
work, I mean, for me, it was like too good to be true. I mean they provide the exact
type of framework that I needed as an independent to feel supported. The piece that I felt I
was missing when I was an independent back in the 90’s was I didn’t belong to anything.
I was Bonnie Lee, I was sitting at my desk and I was booking my clients. I needed to
belong to something, I wanted to share what I learned and I wanted to learn what other
people were willing to share with me. And that’s what was missing. I was petrified going
on my own even with all the experience that I did have but it can be done. It’s not easy
going on your own right away, but Travel Quest definitely makes it a lot easier. I would
probably say that we couldn’t survive as a business without the back office support that
they give at collecting from resources all around the world. They know who I am when
I call, if I have a quick question, there’s ten people that can answer it for me. They
understand service and they understand working with all types of agents. They’re good people
and it’s just really an enjoyable and a meaningful experience when you do business with good

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