What I did on my Summer Vacation Back to School Reality vs. YouTube Life

how am I supposed to get the stupid
horse to fit in this backpack um is there any particular reason that you’re
trying to put a horse in a backpack duh so I can take it to school out of
your starting sixth grade this week there isn’t gonna be show-and-tell
anymore no show-and-tell well what are we doing
in school anyway if we aren’t doing show-and-tell
oh the first thing they always make you do is write an essay an essay how is
that more fun than show-and-tell it’s not supposed to be fun so every year
when you go back to school you’re supposed to write an essay on what I did
last summer ooh that actually does sound fun I did so
many cool things this summer oh yes but can I have some tea please yes masked
foosball ready oh great genie of the lamp
come forth Jillian look see Jillian writing this essay will be a snap Addie this is exactly why I hate writing
the essay nobody believes what I say why would nobody believe you Jillian
you’re highly credible it’s not a matter of how credible I am it’s just we do too
many crazy things every summer I don’t know I think we had a pretty normal
summer is this it Addie don’t touch it hey
I’m stuck Jillian I’m stuck to the garbage monster I told you this would
happen yep
nothing unbelievable about that summer oh really
so you think having to deal with the skull of doom was normal hmm I guess
some people will have trouble believing that but it really did happen just like
when the garbage monster came yeah bring the garbage monster up doesn’t really
help your case well what about the book that we had that could see teachers like
books don’t they what’s happening Jillian Jillian no hey what are you doing no
Jillian someone has to put an end to this Addie stop oh yeah that sure is
believable we don’t even have the book anymore to show people well if they want
evidence I think we still have that Aladdin’s lamp laying around somewhere
hmm I’ll just wish that something really exciting would happen all right
your wish is my command all right Addie what’s gonna happen so you think you turning into a
velociraptor and playing the piano is gonna help your credibility yeah I guess
if I show them the lamp they’re still not gonna believe that one we need some
more relatable things to talk about you know like that one time the internet
went out okay okay the Internet’s been down before we’re not gonna panic
I’m totally gonna panic me too the Internet’s down can you run and jump for a while like
the internet out dinosaur why does everything always eventually
end up involving dinosaurs oh I got one remember when we rented that summer
house oh yeah but the place was a little creepy come and play with us daddy
and I’d never do anything to hurt you well that’s reassuring okay then bread
crumb bread crumb bread crumb I’m just happy cuz I found the bread
crumbs here’s Jilly uh can’t we do anything
normally yeah even when we just wanted to get some toy story 4 toys that
turned into a whole thing what’s going on
plush hey what is that Jillian what happened to your mouth oh
no Jillian’s been turned into a dummy ah Benson hey you say hello to my backup
dummy friend ha ha get him Jillian hey I still insist that plush rush was a
good idea it was just ahead of its time that may
be true but it wasn’t much fun turning into a dummy but you were always a dummy weren’t you Jillian ha ha very funny at least I can draw
better than you remember what happened with your stick man I remember it like
it was yesterday now rise rise rise whoa it worked it
really worked now you hide in the hallway and I’ll get my sister you know
what to do oh no Addie has summoned her stick figures in a life to teach me a
lesson about constructive art criticism you know it well Jillian you’ve convinced
me there’s no point in going back to school well we have to go back to school
we just have to find out a way to write a believable essay well we could just
make stuff up this summer we went to the beach we had some friends over for our
party the end that is non-controversial if a little boring but it is a lie it’s
just a little bitty lie and I think we should ask daddy for his advice I guess
so but where are we gonna find daddy oh and people wonder why we don’t have a
normal summer daddy we have to write an essay about what we did this summer but
we’re worried people won’t believe us yeah I think we should just go the
non-controversial we didn’t actually do it but it sounds
real route she’s saying she thinks we should lie well being the good father
that I am I’m going to tell you that honesty is always the best policy really
we kind of thought you’d say that I think you should be proud of the things
you did this summer why lots of kids would love to have a summer just like
yours oh so you told all your friends about
all the things you did this summer maybe not everything we have to get him out of
there darker gets no allowance yeah daddy your summers aren’t exactly
normal either well good thing I don’t have to write an
essay but well now I’m more confused than ever
daddy said that honesty is good but he also said that he didn’t have to write
an essay maybe we need to get an outside opinion yeah you mean like someone who
can relate to the crazy lifestyle of a youtuber yeah maybe some adults who
understand kids you thinking who I’m thinking of
princess T and Princess Pham I’m getting them on the phone right now
they’ll know what to do do you want to see how this conversation goes head on
over to princess toysreview right here and be sure to watch all the videos and
the what I did on my summer vacation series there are a lot of fun thanks for
watching goodbye

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