What is Youtube’s Place in Art History?

What is YouTube’s place in Art History? I think that YouTube will be remembered (to future generations)
as the Art Museum of the early 21st century. The Louvre of the twenty first century. I think that the most important art of today is being posted on YouTube. and being seen by more people than ever(Youtube just hit
a Billion Views at the time of this video) any other art venue in the world (combined) I think that all great art is a reflection
of the era in which it was created I dont think that today’s art would be done justice
if it was exhibited inside of a building (museum) I think that today’s art is meant to be exhibited
on the web and accessed by a global community. The web is such a great medium of dialogue between artists. There was a time in which painting was
the greatest visual technology in the world. But painting became less relevant after photography. and especially after the invention of video. There was a group of Italian Painters
called the Futurists who would try to capture movement in their paintings. The Futurists made fascinating work but Futurist Painting proved a point to me. It proved that paint was great for capturing
moments but it lacked the capacity to capture the “zeitgeist”. Video better captured the heartbeat of the new era. “Realism” died in painting and other expressive forms emerged. But it was clear to
me that video and photography played a big part in this movement. Anyway….let me get back to my point. There was a big debate in contemporary art about whether painting was dead. I think that youtube has made painting (and other art forms) more relevant. Youtube has turned painting in
to performance art. We now have insights in to how artworks are made through time lapse demonstrations. Art has become more about the performance and less about the end product. Youtube (Google) has become a patron of the arts through its partner
program and the users of youtube are now the curators. You rate and comment the videos that you like
and subscribe to your favorite channels. YOU decide what is significant, so the YouTube Community
decides what goes in to this Again, youtube created the art patronage program of the 21st century
and gives artists an alternative to the gallery system. YouTube and the internet has given artists a new venue and market for their work. What YouTube offers is unprecedented in
arts history. I wanted to finish this V-LOG by being a curator. The following videos are some of MY favorites.

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