What is the Points of Intervention Tour?

The linear consumption economy is killing
the planet extracting resources and exploiting people The stuff we consume every day is designed
by corporations to be disposable so that they can sell more of it, more often, and make
more money. That never-ending drive for profit is one
of the many institutionalized systems of oppression that harm marginalized communities all over
the world. But across the nation young people are rising,
they are challenging the unsustainable system, they are intervening. This is our moment. The Points of Intervention Tour inspires students
to look at their campuses and communities as models of change, to challenge capitalism,
racism, gender disparities and other forms of oppression within the consumption economy. We recognize the movements and the solutions
that peel back the layers of this system, and forge a new path forward. We don’t take broken for an answer, we don’t
turn away when people in our communities are oppressed, and we’re all on the road to
freedom. Join us on our journey of resistance, of redesign,
of repair, of recovery, of resiliency, of reclamation- of revolution. Find YOUR point of intervention, because nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something.

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