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you know recently I was talking to one
of my friends about one of the exotic travels that we have recently been on
and he said something that I’ve heard a lot of people say to me in the past and
those people say everyone is not like you Rok, we don’t all have the ability,
free time or methods you created to visit all of the reaches of the world so
recently I piped down a bit about everyone just joining me and I set out
on a mission to not only encourage travel but to also find the means and
free time for others to be able to get up and go just as much I already have a
free book called make money online so you can travel more and that is updated
every year with the latest info that I have found and tested to get the money
and time needed this book is free to whoever signs up to the Passport Kings
mailing list every time it is updated you will get a copy for however long you
stay on my mailing list my book will always be free just for being subscribed
to my mailing list but there are also other ways for you to find out what I’m
working on and even help with insights on this mission
www.passportkings.com is the main hub of information my Instagram is just my
day to day updates I take regular pictures and short videos just to show
where we are and what we’re doing we may be out filming for a future episode
having a great time just messing around with the camera or software I use to
edit or going live to give you a mental release you know that’s instagram.com
slash passport Kings now the Facebook group page where all the latest
discussions and input from anyone who cares about as much travel as possible
it’s called passport travel international royal family that link is
facebook.com/groups/bmtravelabroad now this is where all of our
ideas collide on this page we come up with new and exciting ideas how to make
travel money we let everyone in on the latest hot spots that need to be seen to
be believed and we share pictures and videos of all the great times the entire
community is sharing this group is not private and people from all walks of
life frequent it you are always invited Passport Kings is on Twitter and
@Passport_Kings and of course passport Kings on YouTube is youtube.com/c/passportkings and of course you can still book through my
travel agency that’s Roklanland.inteletravel.com WE PRICE MATCH! and you
can also become a travel agent with inteletravel. the people who really love
to travel will find a way to do it passport Kings mission is to eliminate
the excuses from people who don’t travel passport Kings was created as a
celebration to the traveling spirit if you are already a frequent flyer
passport Kings will let you know that the tribe will fire that burns within
you is also in us we are excited to build a community around it whether you
do it in real life or in fantasy locally or internationally east coast or west
coast looking for love new relations or just looking for adventure traveling
gets us in tune with the world around us near and far brothers and sisters we
consider you passport royalty as well to us every corner of the earth should be
visited there cannot be restrictions to where we want to go because the so
called cultural norms or any of the rest of that restrictive BS we are free we
are royalty your pledge to PATREON which is patreon.com/passportkings
keeps this entire mission on track so from me to you Thanks!

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